Nier Articles RSS Feed | Nier RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network NieR Re[in]carnation Release Date Set for July, Gets New Trailer Mon, 28 Jun 2021 13:48:18 -0400 Jonathan Moore

NieR Re[in]carnation, the upcoming mobile game set in the NieR universe, has a release date. It will launch on July 28, 2021, for iOS and Android. It won't be a worldwide release, though. It will initially be available only in North America, Europe, and Korea. There's no word on when it will make its way to other regions. 

NieR Re[in]carnation will be a free download and feature microtransactions. Creative Director Yoko Taro confirmed the inclusion of gacha mechanics and microtransactions in April 2020. 

Since being announced, Re[in]carnation has amassed 400,000 pre-registrations, according to Square Enix. To celebrate that milestone, the developer will gift players 3,000 gems and an Enhancement Pack, which includes a "Large Character Enhancement x20, XL Character Enhancement x20, Large Weapon Enhancement x20, XL Weapon Enhancement x20."

The next milestone is 500,000 pre-registrants, which includes more free gems and materials, as well as the Weapon Evolution Pack. Beyond that is 600,000 pre-registrants, which also includes gems and materials as rewards, plus the Material Pack. 

The NieR Re[in]carnation release date comes alongside a new trailer for the game. The opening cinematic trailer gives more insight into The Cage and the game's overarching narrative. It also gives fans a better look at the NieR Re[in]carnation combat system.

In other news, (ICYMI) NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139..., a remaster of the original NieR, was released earlier this year for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. In our review, we said that Ver. 1.22474487139 "improves on almost all aspects to offer something for both newcomers and veterans alike." Read more here if you haven't played it yet. 

NieR Replicant Releases in 2021, Fully Voiced with Upgraded Combat Thu, 24 Sep 2020 11:51:24 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Following a brief tease earlier in the year, Square Enix announced NieR Replicant's release date as part of the 2020 Tokyo Game Show. Nier Replicant, or NieR Replicant 1.22474487139 to be exact, releases in the U.S. and Europe on April 23, 2021, for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The release date is meant to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the release of the original NieR Replicant, or it would have been were it not slightly delayed in the process.

Producer Yosuke Saito joked that the idea was to release Replicant on the original's 10th anniversary because "it's such a hassle to remember all the anniversaries, so we just made them the same. That's the only reason."

Development Director Saki Ito also showed off a small portion of NieR Replicant's gameplay enhancements and how much it's changed from the original.

Replicant streamlines combat so it's more fluid, not unlike NieR Automata, and all the animations have been "brushed up". The team wove magic into regular attacks for more combo potential, and players can use and charge magic on the move. The result is a different kind of combat that's more magic oriented this time.

NieR Replicant comes in a regular edition, including just the game, and a special White Snow Edition featuring a number of bonus items.

  • “Lunar Tear” Collector’s Box
  • Steelbook Case – A metal case featuring stunning artwork by Illustrator Koda Kazume.
  • Pin Badge Set – Grimoire Weiss, Grimoire Noir, and Grimoire Rubrum pins.
  • Script Set – A set of seven books including the content of the spoken script of the game.
  • 2-Disc Soundtrack CD Set – The first CD features re-mixed edits of songs chosen by composer Keiichi Okabe, and the second has re-mixes arranged by other artists.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more NieR Replicant news as it develops.

NieR Reincarnation Trailer Highlights The Cage, New Gameplay Mon, 13 Jul 2020 13:59:39 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Square Enix announced NieR: Reincarnation (or Re[in]carnation if you want to get technical) for mobile devices a few months back. After near total silence since then, we're finally getting a first look at Reincarnation's gameplay and characters by way of a new trailer.

The information comes from the official NieR Reincarnation website, as translated by Sal Romano of Gematsu.

The protagonist so far doesn't have a name. She's just "Girl in White," a lost girl who wakes up on the stone floor of what's called The Cage, a huge structure built by an unknown architect. The girl must travel to the top of The Cage to "reclaim what was lost and atone for her sins."

She's not alone on her journey through The Cage's myriad environments. Acting as her guide is a mysterious ghost-shaped creature that calls itself Mama, which the Reincarnation website describes as mischievous, frequently messing with decorations in the environment or stopping the journey to appreciate the scenery.

Finally is Dark Monster, a creature shaped like a bug in knight's armor, but with unknown goals and purposes.

All this info accompanies the new NieR Reincarnation trailer showing the gameplay in action. It gives a look at some of The Cage's different environments, snippets of the battle system, and some intriguing 2D side-scrolling segments that swap art styles for something akin to classical Japanese ukiyo-e style.

But we'll have to wait to find out more, including a NieR Reincarnation release date.

The original story is over on Gematsu if you want to check it out. There's an open beta planned for the end of this month in Japan, and NieR Replicant is still in the works as well. Hopefully, we'll hear more about both projects soon, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more NieR Reincarnation news as it develops.

Yoko Taro Confirms NieR: Re[in]carnation Will Have Gacha Mechanics Mon, 20 Apr 2020 12:15:38 -0400 Josh Broadwell

During the Dengeki Famitsu Game Awards 2019, NieR Creative Director Yoko Taro provided a bit more information about the upcoming NieR mobile game, NieR Re[in]carnation. Among other things, he said NieR: Re[in]carnation will be a gacha game.

The news came via a video segment DualShockers translated, a video that also contained a brief trailer for the upcoming mobile spinoff.

How NieR: Re[in]carnation handles gacha remains unclear. Yoko Taro basically just said it's a thing and moved on. What we do know is the game looks absolutely fantastic for a mobile title.

In fact, Yoko Taro said it will be so amazing in all respects, players won't even realize it's a mobile game.

The trailer shows the protagonist with a compatriot of some kind exploring some massive locations, with strategic wideshots, good use of lighting, and the trademark NieR sense of atmosphere.

There's still no word on what we can actually expect from NieR: Re[in]carnation or when it will release. That's not all the NieR goodness we can look forward to either, with NieR Replicant on the horizon as well.

You can check out the full story over on DualShockers. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more NieR news as it develops.

NieR: Automata's Appeal Isn't Just 2B Butt...Here's What Else it Has to Offer Sun, 02 Apr 2017 13:27:01 -0400 Dan Roemer

NieR: Automata is Yoko Taro's 11th game and has garnered a lot of attention for a certain android's bottom. But more importantly, it has also been critically acclaimed by reviewers, and in my opinion, is one of the best games PlatinumGames has released to date.

Today, though, I'm going to tell you why NieR: Automata's appeal isn't just 2B's glorious butt (and why you should check out Yoko Taro's latest game) as I break down the reasons why NieR: Automata shouldn't go un-played.

