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Every Single Soldier, developer of war strategy video games, recently announced their popular Vietnam War simulation video game Vietnam '65 is ready for beta phase. You can sign up for either the iPad or PC beta here.

Gamers must win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people by planning and executing counter-insurgency operations designed to prevent local villages from falling under the military and social influence of the Viet Cong.

Vietnam '65 looks like a different video game. Players still use a complete arsenal of American made military units, but the victory conditions make their use less likely.

Being able to make life better for the Vietnamese people, instead of destroying their homes and killing their friends and family to defeat the Viet Cong also appeals more to me than the typical war-games of today.

The Vietnam War is one of the most misunderstood times in American history to many historians and people who lived during the era. If you didn't like how the Vietnam War played out? Sign up for the beta for Vietnam '65. This is your chance to show gamers and the world how things should have turned out. You can also get a chance to make playing this video game more fun for other players by adding your opinion to the discussion.