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In Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct, producer Kenichiro Takaki announced a new Senran Kagura is in the works for the Nintendo Switch.

With the working title: “Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura,” the game will exploit the full power of Nintendo’s HD Rumble, and has undergone extensive testing to ensure the accuracy of what you’ll be feeling.


Developed by Tamsoft and produced by Marvelous Entertainment, Senran Kagura follows a group of scantily-clad female ninjas who protect Japan as students of Hanzo Academy. The series first appeared on the 3DS as a side-scroller, but has had several spin-offs as a card game, third person shooter, and even a rhythm cooking game, that have launched across several systems.

Now, for the new Switch title, we just wait for our opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. If you've been looking for a not-so-family-friendly title to Christen your new Nintendo hardware, this is the title for you.

And don't fret if you're the impatient type. While Shinobi Refle Senran Kagura doesn't have a launch window yet, there are anime and manga adaptations of the series that you can get your mitts on right now.


Editor's Note: The video originally included here has been removed as it is no longer available. 8/19/20

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Details Announced for PC Tue, 28 Feb 2017 04:12:28 -0500 asilris

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus is the seventh game in the series, and the third Senran Kagura game to be added to Steam. Five brand new characters, 3 previously unplayable characters, and four guest characters have been added to the roster, bringing the count to over 30 playable characters.

In Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, the girls are transported into a parallel dimension, turning their worlds upside down. They are taken to a strange world, resembling a warm Summer island. The girls face mysterious challenges, including finding themselves face-to-face with deceased loved ones. The girls must survive new battles, old rivals, and managing to keep their clothing intact.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus will launch on Steam starting March 17, 2017. The price is $39.99, but during the first launch week, it will be discounted at 10% off. The Steam version also adds Steamworks support, Achievements, leaderboards, cloud saves and trading cards.

Ikki Tousen

The "Battle Vixens" DLC is a special crossover from the Ikki Tousen series. Sun Ce, Lu Bu, and Guan Yu will be additional playable characters.

Battle Vixens will be launched at the same time on Steam, PS4, and PS Vita. Other DLC includes clothing, weapons, accessories, and additional missions.

Check out the trailer from XSEED's Official Youtube channel:

Gal*Gun Double Peace set to light up your hearts next week! Tue, 26 Jul 2016 03:30:01 -0400 TheSmartestMoron

The West continues to enjoy quite the bounty of bright and colorful games, and ones focused on a certain audience. Gal*Gun Double Peace is set for a release on PS4 and Vita on August 2nd of this year.

If you are a fan of Senran Kagura or Valkyrie Drive, you may have heard of this title. Surprisingly, it’s a rail shooter, a rare sight and usually reserved more for arcades. (Or the Rambo game from years ago that no one wishes to talk about._ But Gal*Gun has traded bullets for pheromones, which when fired will cease any negative affection the player is giving off. (Though one may ask just why is every girl out for our hero?)

The story revolves around a boy named Hodai, who is struck by an arrow by an evil angel named named Kurona, and then cursed. Not only does the curse make every girl in the school go after him in hatred, but if he cannot find his true love, he will be destined for a life of loneliness. There are a total 70 girls in the game, and they all can be interacted with. Each of them have their own specific ending.

Gameplay is not just limited to shooting and bonding with those girls. There are mini-games similar to Senran Kagura's dressing room, where you can physically interact with the girls through touching and rubbing. It's certainly an aspect the PQube was not shy of showing off in the trailer. However, it seems that only Europe will get the limited edition, exclusive to Rice Digital, which actually includes DLC costumes, an artbook, the soundtrack, a wall scroll, a panty screen-cleaner -- wait what?

I was not joking.

Fun fact: in the small crossover game called Mighty Gunvolt, Ekoro from Gal*Gun was the third playable character, alongside Beck from Mighty No 9 and Gunvolt of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Gal*Gun Double Peace will be released on August 2, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Vita. And hopefully with no more delays.