Nier: Automata's Incredibly Haunting Soundtrack

One of the most stand-out things from my time spent with NieR: Automata is the soundtrack. Composer Keiichi Okabe, who also worked on both NieR and Drakengard 3returned for NieR: Automata and went all out with it. This included the return of Emi Evans, the vocalist for NieR's soundtrack and NieR: Automata's soundtrack.

Gives me chills just thinking about it. BRB ... 

Emi Evans's vocal work sets the stage and atmosphere for NieR: Automata

Drakengard? NieR? Stage plays!? -- Do I Need to Play the Other Games First? NO!

Keeping things spoiler free, NieR Automata does reference in the story points directly tied to the original NieR. But it's nothing newcomers to the series will necessarily need to know.

Having said that, I would still at least recommend playing the original game first, as the impact of a certain character later in the story is so much better if you have. However if for whatever reason you don't have a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or the means to play the original NieR  -- then I highly recommend YouTube user Super Bunnyhop's video: “What You Missed From NieR”

Note: You can also read the YoRHa Stage Play, Ver. 1.1 translation right here if you're dedicated, but be warned it also has spoilers and ties into NieR: Automata.

What About Drakengard? Do I Need to Play That? 

As for the Drakengard series, it's still set in the same universe. In fact, NieR itself takes place directly after the events of Drakengard and is a continuation and spin off from a gag ending within Drakengard.

Although NieR and NieR: Automata do have references and callbacks to Drakengard, NieR as a series is still very much a unique narrative and a very different experience. So, I honestly think giving the Drakengard trilogy a miss is perfectly acceptable.

However, if you're still interested in Drakengard but for whatever reason don't have the means to play the series, then I recommend you watch YouTube user Clemp's analysis videos on Drakengard and NieR.

It's Action RPG Gameplay at its Finest

Now, from a gameplay perspective, NieR: Automata also stands out from previous entries for one very obvious reason: it was developed this time by PlatinumGames. For those who don't know PlatinumGames, they're the same folks behind Bayonneta, Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance -- and they have made a name for themselves with over-the-top action games. 

NieR: Automata is no different.

In many ways, NieR: Automata is easily their best game to date. From the expected things like over-the-top boss fights to pulling off incredible combos, the game's beautiful open world design and the absolute insanity, NieR: Automata features what NieR fans also expect -- and some things they weren't expecting. 

Nier: Automata Features the Madness of Yoko Taro as the Lead Writer and Game Director

The seemingly insane Yoko Taro himself -- or more importantly his writing -- is another key reason why NieR: Automata shouldn't be missed by newcomers and fans alike. The story in this game is strange, to say the least, but at the same time, it's captivating enough to keep you progressing. With plenty of symbolism and an underlying message to tell, NieR: Automata is emblematic of Taro's work.


Most of Taro's past work is pretty unconventional and can even be pretty dark at times; he's explored themes ranging from why people are driven to kill one another to more relatable subjects like conflicts of self-identity.

Considering these dark tones, don't expect any happy endings in his video games either. The original NieR was an emotional punch to the gut, so expect no less from NieR: Automata.

In conclusion, NieR: Automata is some of Yoko Taro's best work and with the help of Platinum Games, it's one of the best action games available this year. With an incredible soundtrack, beautiful post apocalyptic world, and insane boss fights, this game deserves to be known for much more than simply 2B's butt.


So will you be checking out NieR: Automata at some point in the future? Or have you already played it? Let us know in the comments and as always thanks for reading -- glory to mankind!

How Many Endings Are in NieR: Automata? (And How Can You Get Them?) Sun, 05 Mar 2017 22:40:29 -0500 ESpalding

For those of you who are fans of the NieR series, as well as the other works of the game's director Taro Yoko, you will probably already be aware that Yoko has a love of games with multiple endings. Even the series itself was spawned from the fifth alternate ending of Drakengard. But NieR: Automata takes it to another level with having 26 possible endings. Some are pretty straight forward, while others will require a bit more work and multiple playthroughs. 

So let's look at what you'll have to do to achieve each one. 

How to Get Every Ending in NieR: Automata

Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines

So the first ending is pretty straight forward. Just complete the game following the main quest line. This ending is told from 2B's perspective.

Ending B: or not to [B]e

For this ending to come into effect, you must load the save file from your previous first time clear. Complete the game as normal. The difference being that this ending is told from 9S's perspective.

Ending C: meaningless [C]ode

Once you've loaded up the previous save file and played through the game for a third time, when you get tot he last boss you need to choose A2 and then, when the credits start to roll, you need to deny the POD's request.

Ending D: chil[D]hood's end

As with the previous ending, this can only be obtained on the third playthrough. This time, choose 9S for the final battle. During the text portion of the confrontation, chose "I'll go with you".

Ending E: the [E]nd of YoRHa

This ending is a continuation of endings C and D, so it can only be obtained on the third playthrough as well. Select either A2 or 9S and when the credits starting rolling, accept the POD's request. You will then be taken into a mini game that you will need to overcome. Doing so unlocks this ending.

Ending F: mission [F]ailed

For this ending, you need to hack the machine with attack units during the ending B playthrough. Just let the time run out while hacking.

Ending G: hun[G]ry for knowledge

After you have completed Ending A and start your next playthrough, when 9S gets to the cranes, just neglect the mission.

Ending H: a mountain too [H]igh

When the Goliath is in the city, just leave the area. This will abandon the mission.

Ending I: no [I] in team

Ending I can be obtained during your first playthrough. When you are in Copied City, you need to defeat the boss but instead of approaching 9S, just run away. 

Ending J: bad [J]udgment

For this ending, you need to kill the Pastor during chapter 09-01_3.

Ending K: aji wo [K]utta

After speaking to Jackass at the Desert Camp, you will be given a Mackerel. Eating the fish will trigger this ending.

Ending L: [L]one wolf

This ending can be obtained two ways. The first option is during chapter 10-02, where all you need to do is run away from the sphere boss. Alternatively, in chapter 10-01_3, you can run away instead of saving the refugee camp.

Ending M: break ti[M]e

While playing as A2, do not go into Pascal's village.

Ending N: [N]o man's village

You can get this ending by killing peaceful villagers at Pascal's village.

Ending O: just y[O]u and me

During the final battle, when planning ending C, run out of the area.

Ending P: corru[P]tion

On your third playthrough (ending C), have 2B die from the virus you acquire.

Ending Q: [Q]uestionable actions

During your Ending C playthrough, lose 2B as 9S.

Ending R: mave[R]ick

You need to be in chapter 14-05 for this ending. It entails killing the peaceful robots around Pascal.

Ending S: city e[S]cape

Leave Devola and Popola while they are protecting you as you hack the tower during your third playthrough.

