Party Genre RSS Feed | Party on GameSkinny en Launch Media Network The U.S. Is Finally Getting a Physical Edition of Mega Man: The Wily Wars Fri, 23 Aug 2019 14:59:05 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Retro-Bit Gaming, suppliers of almost all things retro gaming these days, announced a physical edition of Mega Man: The Wily Wars during Gamescom. It is to be released at an unspecified time in the future.

This re-release will be a cartridge playable on the Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive.

On top of that, Retro-Bit Gaming promised that several other extras will release alongside the game. What those will be, and how much the entire package will cost, was not mentioned.

Wily Wars was unique in its day. It's to the first three Mega Man games what Super Mario All Stars is for the early Super Mario games. The catch was that the U.S. market didn't actually get a physical copy of it, which was rather unusual for the time, while Japan and Europe did. 

Instead, Wily Wars was confined to the Sega Channel service.

Sega Channel was an early form of subscription-based game streaming built on a model similar to the equally ill-fated Famicom Satellaview in Japan. For an extra fee on a monthly cable bill, players would get a special Sega box attached to their TV that allowed access to 50 games.

The problem was cost, access, and the fact that Sega was moving resources on to its new system anyway, making Wily Wars one of the Genesis' rarest games — that is, until recently.

The wave of retro rebirths and mini consoles, including the Genesis Mini, means fans can easily get hold of the game now as part of a bundle including plenty of other Sega classics.

Still, there's nothing quite like a physical copy of a classic game, especially when it (hopefully) won't cost thousands of dollars.

28 Minutes of New Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Footage Shown at Gamescom Fri, 23 Aug 2019 15:47:22 -0400 GS_Staff

As we stalk closer to the March 2020 release date of Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2, more and more information naturally leaks into the world like a steady stream of trickling blood. 

At Gamescom 2019 this past week, IGN was able to capture 28 minutes of brand-new gameplay shown to attendees. After watching it ourselves, we figured that you would like to see it, too. 

While the demo shares some similarities with the footage shown earlier this year at E3 2019, as pointed out by IGN, it is a bit different and showcases many of the disparate choices players will be able to make as they venture through the game's gritty, infected world. 

There's really no reason to sit here and explain the footage to you when you can see the full 28 minutes here: 

There's little doubt that the world of Bloodlines 2 is gorgeous and striking. Even on a traditional HD monitor, the trailer looks fantastic: lighting cuts through the darkness in pulsating hues and smooth, detailed character models strut about the streets. 

There is some noticeable slowdown early in the demo and when transitioning between areas, while the dialogue is a bit too quiet amidst the din of the city. However, those are certainly things that can be ironed out between now and launch.

It's also worth noting that the build shown at Gamescom is still an early one. Of course, it's expected that certain optimizations have yet to be made. 

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 is slated for a March 2020 release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Just hours after the game was announced at GDC 2019 earlier this year, Bloodlines 2 was already a best-seller on Steam. Although, that's hardly surprising considering the incredible popularity of the franchise as a whole. 

The game is currently up for pre-order on all platforms. Those interested in pledging their allegiance can head over to our pre-order guide to learn more. 

All You Need to Get Your WoW Classic Guild Started on the Right Foot Fri, 23 Aug 2019 21:26:42 -0400 GS_Staff

World of Warcraft Classic is right around the corner, and with it will come leagues of current and prior WoW players flooding into the game and trying to get their footing in old Azeroth.

Part of getting that footing is being a part of a guild, whether as a leader, an officer, or a rank and file and sharing a big part your WoW experience with that group.

A few years ago, MMORPG guild-leading veteran Elliot Lefebvre wrote an extensive and long-running series of guides on being a part of and leading a guild, most heavily focusing on effectively running a guild without running it and its players into the ground.

We've collected this series of "guild guides" in one place so that you can go into Azeroth with the right community mindset. These are particularly useful for guild leaders, as these articles touch on a lot more than just the base social aspects of running a guild: managing conflict, running events, effectively recruiting, tiering leadership, and more are covered in these articles.

Without further ado, for your perusing pleasure, here are Elliot's fantastic guides to running a guild in a productive and sustainable manner, and to being a productive and helpful member of any guilds you may be a part of down the road.

Guides and Tips for Guild Leaders

Guild Recruitment and Promotion

Guides and Tips for Guild Members


We wholeheartedly wish you the best adventures in your return to Azeroth of yore, and hope you don't get ganked too many times in STV.

If you're a current or prospective guild leader, check out our sister site Gamer Launch and its tools to build and maintain a guild website. You don't have to have a website to run a guild, but it certainly helps organize your members and keep them engaged with one another.

Someone Made a Render of the PS5 Dev Kit, and It Still Looks Silly Fri, 23 Aug 2019 11:48:29 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Look, I know dev kits never look anything like the finished product. What we see now isn't what we'll see in our living rooms when the PS5 finally launches. Designs change over time, just like first drafts and President Trump's opinion on a certain holy book. 

I totally get that. 

But holy shit, this allegedly leaked PlayStation 5 dev kit looks 90s' gauche. Put another way, it looks like something straight out of Alien 3. You know, the first bad Alien movie. 

To see what it would look like IRL with colors and luster, Let's Go Digital, the Netherlands-based publication that first broke the news about the early design patent and leaked dev kit images, worked up a full 3D render of the kit/system/platform. 

Feast your eyes upon its awkwardness. 

Sure, if the PS5 is as powerful as Sony has suggested, it's going to need lots of ventilation, which this design certainly has. The PS4 gushes heat like an air balloon, and it undeniably has problems with ventilation depending on its setup and alignment. 

I don't know exactly what the solution to that "problem" is with something as stout as the PS5, but it's not this glossy boomerang with lights and gills. 