Top 10 Senran Kagura girls with big....PLOT Mon, 27 Jun 2016 09:44:54 -0400 TheSmartestMoron


#1: Murasaki


Just a warning ahead of time, if you are sensitive to the subject of suicide or depression, you may wish to skip this one. Yeah, this character has a very dark story, probably the darkest of all the Senran Kagura characters.


Murasaki is the sister of Imu on the new Hebijo squad, and never even wished to attend a ninja school. She had some good reasons, like her dad constantly pushing her and Imo into deadly situations to draw out a power ability in the family “The Root of Calamity.” By harnessing negative emotions, one can create deadly energy. When forced into a fight with her sister to draw the power out, Murasaki was successful...and injured her sister. Being congratulated by her horrible family and forced into Hebijo, Mursaki threatened her family with her power if they ever involved themselves in her affairs. Surprisingly, they backed off. Given the amount of negativity put onto Mursaki, probably the safest bet. She never attended a class in Hebijo, and no teacher, not even Suzune, one the fastest and strongest ninja in the series, could get her to come out of her room!


Well Imu did, though had to use forceful means and saying she needed her. Likely due to caring about her sister, especially after injuring her before, Mursaki joined the new Hebijo team. In fact, Imu was the only one she cared about, actually taking a bullet for her during the finale of the Hebijo route; she lived, no worries. After that horrifying incident, Imu and Murasaki grew closer, though the team did keep trying to get Murasaki more active; the attempts have been hit or miss, and usually involves some coercing/tough love. Though it’s clear no one really knew how to handle her situation, and in Shinovi Versus, the darkest Shinobi Heart mission ever is revealed.


Murasaki has suffered enough negativity to question if she should even exist, killing a mental version of herself and glad it vanished. This was because with all things forced onto her, she kept thinking people only valued her for her dangerous power. Eventually, her teammates did apologize and tried to be a bit softer. Trying being the keyword since they clearly don’t want Murasaki to keep isolating herself. Hell, the negativity got so bad, the doll she carries around spews insults at her. I’m pretty sure she is just being a ventriloquist as opposed to it being alive, but either way it’s still a problem even if she is getting better.


It’s actually something I can relate to, as I had massive amounts of negativity grow. Family, friends I went to school with, even the school itself kept working against me so much, I was okay with just staying in my room. Depression is not a topic that is so easily solved using brute force, but at the same time, being left alone isn’t good either. Murasaki’s story was easily the one that hit way too close to home. And yet that’s why I root for her as well.


Despite having the darkest Shinobi Heart scenario in Shinovi Versus, in Estival Versus, she has one of the cutest and most light-hearted missions ever! In this one, she decides to venture out of her room willingly and wants to have a musical to brighten her mood. Surprisingly, it’s something many of the other girls agree to, even the almost always serious Miyabi. Yes, even as the fights are going on, they are singing throughout it and it is surprisingly heart-warming. Estival Versus also shows more growth for her character in combat, as she is not only willing to fight more for the sake of her sister, but also in able to smile more despite the screaming she does with her attacks. So it’s a good sign that she is indeed developing.


For growing both in terms of spirit and gameplay, I hereby reward Murasaki with the title of “Girl with most Plot!”


...But I still like Homura better!


So who’s your favorite Senran Kagura girl? Maybe you're more of a Miyabi fan? Or do you think Sayuri should deserve a spot? Did yours make the list? Be sure to leave comments below on whichever Senran Kagura girl you love the most, and why you love her! Until next time!


#2: Homura


Definitely my favorite of the Senran Kagura girls, and for good reason: she helped me get into the series!


Homura was at one time the highest of the elites at Hebijo, but she wasn’t meant to be. Originally born into a good shinobi family, she was pressured by her family into getting good grades and become a good shinobi. Being able to only talk to her tutor, she saw him as a good escape from it all, and wanted to admit her love for him. It did not go well. How? Well, turns out he was an assassin who played with her feelings, and enjoyed every single moment of it. Her life and her family’s in danger, and her heart broken, Homura didn’t fly into despair...she flew into Marvel Wolverine-levels of rage, defeating a supposedly highly skilled ninja while only in middle-school.