Ending T: fa[T]al error

You get this ending when you remove you own OS chip.

Ending U: deb[U]nked

Destroy the Bunker by activating your own self-destruct mode.

Ending V: reckless bra[V]ery

While hacking the tower during chapter 17-01, join Devola and Popola in fighting the waves until they have used all their power and are exhausted.

Ending W: broken [W]ings

For this ending, you must die during the first mission.

Ending X: time to rela[X]

Don't help 2B as A2 when they meet at the commercial center close to full virus contamination.

Ending Y: head[Y] battle

During the quest "Emil's Determination", allow Emil to self-destruct during the boss fight.

Ending Z: over[Z]ealous

You must destroy Pascal after you save her.

How many different endings have you managed to trigger? If you are having any trouble finding any then this guide should put you right!

NieR Cosplays Yoko Taro Would Be Proud Of Mon, 20 Feb 2017 08:00:01 -0500 Dani Gosha


We have to admit, these amazing cosplays have made us just a bit nostalgic for the NieR games and if you never played them, hopefully they made you that much more interested in picking up a copy this week.


We are certainly looking forward to see what Yoko Taro and his team have come up with this time around. What about you?



Coslpayers: yoru0704 (right) and Shino (left)

This stellar cosplay comes from NieR RepliCant as Yoru and Shino dress up as both younger versions of NieR that appear before and after the game's time skip. It's absolutely amazing to see two breath taking cosplays side by side but it's even better that they are of the same character. We're not sure if Yoru and Shino are related but they are splitting images of each other which makes this cosplay such a success.



Cosplayer: 0kasane0

While we admit that we love the kabuki version of Kaine, there is just nothing like the original, and the lovely 0kasane0 reminds us how true that is. Everything about this cosplay and picture captures Kaine's cold and cruel disposition perfectly. From her pose to the cool colors and dark setup, this is Kaine through and through. 



Cosplayer: vega147

From teenage NieR to the NieR we all know very well, this killer cosplay is brought to you by one super talented male cosplayer. Vega147 has cosplayed a list of male videogame favourites such as Prince of Persia, Jecht and you guessed it, Vega. To see those cosplays as well as more of his NieR, be sure to check out his page.



Cosplayer: melvinopolis

One thing that is to love about RPG games such as NieR is the fact they often allow for costume changes through unlockables and we think it is safe to say that melvinopolis managed to unlock the kabuki version of Kaine. A striking difference from the white haired and baby doll dress wearing Kaine, this version and cosplay is absolutely beautiful. 



Cosplayer: Havenaims

While Emil started off our list of favourite cosplays, he makes another feature but this time in his weapon form. Cosplayer Havenaims created this replica oversize Emil skeletal head through the use of carving styrofoam and had she not given away her secret, many of us may have thought it was actual bone! Definitely one of the best Weapon Emil's out there. 



Cosplayer: Inushio

While we are used to a middle aged NieR from the original title, this cosplayer decided to take on the teenage version from RepliCant and it is spot on. From the printed lace up arm coverings to the fur trimmings, this cosplay is just perfect. And let's not forget the hair which can really make or break a look, but Inushio delivered and then some in this epic capture.


YoRHa No. 2 Type B aka 2B

Cosplayer: Disharmonica

Despite this cosplayer's name, there is no disharmony in this beautiful cosplay. Disharmonica dons the look of one of Automata's three protagonists, YoRHa No. 2 Type B, also known simply as 2B. Even as a human, Disharmanica managed to give us battle android realness in this cold yet colorful composition that looks like it could be straight out of a live action NieR trailer.



Cosplayer: HiddenRozel

Amazingly talented cosplayer HiddenRozel dons a cosplay of an early version of one of our favourite companions, Emil. The look is from the first game where we meet Emil who is wearing a blindfold to keep from turning anyone who looks him in the face to stone. The cosplay is dead on and we have to add kudos to the addition of Grimoire who is just barely seen in the bottom left.


Set to release February 23rd, NieR Automata is technically the fourth installment of the Square Enix game series, as it succeeds NieR, NieR Gestalt, and NieR RePlicant.


Series creator Taro Yoko had headed The Drakengard spin-off  production that started back in 2014 with a desire to make a game that returned NieR to the original spirit that the game started off with, as well as improving gameplay.


Well, Taro Yoko and crew aren't the only one's who are interested in capturing the true spirit of the game, as true spirit is one of the creeds of cosplayers -- especially those who choose to take on the Square Enix title.


From the original to the soon to be released Automata, check out these amazing cosplays that Yoko would certainly be proud of.

If You're Not Hyped About NieR: Automata, You Need to Be Thu, 08 Dec 2016 07:00:02 -0500 SarahKel

Sometimes, a brilliant concept comes along and while it may be disliked by critics and shunned by purchasers, it can sometimes develop a cult following. Cult followings are quite common among books, films and music but not so much within the video game genre. But there's always an exception to this rule and NieR is that exception.

NieR was a spin-off from the Drakengard series and is set 1000 years after the original game’s fifth ending where the Earth is in a state of decay. You play as NieR, as he attempts to find a cure for an illness to which his daughter has succumbed.

Despite the spin-off receiving mixed reviews, the game's ever-growing cult following can be thanked for leading Square Enix to announcing a sequel -- NieR: Automata, a game developed by Platinum Games.

So, should we be excited about Nier: Automata? Well, yes actually and here’s why:

Platinum Games have a fantastic back catalogue of excellent games, such as the Bayonetta series and Metal Gear Rising: Resurgence. The game features Platinum Games’ signature combat, which is fast paced, alongside the odd and weird visuals expected from director Taro Yoko. As with other Platinum Games titles, we expect a great amount of replayability too.

The Trailer and Story

From the trailer we can gather that the game is set in the middle of a proxy war -- in the distant future -- between machine lifeforms created by otherworldly invaders and a resistance army of android soldiers -- both of whom seem unaware of the futility of their actions.

The story follows the battles of combat android 2B, her companion 9S and the obsolete prototype A2 -- known as YoRHa -- who have been deployed by the Council of Humanity.

The humans have been driven from Earth and have taken refuge on the moon, whilst the android soldiers fight for the Earth’s freedom and take back the planet from the nefarious invaders. However, this war will unveil the long forgotten secrets of Earth.

Game Thematics

The game play looks epic with its open world and dark themes. It is a new spin on steampunk with a dystopian style.

From the very beginning of the visually stunning trailer, we can clearly see what the characters are immediately up against, with stunning battles and boss fights.

They are quite literally dropped right into the action and the rest is a fast and furious journey fighting bosses, minions and more.