However, because she had willingly revealed herself, and likely made such a chaotic scene that other schools saw her as mentally unstable, she was forbidden from ever entering one of the good shinobi schools. Her family kicked her out of the house, not letting her get a word out, and she had to live on the least until Suzune found her, and convinced her to join Hebijo. From then on, Homura sought out power...though lacked much purpose outside of it, not even seeing friends as useful. Really, she only hung out with her team because it was her job more than anything.


She was later convinced by Haruka that shutting herself out wasn’t the answer, and eventually found a reason to fight in least until Dogen used the other girls to summon Orochi, that Yoma I mentioned earlier. She reacted slicing Dogen in half. She was later branded as a renegade along with her friends, and thus the question of her purpose came into play again. Her entire story is centered around this in Shinovi Versus, and in the end, she is the one responsible for uniting all four schools of shinobi against a common threat: the rest of the Yoma.


Homura is relatable since, well, I was constantly pressured in school, later expelled, no one in the family listened to me, and I felt a need to isolate myself. It’s why I admired her role in trying to deviate from the path others tried to force onto her, mainly her parents, Dogen, and even Hebijo to an extent. I could write about Homura forever, but I wanna save that for a future video.


#3: Murakumo


Yes, I criticize the design a lot. Well, at least the armor which has her boobs just flapping about. I’m sorry, but breast armor is pretty stupid, especially like that. Take some lessons from Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail! At least with the first armor anyway.


However, I still really like Murakumo’s personality as I can kind of relate to it. The main issue of the character is that she always wears a mask in order to express herself better. While orphaned at a young age due to her folks dying, and poor to boot, she hid away her sorrow under a mask. The renegade shinobi, Kurokage, adopted her along with four other girls, creating a new family. He ultimately wished she could live and fight without her mask, though died from illness before that could happen. Making matters worse was that was eventually adopted by the CEO of the Tairo corporation, cutting her time short with her new family until they could attend Gessen Girls Academy. All Murakumo felt during that time was rage with her masked persona.


Without that mask though, she is a nervous wreck with no confidence. With it on, while kind to her teammates, she is an absolute beast on the battlefield. Yet throughout the game, she does have to learn to rely without it...which takes quite some time as she has to also fight the other girls without it. So trying to get rid of a crutch while fighting isn’t an easy task. During Estival Versus on an island where fallen shinobi show up, when she wanted to stay by Kurokage’s side, Yomi had to forcefully take away her mask to get over her fear. Through a need to make it up to the closest thing she had to a father, she did eventually defeat Yomi, getting her mask back.


However, she later removed it in front of Kurokage, wanting to prove that she could survive without the crutch of her mask. And with that, Kurokage was able to eventually pass on. Maybe she hasn’t completely gotten over her mask issue, but can any of us say we got rid of that so easily? Let’s face it, some of us wear masks of our own to hide emotional pain, and move on through the day. I know I need one at times in order to do my work. It’s why I can relate to Murakumo. Sometimes we wish for strength, but hiding behind a mask isn’t the answer. We need to create our own strength to move on, and there’s no shame in getting help either.


#4 and #5: Yomi and Ikaruga


Alone, their overall stories aren’t quite as strong, but together is a whole other matter. They initially started off as rivals, with Yomi carrying an extreme hatred for Ikaruga. See, Ikaruga was part of a very wealthy family, and her family often gave money to charity events to those less fortunate in other countries...not so much in Japan itself, where Yomi had to grow up poor. Yomi had to grow up with no parents, as they had to work hard just to try and get her into a good school before passing away. Viewing Ikaruga as some spoiled princess, Yomi quickly wanted to kill her. In the Hebijo route of Senran Kagura Burst however, things changed a bit. Ikaruga was in fact not only donating to the poor in the slums, but putting on acts as B.C. Mask for the children as well. Yomi caught on and was outraged at how little Ikaruga was giving, saying it wasn’t nearly enough.


And yet throughout all this verbal abuse, and sometimes physical given that they would fight, Ikaruga never hated her or tried to make any excuses. She was fully prepared to take on the vendetta Yomi had on her family, driving Yomi even more insane and confused. At least until they did something I did not expect.


They actually talked like human beings about their lives to one another.


I know right!? Usually in the world of games, this would just lead to another brawl, as the characters are too stupid to actually talk about their problems. Yet these two do, and Yomi eventually learns not only of Ikaruga’s kindness, but the fact that Ikaruga was adopted into the rich family as well. And eventually, they become good friends. It’s a much better ending to their relationship than in the Hanzo route of Burst, where Yomi still held onto that hatred until the near end of Deep Crimson. They would later have an impact on another character on this list...which will come soon.


#6: Mirai


While not the girl with the biggest chest, she really doesn’t need one. And she’s probably another character I can actually relate to.


Her appearance may be that of a little girl, but she’s actually a tad bit older than some of the cast members, at least by a year. Her backstory involved a lot of bully and distrusting people as a result, which I think is something at least someone can relate to. Thus she sought something we would all want, revenge...though hers involved murder; a pie in the face would have worked for me. Of course, the other girls stopped her and eventually showed that she can have people who liked her...but that didn’t stop some problems from emerging.


One was Haruka playing pranks on her because, well, she’s Haruka. And another was everyone else constantly looking down at her due to her appearance, thinking she was even younger. This kept bringing out a desire for attention and being admired for her work, and a desire to be taken seriously. You could argue her fighting style is meant to do just that, as she unveils bigger and bigger guns to level foes with giant explosions and waves of bullets, likely to make sure her enemy doesn’t forget about her.


And let’s face it: not being remembered by others sucks. Not the most complex story, but certainly an interesting one I love to see...even if Mirai’s shrieking does grate on my ears sometimes.


#7: Yagyu


Yagyu certainly fits a stereotype of the strong and quiet girl, though there are some deviations. Namely, her obsession with Hibari, though there is a bit of a reason for that.


Shinovi Versus reveals that Yagyu once had a little sister she played around with often, though later died in a traffic accident. She grew fearful of forgetting her sister, especially given the line of work she was destined for. The incident made Yagyu don an eyepatch with her ribbon, making sure she could never forget, though this did cut down her eyesight and power. This eventually led to her friendship, and obsession, with her classmate Hibari, as she resembled her deceased sister quite a lot. In exchange for the happiness Hibari gave her, Yagyu vowed to protect her.


But ultimately, Yagyu’s method of holding Hibari back and trying to protect her did more harm than good. It’s a great plot point Deep Crimson brought up, in which Haruka wanted Yagyu to back off of Hibari, as it made Hibari a weaker fighter and too dependent. This was kind of a problem in Burst too, and helped aid in Hibari’s development. Estival Versus thankfully had Hibari point out both of Yagyu and Haruka’s major problems, and hopefully as a good step to help them recover from their own personal traumas. Though in the end, the three still remain friends...though maybe not Yagyu and Haruka just yet.


#8: Yumi


The leader of the Gessen Girls Academy elites, Yumi is not one to mess around. Much like her teammates, Yumi was orphaned at a young age, her parents killed in a mission. Unlike with everyone else though, Kurokage is actually related to her as her real grandfather. Adopting her, he quickly taught Yumi his ice techniques...and realized a bad idea of teaching his granddaughter how use dangerous powers. Fearing she would grow to be a vengeance-hungry shinobi, he took a break from training to teach her other stuff, and in the end was one of the few people to make Kurokage live happily.


Though it was because of her devotion that she sought to make her grandfather’s wish of eliminating evil shinobi for good. So in nearly trying to stop her from becoming one monster, he almost created another...that’s kind of a big whoopsy. But through fighting others, Yumi did eventually overcome the flaw in that ideology, and even Kurokage admits he did not want her to follow that path, admiring his daughters over that useless dream.