Boss Battles

The trailer of the boss battle looks truly amazing. It looks reliant upon players having fast reflexes and studying the patterns of the boss movements and their actions. Visually, the boss attacks look visually stunning, a full panorama of attacks, with fast and differing attack styles, from lasers to fiery bombs. The characters look absolutely tiny compared to the bosses which adds to the tone of the game.

The NieR: Automata is set to be released in March 2017 and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Fans can expect to find out more details regarding the game over the next couple of months as the release date draws closer. Whether or not NieR: Automata can live up to the hope and expectations of the original is something that we will just have to wait and see.

NieR: Automata to be released on Steam and PS4 Early 2017 Wed, 17 Aug 2016 19:03:54 -0400 Alex Anderson_0905

SQUARE ENIX and PlatinumGames Inc’s collaboration, NieR: Automata, will launch on Steam and PS4 early 2017. NieR: Automata is a sequel to 2010’s NIER, which was received generally well by the public.

SQUARE has also posted an official synopsis of NieR: Automata’s story:

“Invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing their secret weapon: the machines. In the face of this insurmountable threat, the human race is driven from the earth and takes refuge on the moon.

The humans develop an army of android soldiers to fight back against the mechanical horde, but succeed only in slowing its advance. To break the deadlock, a new breed of android infantry is sent into the fray: the YoRHa squad.

In the forsaken wasteland below, the war between the machines and the androids rages on. A war that is soon to unveil the long-forgotten truth of this world…”

Players will play as 2B, a battle android. 2B is a member of an infantry squad, YoRHa, equipped with a sword and the “Pod” support system. The game will tell the story of 2B and two other androids, 9S and A2, as they try to save a dystopian world overrun by weapons called machine lifeforms.

NieR: Automata was announced at E3 in 2015 and will feature such talent as Yosuke Saito, known for his work on Dragon Quest X, as the producer, character designer Akihiko Yoshida from CyDesignated, Inc., and TEKKEN composer Keiichi Okabe from MONACA, Inc. The game has not been rated yet, but judging by its predecessor’s rating, it will likely be rated M as well.

Nier: Automata, will it hold up to the original? Tue, 19 Jan 2016 05:37:21 -0500 Engela Snyman

When Nier was released in 2010 by Square Enix on PS3, it was considered by many to be an okay game -- good overall but nothing to write home about.

And yet despite the lukewarm reception, there were enough fans to support the game that we are being treated with a sequel.

The Original Nier

Nier was an RPG and spin-off of the Drakengard universe. It told the story about a father who tries to find a cure for his daughter's sickness with the help of Grimoire Weiss, a talking, floating book with an attitude problem. The story was very emotional, with fun and interesting characters. The music was downright amazing, and the game offered some of the most creative boss fights we've seen in a while.

But even though the Nier never reached a large audience during its release (due to poor marketing and even worse graphics), it has steadily started to climb in popularity and has even earned a small cult following.

And now we're diving right back into that beautiful world with Square Enix and PlatinumGames (creators of Bayonetta) for its sequel, Nier Automata

What's it About?

The new game is set an undetermined amount of time in the future, with new characters, new stories, and new villains. You will be playing an android female called YoRHa No.2 Model B (2B for short), who is sent down to earth with a few others to fight an invading force of robots. The new enemies resemble the original robots in the junkyard from Nier, so it is possible the story is progressing further on that point. One can only speculate. 

2B looks like a badass anime character, which fits in well with the style and tone of the previous installment. With her huge sword, it promises to be just as action-packed as the first.

The developers did say the game will switch between different characters as the story progresses, and will keep its mixed bag of gameplay styles from the original. Sounds interesting so far, but how does it look?


First Impressions

The reveal trailer at E3 2015 captured the emotion and feel of the original Nier to near perfection. The large lumbering robots (or automatons if we go by the title) were very reminiscent of the junkyard enemies of the original. The style of fighting felt familiar, and the music was spot-on. So far it looks to be an excellent sequel to the original.

However, true to form for this series, the graphics look good. But like its predecessor, it doesn't seem to push the boundaries of the console, and rather comes across as a very pretty PS3 game. But in Nier, the story, characters, and music more than made up for the poor graphics. So we can only hope that this new game sticks to form there as well.

Another interesting thing to consider is some of the screenshots they released before E3. One showed 2B with a boar, which is also a nod toward the mount in Nier. But will this animal be a companion? It would be very interesting if they head down that route.

The developers also promised to bring back some of the older characters, like the creepy Emil and kickass Kaine -- though they did stipulate that these will not be playable and will only be cameos. Still, they are keeping consistency in the story.

So, will it hold up?

So far the game looks very promising. It's still in development so even the graphics might get better before we get to lay our paws on it, and with PlatinumGames promising to add their unique flair we can certainly feel the potential building. But what made Nier so amazing was the story, characters and unique atmosphere it offered. The game itself was fun, but we kept playing because we wanted to see if the father could save his daughter. It really pulled on the heartstrings.

In Nier: Automata there isn't that unique connection or heart-warming story we can associate with, as of yet. It's more epic and battle-oriented, replacing a 'noble father' with a 'warrior android', and 'protecting your daughter' with 'taking back earth'. 

However this might not be a bad thing, and they're hitting every single note to perfection so far so we might just get what we are hoping for. Moving the story in a completely different direction will give the series the chance to reach new players and give older players something fresh to look at. And the android angle could have some very heart warming story-lines.

They might head down the route of finding humanity in an android, perhaps even following a similar story of Blade Runner. Or perhaps the automatons (enemies) and androids (heroes) are more similar than we like to think, prompting us to feel sympathy for them like we did with the enemies in Nier. There's just enough mystery here to keep us guessing. 

But it does leave a lot of questions for die-hard fans. Will there be more Grimoires? Will the story build on the original, or are we being treated with a brand new one? Is Liam O'Brian going to reprise his role as a sassy book?

Quite frankly, the possibility for this universe is truly endless. With some polish, it could very well become the next Drakengard. But only time will tell if this new game will (once again) inspire enough people to turn it into a full-blown series.

NieR: Automata's first gameplay trailer is fast and explosive Thu, 29 Oct 2015 12:12:40 -0400 John Adamczyk

Platinum Games has been on a roll six years straight, now. With hits like Madworld to Bayonetta to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the company has found a clear niche in creating the most over-the-top hack and slash games around. In 2016, Platinum is adding three console exclusives to its already impressive repertoire: Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, Scalebound for the Xbox One, and now NieR: Automata, coming to the PlayStation 4. 

When NieR released in 2010, it was not the most well-noticed of games, nor was it the most critically acclaimed. Fortunately, that did not stop Taro Yoko, the game's director and writer, who is also the creator of the Drakengard series, from arriving onstage at Sony's E3 conference this year (concealing his face, as is typical for the camera-shy creator), to announce, shockingly, another NieR game.