Estival Versus gave much more depth to Yumi, but due to limited time, it’s definitely recommended you play the game in order to find out more details. Trust me, there’s a lot that can’t quite exactly be summarized, and she is kind of a main character in that game. But the overall summary you need to know: someone struggling to find answers in the heat of battle and always willing to learn as well, which is more than I can say for some people in real life.


Though I will never understand why her Shinobi Heart missions in Estival Versus involved marriage. I dunno, it’s something that made no sense to me, especially when she was never interested in any of the other girls. Well, save for teasing Homura and Asuka together.


#9: Haruka


When it comes to sex appeal, there is no one who uses it more than Haruka. Ryona doesn’t count; that’s just masochism. Despite that though, her backstory is not really a happy one. While she did grow up with a wealthy family, her father was hardly around as he cheated on Haruka’s mom. The mother in the meantime treated her daughter more like a doll, and was suffocating Haruka with so much time dedicated to dressing up. Haruka literally had no control of her life for years, unable to have a life of her own. She was kinda going crazy from it all. How crazy? Well, Haruka tried to set her house on fire just to get rid of her parents. Thankfully, Suzune, her future teacher, prevented her from committing murder. Instead, she suggested something else.


After learning puppetry, Haruka manipulated her own father to admit all his corrupt deeds, and managed to enroll into Hebijo with ease. From that point, she had a taste of trying to take over other people and liked doing it to those weaker than her. That did begin to tone down a bit more as she kept setting her eyes on certain people, namely Hibari of Hanzo Academy, an enemy she hoped to make a friend. Surprisingly, Haruka didn’t turn Hibari into a doll, and even fought her own teammates about letting Hibari stay on their side.


However, she hasn’t fully gotten over trying to control others. Many of her Shinobi Heart missions involve her trying to manipulate others, and she does come on in a bit too strong on Hibari. Combat can also show this as she appears to be happy a lot of the time, likely to lower the guard of her prey before she inevitably takes control. In Estival Versus, it finally seemed to come to an end as Hibari finally had enough of Yagyu and Haruka trying to control her, leading the other two ninja to realize the mistakes they made; more on Yagyu later. The point is that Haruka genuinely cares about others, but she kinda needs a bit of help in stopping to be like her mother. In fact, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson showed how much she hated being controlled and used by Dogen to offer her friends up in a ritual to summon a Yoma/giant monster. The moment she thought she saw Dogen, she instantly went to try and kill him.


While not a heartless character, definitely still one you want to watch out for, and for the love of god stay on her good a reasonable distance until she can be trusted. Look, I don’t want to turn into doll!


#10: Yozakura


Despite being one of the youngest girls in the series, Yozakura is surprisingly more mature than one might expect. At least in terms of trying to keep everything together and organized. She was born into an extremely large family of 12 brothers and sisters, and due to being the oldest, had to help raise her other siblings by helping with cooking and cleaning. However, much like her other teammates, her parents had died. Adding to the pain was multiple families coming in, adopting said siblings, and leaving her alone with Kurokage. Thinking she needed more power to prove she could take care of all her siblings, she trained extremely hard alongside her teammates, taking the situation extremely seriously. Eventually seeing her teammates as a new kind of family, she took on the role of taking care of them as well, being strict when she needed to. Hell, her weapons are kinda symbolic of her attitude, taking the form of giant gauntlets, trying to grab anything and everything. But even she isn’t capable of doing everything.


Estival Versus also showed her being more in a second-in-command role as she was able to calm down her teammates for the sake of the leader, Yumi. Though she does embrace her childish side more when finally on the beach, but considering all the training she constantly put herself under, a little vacation is good for calming someone down.


Not the most complex or deepest character on the list, but has a compelling reason to keep getting stronger and growing up more. Here’s hoping her reunion with her siblings doesn’t end horribly. I mean characters do die in this series if they don’t have a character model! I’m just saying.