Today, Sony uploaded the trailer to this follow-up, titled NieR: Automata, fresh from their Paris Games Week conference.

Stylistically reminiscent of other Platinum Games, it seems we're going to be getting that same, solid gameplay we've come to expect from the company, intermingled with the artistic vision of Taro Yoko himself. 

The game is set to release in 2016, but an exact date is not yet determined.

Nier: Automata gets new gameplay footage, story details and trailer Thu, 29 Oct 2015 17:18:37 -0400 tobes325

It's been an important week for Sony. Paris Games Week has seen a few notable announcements, and one of those is the sequel to 2010's Nier. Titled Nier: Automata, the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive releasing in 2016. 

The game was announced at this year's E3, but the new trailer gives us a little insight into the gameplay and story aspects of this Platinum Games-developed RPG. Producer Yosuke Saito has held off on revealing any story details until now, as he didn't want any spoilers released. But now he's ready to talk:

"The world that you see in Nier: Automata is one where androids and mechanized weapons clash in ferocious combat and deserted wasteland."

Fans of the original will see some familiar faces. Twitter has already seen a few excited reactions to the promise of returning characters. 

It seems like the game will attract old and new fans alike.

What do you think about the new trailer? Were you a fan of the first game? Let me know in the comments below!

"NieR New Project": Developer interview highlights Sun, 05 Jul 2015 06:22:52 -0400 Sam Yoo

This year's E3 featured a series of exciting announcements by Square Enix, including a new NieR game that will be a collaboration between Square Enix and Platinum Games.  Currently its official title has yet to be announced, so it's being referred to as 'NieR New Project'.

NieRoriginally designed to be a spin-off of the Drakengard series, was an action RPG developed by Cavia and published by Square Enix, released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2010.

Square Enix main staff members - director Taro Yokoo, producer Yousuke Saitou, and composer Keiichi Okabe -  returned from the previous NieR game to work with Platinum Games character designer Akihiko Yoshida and game designer Takashi Taura.

Below is a translation of select parts of the NieR New Project game development team interview from E3 2015.

Q:  5 years have passed since the launch of the preceding work NieR. Can you first tell us what led to the start of this project?

Saitou: From the very start we always had the desire to do something new with the IP NieR. At first, because there are many people who have not yet played NieR, there was talk of adding some components and creating a PlayStation Vita version.

Yokoo: ILCA President Takuya Iwasaki (who was serving as company director for Cavia when developing NieR) told me “I’d like to continue working with Saitou-san. Like on NieR”. At the same time Iwasaki was serving as company president for a company called ORCA, and so I suggested plans for a PS Vita version. That was around March 2011. However, ORCA got involved with work for Dragon Quest X, and the PS Vita version was left unrealized.

Saitou: Then Platinum Games expressed a desire to do something together. And so because there had been a five-year-long gap, we thought if we’re going through all the trouble why not make something new, and so we approached Platinum Games with talk of a new NieR work.

Yokoo: And so Saitou-san asked me “Why don’t we make a new NieR work for the next generation machine?” which pretty much led us to this point.

Actually, right after the previous work was launched I told the at-the-time assistant producer Yuuki Yokoyama “I want to make a sequel to NieR,” but I was told “It’s not really selling well so a sequel would be tough, wouldn’t it?” and so I gave up on it at the time, but looking back still made me nostalgic.

Saitou: You must have known deep down that we’d do it someday!

Q:  Taura-san and Yoshida-san, what impressions did you have of NieR?

Taura: I played NieR originally when it was launched, and I got the impression that it was a work that betrayed your expectations, in a good way. You believe you’re going to be playing 3D action, and then before you know it’s become a shooting game or a side view action. Coupled with that, the script and the BGM were incredibly good. I thought that I wanted to make a game like this someday.

Now that that wish has come true, the tension has been raised incredibly high for me.  There are many NieR fans within the company, and as Platinum Games we have never tried our hand at this kind of game until now… For example, a story that has divergences, subquests, or components where you talk with NPC characters.  It gives me such a feeling of excitement.

Yoshida: I thought that NieR was a rare full throttle “Yokoo World” game that was fearless of taboos and could rival the Drakengard series. Aside from that, I got the impression that the fans were immensely enthusiastic, having personal acquaintances that are such, and that it was a work with a lot of female fans. To be in charge of the character designs for the sequel of such a work, I’m actually quite scared of those fans’ reactions.

Q:  Will there be a connection to the world view from the previous work?

Yokoo: Setting-wise they will be connected, but that does not mean there will be a connection story-wise.

Q:  When looking at the image board, we see a world of devastated forests and cities.

Yokoo: If I were to speak my mind without holding anything back, for the previous work making realistic ruins was too difficult, we removed cities completely and cheated with a natural terrain. With this work, the set design staff have a lot more power now, so the sense of ruins can be more accurately reproduced and that’s why structures like an abandoned theme park and fair amount of specific things have gone in, making a stronger ruined reality.

Q:  There appears to be a robot drawn, this is…

Yokoo: This has to do with the “angel letters” that appear at the end of the PV, but I think all the fans will get great enjoyment out of it. I can’t give specific details.

Q:  Aah, so if one deciphers the angel letters at the end of the PV, one might understand the meaning a little more, I take it… Well then, let’s move on to discussing characters. The character that appears in the PV, may we consider her the protagonist, or heroine of the story?

Yokoo: Main character… Yeah, that’s right, she’s the protagonist.

Q:  There seems to be some hidden meaning to that statement… In the image board there is the back of a boy drawn that looks a lot like Nier.

Yokoo: That is not Nier.

Q:  Will any characters from the previous game appear?

Yokoo: I won’t say that all of the characters from the previous game appear, but some of them do, however as I said before, in order to make this a game that people can play and enjoy independently, they will not be principal members.

Q:  And the character mask you are wearing will appear as well?

Yookoo: He appears. He appears, but…

Yokoo very purposefuly refrains from saying anything more here.

Q:  The weapon the female character in the PV is holding is a Japanese sword, yes?

Saitou: Yes, that’s correct. In the game, of course, you will be able to carry various weapons, but the first weapon you will have is a Japanese sword.

Q:  I have heard that there will be various types of weapons available.

Taura: Yes. For each type of weapon in the last game, you can expect there to be a little more than usual.

Saitou: From the increased range of weapons to the expanded variations in movements, every bit of it is cool.

Yokoo: Thanks to Platinum Games’ hard work, the kinds of things you can do in this game compared to the previous one has been extended.

Taura: Every one of our staff has a lot of determination, especially the animation staff who apply movements, and by expressing their mental image even just a little, they have raised everything up to such an incredibly good product. I hope that everyone looks forward to the action.