No, this article isn’t about boobs. I am legitimately talking about the plot of one of my new favorite series. The games haven’t always held up quite well in terms of gameplay, as you can find in my review of Shinovi Versus, but I genuinely enjoyed the story and characters within each game. Well, maybe except Deep Crimson, but there were a lot of elements I did enjoy and will bring up. My absolute favorite however is the Versus series. And with the girl account over 20, barring the New Wave card series, I want to count down the top 10 characters with, in my opinion, the best stories, aka MASSIVE PLOT!


Note that because some characters have to share their plots with others, some slides may feature two characters.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus bounces onto Steam now! Thu, 02 Jun 2016 04:06:23 -0400 TheSmartestMoron

The long wait is over for PC players! The action-RPG, pseudo-Dynasty Warriors-style game of Senran Kagura is here at last. The official press release revealed important information about this particular version of the game.

The press release and the trailer show off the wide variety of characters, totaling over 20 playable characters (or 22 including DLC characters). These characters take on waves of enemies and other fellow shinobi. Gameplay is simple enough to grasp, as you fight your way through standard grunt ninjas before facing against a boss. In combat, your character and your opponent can be stripped of their clothing depending on how much damage they take.

[Warning: Due to the nature of this game, some screenshots and images in the trailer may be a bit NSFW.]

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is very much a game that prides itself in its fanservice, if the jiggle-physics and transformation scenes are any indication. The game also features super moves known as "Super Ninja techniques," which can easily devastate a group of enemies when unleashed.

Currently, Shinovi Versus is still priced as $39.99 on the PSN for the PlayStation Vita, so buying it on Steam has its own set of advantages. Like the DLC adding two characters from Hebijo and Hanzo with their storylines: the lightning-fast teacher, Suzune, and the Banchou-powerhouse ninja, Daidoji. You also get all the outfits, which combined on the Vita, would cost a pretty penny.

Currently, the game on PC is available at a discount of 10% from $29.99. You don't even need to unlock all of the extras, as they are available right out of the starting gate too! And as seen in the trailer, the game does appear to move much faster than its predecessor at a smooth 60fps framerate. RPG elements of leveling up are still present in this game too, which require you to pull off fast and long combos to keep leveling up.

It should be noted that Shinovi Versus, while recapping some events from Burst, does not have the entire story of Burst inside of it. Fortunately, the Gessen and Hebijo teams are original characters for this title, so players should not feel too lost in the plot.

Previously, the Hanzo and old Hebijo team had fought over powerful scrolls, though the conflict between the two was interrupted by a giant monster called Orochi. To avoid major spoilers, the Hebijo girls were forced to live as renegades, while the Hanzo team still attended their academy. Enter these two new sets of girls: the Gessen Academy wants to wipe out Hanzo's team for the sake of their grandfather, Kurokage. Meanwhile, the new Hebijo team is tasked with hunting down the old Hebijo group, which has now rebranded itself as "Homura's Crimson Squad."

Naturally, players should not expect to be stuck facing off against one single school, but each do have their own spin on the story and certain events unfold that do not occur in other story routes.

The game also features multiplayer in three different modes. In Death Match, players fight to, well, the death of course. Strip Battle also involves exactly what you think it does -- stripping the opponent of their clothes while fighting. The last mode is Understorm, where you must collect the most underwear while fighting against your other rivals. In the Vita version, you could also play with the AI.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is Developed by Tamsoft and Marvelous Inc. (in Japan and Europe), and published by XSEED. 

If you're curious as to what I thought of the Vita version of this game, you can always find it over here. Considering what has been said and seen on the trailer, it seems a lot of improvements have been made. Be sure to look out for the review of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus on PC soon on GameSkinny!

XSEED held a hidden contest for Senran Kagura Sun, 29 May 2016 07:57:20 -0400 TheSmartestMoron

On May 27th of 2016, a contest came to an end. But it was never officially announced until it was over. Rather, fans of the series found out through social media -- specifically a Twitter account for Katsuragi from Senran Kagura. She had previously linked to a website where all the characters from the Versus series (barring the Festival Girls and Ryoki) were brought into an online chat by her classmate, Ikaruga, to discuss problems. As expected, it was more of a humorous situation that ended when a spam bot invaded the chat. Yet as the skit ended, something caught the attention of some fans.