As of E3 2015, NieR New Project was described as being only about 10% complete and thus has no projected release date.  

Hopefully the developers will be more forthcoming with information about the game further down the line.

What You Missed: Square Enix E3 Conference Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:04:51 -0400 Jackson Ingram

Square Enix took the E3 Stage today to make major announcements on all of their upcoming games. For those of us who couldn't make it to LA, livestreams brought us up to speed on the action.

While waiting through a short delay, Twitch users were treated various trivia about past Square Enix games, while a never-ending feed of fan comments scrolled by on the side. Recurring themes in the chat included cries for a sequel to The World Ends With You, "KH3 or riot," "FF7 HYPE TRAIN," Illuminati symbols, and, of course, complaints on the late start.

When the conference finally did begin, it kicked everything off with a bang. Several bangs. Probably a few low-grade missile explosions.

Just Cause 3

Screenshot from upcoming Just Cause 3Avalanche Studios is upping the ante on their popular open-world series, promising to allow you to basically do whatever, whenever. Explore 400 square miles of freedom, providing "a new benchmark for action and destruction."

Rico Rodriguez returns to his mother's home in Medici, where a dictator has taken complete control of the island and is setting his sights on global domination. The preview gives us a nice look at the game's main feature: lots and lots of explosions. With improved physics-based motions, you can watch that whole building go down with unparalleled realism.

Other major features include an all-new wingsuit for exploring the skies, stablized parachute gameplay, and a completely redone grappling hook sporting multiple tethers and a manuel retract function. You can do a lot of damage with the grappling hook alone - form a wrecking ball, attach your enemies to explosives, even bring entire helicoptors down. And with over 80 land, sea, and air vehicles, you'll be able to test out these new functions all over the island.

"Set the world on fire" this December on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

New NieR Project

Screenshot from the announcement trailer for the new NieR project at E3 2015.

Yosake Saito of Business Division 6 started with a coy presentation of a mysterious new project. In the following artwork showcase, we were treated to various landscapes featuring a mysterious generator, a ramshackle treehouse, and sprawling urban ruins.

A white-haired girl wielding a sword rises from the ground in the previews only action shot, teasing more information this fall.

Director Yoko Taro dropped by in full Emil Weapon Mode cosplay, thanking the fans, but refusing to disclose much information, not even the game's subtitle, besides confirming development by Platinum Games.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Promotional shot of Rise of the Tomb Raider, as revealed in the E3 2015 Square Enix Conference.

We then jumped right into the action for the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider, showing video game icon Lara Croft trudging through an arctic expanse, making weapons, and discovering the enigmatic Prophet's Temple. This new installment will push Lara's limits, allowing her (and you, the player) to explore and survive in completely innovative ways.

Game Director Brian Horton made an appearance, promising to make Lara as human and believable as possible. In an exclusive look behind the scenes, we see staff members focusing on the finite details of character design, even down to the last nuanced facial expression. Finally, they've decided to use actual people as models to make sure they get the proportions right (good bye and good riddance, back-breaking boobs), but don't worry. This is still the Lara we all know and love. She's even sporting the scars she got in the last game.

Additionally, Lara and the environment can affect one another, with various natural objects available for use and Lara's appearance changing based on her experiences. So if you go trekking through the mud, you'll actually get muddy. If you tumble down the hill, you can see the scrapes and bruises.

The hyper-realistic Rise of the Tomb Raider is looking at an Xbox-exclusive release November 10, 2015.

Lara Croft Go

Gameplay from Lara Croft Go, an upcoming mobile game announced at E3.

In the same vein as Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go will distill all of your favorite elements of the Tomb Raider series into a puzzle adventure game for mobile platforms.

The visuals are simple and clean (sorry, I have Kingdom Hearts on my mind), a departure from the gritty graphics of the main games in the franchise. The moving platforms and art style are reminiscent of another popular mobile game, Monument Valley

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Screenshot of Final Fantasy VII Remake. E3 2015.

Though Sony already dropped the big bombshell yesterday that Final Fantasy VII was getting a full remake, Square Enix brought up the monumental news again today, featuring the same preview. Everything is beautiful. Cloud is beautiful. The Buster Sword is beautiful. Even that ominous feather floating in the puddle was beautiful.

The already-promised PC version of the original game is still on, coming to PC this winter and iOS as early as Summer's end.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X promotional shot. E3 2015.

One mention of Kingdom Hearts and the crowd basically lost their minds. They became considerably less excited however, when they realized they were watching news about Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, a remake of the Japanese-exclusive mobile game Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]. 

After a brief view of the gameplay, featuring power-ups based on the familiar fighting styles of old characters, and a reaffirmation that this is in fact relevant to the main series, Square Enix confirmed that the game would be coming to North America.

Kingdom Hearts III

Sora official new outfit in Kingdom Hearts III; Square Enix E3 2015

Wow. I admittedly had trouble hearing this one over the sound of my own sobbing. Before showing us any footage, Square Enix revealed that they would be working with Disney Animators to make it feel like you jump right into the movies. Also confirmed: a Tangled world, one of the most highly speculated additions to the franchise.

The all-new sneak peak started off with a gorgeous shot of young Xehanort and Eraqus discussing the Keyblade War over a game of chess. They are adorable. We then get another look at the gameplay, featuring the transforming keyblade as previously advertised, making each fight new and dynamic. While we've already seen the rollercoaster, gun, and ship transformations, the Pegasus-drawn carriage is new.

It also looks like Sora's getting a new look. Halfway through the video, he ditches his magical KH2 threads for a sleek red and black ensemble, sticking true to his past aesthetic while bringing a fresh twist on his Dream Drop Distance outfit.

World of Final Fantasy

Screenshot from World of Final Fantasy

Another one previously announced in the Sony Conference, the World of Final Fantasy showcases a new chibi style, taking characters both old and new to a completely original universe.

Director Hiroki Chiba says that the main purpose of the game is the introduce new players to a long-established series like Final Fantasy. Its simple but accessible style is meant to appeal to players of all ages and genders.

The World of Final Fantasy will also feature "towers" of players and monsters that you can use in battle. Different formations create different outcomes, adding a whole new layer of strategy.


Hitman (2015) game unveiled at Square Enix's conference at E3.

"Enter a world of assassination" with the newest addition to the Hitman series. With a digital release scheduled for December 8th, Io Interactive plans on releasing new content at regular intervals, while adjusting the game based on user feedback.

In the trailer, we take control of Agent 47, who has been hired to take out Victor Novacov, the ring leader of a corrupt organization known as Iago. Hitman is a sandbox game that gives you the freedom of approach. You can choose brute force or get a little more creative. Decide on a disguise and get ready to improvise as you create a "genuine masterpiece of assassination."

The online aspect of the game will revolutionize the Hitman series. The preview showcased two new features. The first of which allows players to mark their own targets and then challenge their friends. The second advertised hits that will appear only once before disappearing forever, encouraging the Hitman community to take them out.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness as shown in E3 2015.Despite its admittedly clunky title, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is all about "seamlessness." From exploration to battle, the transitions will be smooth, aiming to maintain immersion. Additionally, tri-Ace will be incorporating "dynamic cutscenes," blending the story perfectly into the gameplay.

The preview started off with a brief recap of the last six years of Star Ocean, promising new and exciting plots and "heart-wrenching farewells" in this fifth installment of the main series. While Integrity and Faithlessness had already been confirmed for a Japanese release this winter, E3 confirmed future availability in North America and Europe.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Screenshot of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The year is 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution. Adam Jensen returns, decked out with cybernetic enhancements as one of the augmented, a type of human facing wide scale discrimination and being forced to live in "aug-only" slums. Adam joins Task Force 29, a division of Interpol, as a double-agent, believing them to be controlled by the Illuminati. Apparently the Twitch stream had some truth behind it after all.

The augmentation provides all-new weapons including a gun built into Adam's mechanical arm and detachable nano blades that can be used as projectiles. Other highlights of the trailer include nano-based body armor and a rare look at Adam's eyes behind the shades.

Choices will play heavily into the gameplay and will ultimately decide the ending you're shown.

Mankind Divided will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One early 2016.

Final Fantasy Portal AppFinal Fantasy Portal App.

In a penultimate anticlimax, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy Portal App, providing up-to-date info on all things Final Fantasy, set for a Japanese release this summer. English release dates and how this will differ from the Final Fantasy Wiki will supposedly be provided at a later time.

Project Setsuna

To finish things off, Square Enix officially announced Project Setsuna, a completely original console RPG. They made it a point to mention that this was neither sequel nor spinoff, remake nor reboot. It's all-new. In honor of that, a new studio, the Tokyo RPG Factory, is taking the reigns on development. Though they refused to give us more than a few gorgeous pieces of landscape artwork, Square Enix confirmed a global release in 2016.

What did you think of Square Enix's conference? Which of these games are you most excited for?

8 Games From Last-Gen You Have to Play (but Never Did!) Tue, 28 Apr 2015 09:39:04 -0400 Elijah Beahm


Nier -- PS3/Xbox 360


Nier is just such a hard game to describe, even more than Remember Me. It's part Zelda inspired action-RPG, part bullet hell shooter, part dungeon crawler, and even part text adventure. It is amazingly fun, weird, emotionally poignant, and silly. It hits so many "oh Japan" notes yet completely owns it and makes it work.


Sure, there's a snarky talking book, people who wear weird masks, a hermaphroditic swordswoman, and a cursed boy who looks like a character out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Heck, your first mission requires you practice your combat skills on sheep, after a prologue that had you tearing apart demons left and right. Nier is not for the faint of heart, and you can't help but admire it for it.


This isn't some half-baked, confusing melodrama like Final Fantasy XIII. Nier is like Shadow of the Colossus. It is a game that treats every aspect of the game as a chance to enrich and deepen the experience while still keeping things very simple on an execution level. Firing off super-powered missiles of dark magic happens within hours of starting, but understanding the depth and complexity of everything takes time. The soundtrack is also amazing, harkening to a Celtic-meets-Japanese folk sound and some intensely dramatic battle scores.


If you want to be guaranteed you are playing something different, play Nier. If you want a great story with funny and developed characters, play Nier. If you want to see people in half-dressed armor fight giant monsters head-on that would frighten Nathan Drake or Marcus Fenix, play Nier.


Binary Domain -- PS3/Xbox 360/PC


Binary Domain is a game that, by all concerns, should not be that outstanding a game. It has a voice command system that doesn't really work at all, literally registering "yes" as "no" when critics first reviewed it. It is a Japanese response to Gears of War, made to be silly and weird, with overly long cutscenes and the pacing of an anime. At one point, a story decision leaves 90% of your squad unavailable for several hours.


Yet, when you fight a frigging motorcycle robot twice the size of Optimus Prime on a giant highway.. it all feels worth it. Don't get me wrong, this game is incredibly dumb, but it is the best kind of dumb. It wants to be fun, and it knows exactly how to be the Pacific Rim of third person shooters. This is a game about oversized guns pounding all manner of robots (there's even a chandelier robot boss fight at one point) as you score in-game currency to upgrade yourself and your squad.


Your squad is also surprisingly varied, even if the trust system can be a bit awkward to use with an actual microphone (seriously, just use button inputs). However, it pays off with a branching ending sequence depending on who trusts you and how effective of a leader you've been. You also get access to small perks and improved performance by getting your squad loyal. It's handled far different from Mass Effect, but in a way that begs to be properly explored.


While the game's multiplayer is nothing substantial, the hilarious ride of a single-player campaign more than makes up for it. This is a third-person shooter for everybody out there who is tired of Gears of War rip-offs that are just dull and drained of any personality. Here, Binary Domain goes a step further and asks if we should really consider making J-Shooter a subgenre. Be sure to keep this one in mind when you need something to spice up your action gaming.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories -- Wii/PS2/PSP


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the Silent Hill game almost no one seems to have played. Everyone other than Dan Ryckert loved it, and it got high marks for being a great reimagining of the original Silent Hill. It may have also released on PS2 and PSP (and subsequently got an HD Vita version in Europe), but Shattered Memories is best experienced on Wii.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories eschews away from the combat focus of past games and instead emphasizes adventurous exploration levels and stealth. The adventure game side of things feels great, with all the puzzles and interactions feeling genuine and giving the world a sense of tangibility.


You feel like you are really pulling nails out of a window or messing with a puzzle device. Your flashlight follows the Wiimote's point, following it elegantly and accurately. Your smartphone lets you take pictures, save your progress, and neatly keeps all of the game's HUD compact and out of view unless you need it.


Every bit of control is built around giving you the most control you could want over what you can do, and even some bonus elements to help add to the atmosphere. Try hitting the A button when you first start walking from the car crash, and you'll see what I mean.


The Otherworld sections are great, making the lack of combat not simply a cheap gimmick but a core element. You can find road flares to ignite and give yourself some breathing room, but they go out and prevent you from carrying your flashlight in the meanwhile. The rest of the time, you'll be hiding, trying to creep in the dark and not get caught by one of the monsters hunting you.


As if all of that wasn't enough, there are also intermittent therapy sessions that influence the Silent Hill world you're playing in. The game's tagline is that it will analyze you and make the world apply to your fears. While I wouldn't say the game did a great job of adding personal fear, there is a fair amount of variability in how characters behave and appear, depending on your choices.