That wasn't the only bit of weirdness, as there were other events happening on a wide variety of sites -- and some things that the Senran International Academy forum members were able to figure out. That brings us to May 27th, where the Katsuragi Twitter picture kept changing, turning gradually into static.

Eventually, it was revealed that some general had taken it over. Specifically, one of the Yoma Generals in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson -- the same generals that were made by one of the former supporters of Hebijo, Dogen. In both the 3DS and Vita series (both following their own continuity), Dogen was believed to be dead. It's currently unknown if they plan to have him return as a major antagonist.

Through investigation, fans were able to find a password and username to a site where Orochi questioned anyone who signed in.

XSEED did eventually announce winners for the event:

What an interesting way to hold a contest. It's currently unknown if there is a new Senran Kagura game coming, though Estival Versus just released back in March, and Shinovi Versus is coming to the PC in June. You can see my video reviews of Estival Versus and Shinovi Versus if you wish to see how they hold up. In the meantime, congratulations to the winners! And yes, the Katsuragi Twitter account is back to normal!

Any picture sources were gathered by members of the Senran International Academy forums, save for the chat (I used MS paint and screen capture). Senran Kagura is developed by Tamsoft, and published by XSEED in North America.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus heading to PC/Steam on June 1st Tue, 24 May 2016 11:17:33 -0400 TheSmartestMoron

Earlier today, XSEED announced on Twitter and their trailer below that Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus will launch on Steam on June 1st for $29.99. However, for its first week, the price will be cut by 10%. This copy of the game will include all DLC from the game when it premiered on the Vita. The publishers also promised on their Twitter that the game would be playable at 60 FPS and have HD resolution.

For those unaware of the series, Senran Kagura is a hack-and-slash game revolving around several students who are attending classes to become shinobi. The games, however, feature sexual fanservice in the form of jokes and shredded clothing. Shinovi Versus in particular was the first to feature the characters losing their underwear, though it would be censored with bright lights and small pictures of the heads of characters.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus originally launched on the PlayStation Vita in North America on October 14, 2014. It was developed by Tamsoft, and currently has a rating of 67 on Metacritic with mixed reviews. I reviewed my copy earlier this year in the video over at this link, for those wishing to hear my opinion on the game. Currently, the game on PSN remains at $39.99, with no attached DLC.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus bursts out on PS4 and Vita tomorrow Mon, 14 Mar 2016 09:50:41 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If you've been waiting for fanservice-heavy beat'em up Senran Kagura Estival Versus to slide its way onto the North American market, your wait is almost over!

Estival Versus marks the first time Asuka, Homura, Katsuragi, and the other buxom shinobi girls take their battle (and boin) to a home console: the PlayStation 4.

Life and hometown look better than ever on the PlayStation 4, but anyone not so brazen and more comfortable with playing fanservice-heavy titles on a handheld can still turn to the PlayStation Vita for their shinobi battle fix.

The Vita version definitely has a benefit in being more discreet, but it's hard to say no to the PlayStation 4 version's visuals. Check out the comparison video below to see the differences between the two if you're still on the fence.

What is Senran Kagura Estival Versus?

If you haven't taken the plunge and swam in the welcoming ecchi rivers of the Senran Kagura series before, it can seriously seem like it's just a huge-boobed anime dress up simulator. I mean, it's not like anyone goes nuts over actual gameplay shots/footage.

Basically Estival Versus is a mission-based beat'em up much in the lines of games like Dragon Quest Heroes (not quite like the Dynasty Warriors series), with a heavy emphasis on T&A. Magical girl-style transformation sequences, destructible clothing, gratuitous panty shots.. the list goes on.

The Senran Kagura series isn't for everyone, but it fills the beat'em up void pretty well despite (or maybe because of) the constant ecchi.