The story, graphics and voice acting are all incredibly high quality here as well. Shattered Memories pushes what a Wii game can do, and for that, it deserves some note as well. The endings are also all very well done and conclusive, giving a nice sense of closure and succinctly explaining the events of the game.


Have you been waiting for a good modern Silent Hill game? Or do you just like horror and happen to have a PSP, PS2, or Wii? Then you should totally look up Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.


BioShock 2 -- PS3/Xbox 360/PC


If there were ever a poster child for under-appreciated sequels, this would be it. BioShock 2 is a perfectly serviceable direct sequel to BioShock. In fact, it does a number of things better than the original, offers a great deal more depth to the original's story, and feels like a much more organic follow up than BioShock Infinite.


You play as the first Big Daddy, resurrected and on the search for your Little Sister. All the while, you contend with the collectivist psychologist Dr. Sofia Lamb, and the remaining survivors in Rapture after the events of BioShock. Along the way, you make or kill new friends, and save or harvest other Little Sisters. You also get to finally play as a Big Daddy protecting Little Sisters, and it feels like a fun new survival meta-mode within the campaign.


Along with this, you get the absolutely excellent multiplayer developed by Digital Extremes (who made another little game called Warframe. Yeah!). BioShock 2: Fall of Rapture incorporates all of the core ideas of the two games, making hacking, clever plasmid/weapon combos, and maze-like levels all work together. The inclusion of playable Big Daddys in multiplayer even gives the game a bit of a Titanfall feel.


Considering the game also has a Protector Trials challenge mode and the highly praised Minerva's Den DLC expansion campaign, BioShock 2 just about offers anything a fan of BioShock could want. The combat's better, the moral choices are better, the storytelling is top-notch, the level design is fantastic -- heck even the hacking game has been made fun. You owe it to yourself to pick this one up.




Remember Me -- PS3/Xbox 360/PC


Dontnod might be popular now for their mini-series Life is Strange, but before they were exploring high school with time travel, they had a much more ambitious project. Part brawler, part adventure game, with a sprinkling of ideas from puzzle games and third person shooters, Remember Me is a curious combo (excuse the pun).


You can customize your fighting combos to have unique effects: some drastically decrease recharge time for your abilities, do extra damage, or even heal yourself. In between brawls, you hack into people's minds and can remix their memories. It doesn't actually change the past, but the person will believe the memory as being correct, and this leads to some surprising, table turning plot twists.


Remember Me also features some truly amazing sound design and positively gorgeous visual design. The story might be a bit too whimsical for a 'hard core' sci-fi fan, but combined with the almost fantastical-meets-Cyberpunk art direction, it all sort of weirdly clicks. While the sum of its whole leaves some greater depth and replay value to be desired, Remember Me should at least be experienced once. It's a rare beauty with just enough brains to keep you racing through to the game's conclusion.


Lost Planet 3 -- PS3/Xbox 360/PC


You know, everyone had every right to be skeptical of Spark Unlimited's Lost Planet prequel. I mean, a studio who is most notable for creating some of the worst rated Call of Duty games ever and a one-off fantasy shooter that went nowhere? How on earth could they make a great follow-up to one of the weirdest launch-era titles for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Well, I'm not sure how, but they did.


Your RIG might not be a gun-toting mech like in past games, but it feels strangely even more powerful. On foot, the game takes a distinctly Dead Space-meets-Lost Planet feel, emphasizing careful movement and observing your enemies. All the meanwhile, the game brings you along for a surprisingly well-told story. The plot itself is as unsurprising as can be, but the core cast are written and acted better than many films.


The level of detail to everything is also impressive. Every new gun unlock has an a unique comment from the Quarter Master, that techie in a hallway will have something new and funny to say every time you pass him, and E.D.N. III's inhabitants feel real. Just as real is how clear the threat and danger of Akrid and flash blizzards can be. As the game's conspiracy unfolds, you can't help but feel genuine concern for Jim and the rest of the colonists working for N.E.V.C.


If you like Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions, Dead Space, Alien, or just want a great sci-fi game, then give Lost Planet 3 a try.


Red Steel 2 -- Wii


Despite basically being a Jedi Knight game on the Wii, with rock solid scores and a lengthy story campaign with challenge mode no less, Red Steel 2 is kind of unheard of these days. It was a genuinely good, hardcore FPS/sword fighting game on the Wii, with a beautiful Western meets anime meets Borderlands art style. It is honestly one of the most literally colorful shooters in years. It also remembers you have ears, and treats them with some utterly stellar sound design, especially for the sword attacks.


As you progress, you fight increasingly complex bosses, and gain special powers, one of which is literally a straight up Force Power, just given a unique name. Toss in some solid gunplay that is finely balanced to encourage you let your sword do the talking, and Red Steel 2 is just a ridiculous amount of fun. This is the kind of game you wished the original Red Steel was at launch, and it makes up for its predecessor in almost every regard.


The only real downside, besides some backtracking and a bit of a grind to unlock all the in-game gear, is a mediocre story. Everything else about Red Steel 2 works amazingly well. The motion controls are the closest to 1:1 the Wii ever had, and it's clear why Red Steel 2 was the game that sold a fair amount of Wiimote Plus attachments. So why not give it a shot? Unpack your Wii from the attic (or turn on your Wii-U), and give it a whirl.


Assassin's Creed: Rogue -- PS3/Xbox 360/PC


Yeah, it came out in 2014. You wouldn't know it though, given how hard GameStop and Wal-Mart are trying to sell it. Not only did Rogue finally ask some questions that critics of the titular Assassin order have been yelling for a while, it also featured some drastic new wrinkles to the series as a whole.


By becoming a Templar, you get some crazy new gear like a grenadier rifle, in addition to being able to kill civilians and otherwise break the Assassin code. Assassin's Creed: Rogue also realizes that enemy variety has gotten a bit stale in Assassin's Creed, so it finally gives us some AI Assassins to fight. While far from the online multiplayer of the core series (sadly absent here), Assassin's Creed: Rogue is the closest offline players get to trying out the mechanics and ideas of Ubisoft Albany's masterpiece online mode.


On top of that, you get a larger open world than Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, with more genuinely fun things to do than Assassin's Creed III's wilderness. While the PC price is a bit high for a better frame rate and a few higher graphics options, Assassin's Creed: Rogue is definitely a game worth playing. It is a fitting conclusion to a divisive but nevertheless fun saga in Colonial America.


As brand new next-gen-only games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Batman: Arkham Knight approach, we forget that there are still easily dozens of great games we've missed on last gen. Here are a few old and even fairly recent ones that fell under the radar.