Let's get ready for some serious life and hometown tomorrow, guys.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus: Purupuru Finish Revealed Thu, 15 Jan 2015 19:46:21 -0500 Dustin Frisch

Famitsu this week has brand new details on Senran Kagura: Estival Versus‘ Dressing Room and costume destruction.

Costumes from Shinovi Versus will make a reppearance with updates in Estival Versus, alongside many new summer-like costumes. You can take a picture of up to five characters together in your favorite costumes and poses, too. And in addition to “rub” and “tear,” “whisk,” “pinch,” and “pull” interference actions have also been added.

It appears costume destruction has further evolved. As you battle, your character’s clothes will tear little by little, and now it’s possible to destroy your costume entirely with a “Purupuru Finish.” There is no icon to hide the character’s chest this time, but rather a mysterious light that appears instead.

Purupuru Finishes are invoked under specific conditions, and will let you enjoy various situations such as slipping on soap, crashing into an octopus trap, or getting caught in a cherry tree.

Senran Kagura Burst Confirmed for Both North America and Europe Fri, 09 Aug 2013 14:54:48 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Xseed is following its reputation for bringing niche or risky titles to North America with Senran Kagura Burst--part action game and part fanservice extravaganza--after speculation that no North American publisher would touch it.

Similarly, Marvelous AQL and Zen United have announced they will be publishing Senran Kagura Burst in Europe, which will include both physical and eShop releases, while North America will only see the game on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Bouncy bits

If you've seen the Senran Kagura anime or have even caught a glimpse at the games surrounding the franchise, you are likely well aware of the amount of fanservice seen in the series.

The fanservice (aka bouncy bits) is going to both make and break the game in the West. It is exactly the reason Xseed is releasing it exclusively on the eShop, and the only reason it has been picked up for localization in the first place. The gameplay is nice, but you don't play Senran Kagura Burst just for the action. That's just madness.

North Americans will be able to find Senran Kagura Burst on the Nintendo eShop this fall, while European prospective buyers will have to wait until the first quarter of 2014 to see their physical and eShop releases.

XSEED Possibly Afraid of Publishing Senran Kagura Wed, 08 May 2013 05:34:41 -0400 Joseph Rowe

XSEED Games, now a subsidiary of Marvelous USA after combining with Atlus Online, is famous for bringing over quite a few niche Japanese titles. Their localization and publishing works include games like Corpse Party and the Ys series. One such game series that is being considered is Senran Kagura.

Senran Kagura is a side scrolling action game for the Nintendo 3DS where the player controls five different female ninjas. As the ninjas take damage, their clothes start tearing, revealing more of their skin.

While the premise is a bit silly, the gameplay is supposed to be solid. It is also a popular enough game to have spawned a 3DS sequel and a PSP Vita game. Outside of the realm of video games, Senran Kagura also has its own anime as well as a few different manga.

Ken Berry, boss of XSEED, has said this regarding the possibility of bringing the game stateside:

"We are definitely interested in pushing the 'Marvelous' brand as much as possible. It is something that we continue to look into because we know demand is there as lots of fans have asked for it. But it's just a scary proposition due to the subject matter and differences in attitudes between Japanese culture and the more conservative culture here in the U.S."

Berry goes further to state that there might be a chance for it to see a digital release, but the idea of releasing it physically carries with it too much potential for disaster for it to be a worthwhile effort.

Why is the company so afraid to publish Senran Kagura? It's pretty obvious that the recent controversy with Dragon's Crown's exaggeratedly busty sorceress has caused some concern for publishers that bring over Japanese games that some players might find offensive.

I personally want to see it get released stateside as I have heard great things about its gameplay. As silly as the clothing mechanics are, it's not something that we haven't seen in the states in games like Soul Calibur IV.

What do you think? Is it a good thing that publishers are becoming more aware of the offense some people take at games like Senran Kagura or is it a bad thing that they're becoming limited in their ability to publish games that have an audience due to fear of controversy?