I know I'm being hard on something that only exists in an infinitesimally small quantity and will never see production at scale. And I know that this design is far more utilitarian and elegant than the PS4 dev kit

But hey, it's a Friday, traffic sucked, and I had thoughts. Sometimes, you just have to roll with it and have a little fun. 

At least we're not subscribing to the idea that Sony could call the next PlayStation the PSV because of the design's "V-shaped" notch (even though that's not the craziest idea I've ever heard). 

Header and copy images via LetsGoDigital

Fez Free on the Epic Games Store, Celeste and Inside to Follow Fri, 23 Aug 2019 11:46:44 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

The Epic Games Store is only offering one free game this week, breaking its recent pattern of two per week, but it's quite the little gem: Fez, a finely crafted, perspective-based indie platformer. It's free now through August 29.

Next week is a return to two free games, with Celeste and Inside on offer for free.


Fez took the indie world by storm when it released several years ago, with its delightful art style and unique approach to solving puzzles. It's one of those rare games that hardly needs improving, a feat made all the more impressive given it was almost entirely a one-man creation.

It's also a fairly mellow game, with no major punishments and a decently gradual difficulty curve. It might be an older game, but it still earned a place on our top 10 indies list. And it's free.

Think of it as a warmup for next week's plunge into brutal challenge, then.


If you've been following the indie scene over the past couple of years, Celeste probably doesn't need much introduction.

Lauded as one of the best platformers in recent years, Celeste combines razor-sharp level design with tight controls and an intriguing story in a package that's probably going to enthrall you as much as it makes you want to scream and walk away.

It offers a definite challenge, in other words. But it's also forgiving, letting players respawn in the same room where they met their demise and providing an easier path for those who don't have a compulsive need to collect all the strawberries.

That means it's a good PC game for any member of the family too.


One might be forgiven for thinking, at first glance, that Inside and Celeste are rather similar. Both have bone-crunchingly difficult puzzles and platform action, and both revolve around an existential plot.

However, Inside provides a much moodier, more atmospheric adventure, one where the protagonist is almost always in the dark — quite literally, at times. The mystery of not knowing is what spurs even latecomers to the game on to completion. And it's not nearly as speedy as Celeste

Those looking for a darker, shorter but nonetheless gripping puzzle game would do well to check Inside out.


What comes beyond next week in terms of free games isn't certain, since the EGS has a tendency to not follow any specific pattern. However, if previous weeks are anything to go by, there will likely be even more indie favorites to look forward to.

Remnant: From the Ashes Best Weapons Guide Fri, 23 Aug 2019 10:28:59 -0400 Sergey_3847

Remnant: From the Ashes is one of the most fun action shooters in the last couple of years. It has everything: cool bosses, great locations, and most notably, some of the best weapons the genre has seen.

There are three categories of weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes. Most of them are either close-range or long-range firearms, and the rest are melee variants. Some weapons can be really tough to get, but they are worth it for all that sweet damage.

Here are some of the best weapons you can find in the game, with short instructions on how to craft each of them.


Spitfire gun information page in Remnant: From the Ashes

Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Blazing Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

Spitfire is not only a fantastic fully-automatic weapon, but it also has one of the most devastating mods in the game: the Flame Thrower.

When you shoot with the Spitfire, in addition to its bullet damage, it spews flames that deal an additional 150 points of damage.

In order to craft Spitifire, you need to kill Singe, one of the two Earth-world bosses. He will drop a Blazing Heart. Lumenite Crystals can be purchased in Ward 13 from Ace.

Sniper Rifle

Crafting recipe: 
  • This sniper rifle cannot be crafted

Long-range weapons are typically highly valuable in any shooter. In Remnant: From the Ashes, a simple sniper rifle is not only good, but it's also one of the most effective weapons in the game.

You can only find it inside a church, where you fight the Root Mother boss. The rifle can be found in the basement near some lockers and pallets.

Although this sniper rifle already has a very high damage rating, it can be modded using the Hunter's Mark weapon mod for even higher critical hit damage.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Undying Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

Ruin is a combination of sniper rifle and assault rifle. It has a very high fire rate, and its accuracy is magnified by its 3x scope.

In addition to physical damage, it deals radiation damage, and its unique Undying weapon mod revives you after death and gives you 33% life back.

To craft Ruin, you need to kill the Undying King boss, who you will encounter in the realm of Rhom. He will drop the Undying Heart after the fight.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Thermal Geode
  • 1x Lumenite Crystal

The Defiler is especially powerful in combination with any sniper rifle. It's exclusively a close-range weapon, which deals a ton of damage. However, you will need something else to kill enemies at distance.

It is the perfect companion to the Ruin rifle, as it also deals radiation damage with its unique weapon mod, Radioactive Volley.

A Thermal Geode can be obtained by defeating one of the two optional bosses in Rhom, right before you fight Undying King.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Spore Gland
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

Just like Defiler, this weapon is super effective at close range. It also deals the most damage of all weapons in the game.

Sporebloom requires special ammo that deals rot damage and explodes with a gas cloud that keeps dealing damage to all enemies affected by it for seven seconds.

Spore Gland can be acquired after defeating the Ent boss, which is in the Choking Hallow.


Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Unclean Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal

The Devastator is not your typical crossbow: it's a killing machine that perfectly synergizes with the Bandit set.

It has one of the best weapon mods in the game, which fires a huge spike that deals 125 points of damage and an additional 300% stagger damage that causes the bleeding status effect.

This crossbow can be crafted after defeating the Unclean boss inside the Shack at the Corsus.

Petrified Maul

Crafting recipe:
  • 1x Twisted Heart
  • 7x Lumenite Crystal
  • 650x Scrap

If you want to run a melee weapon, then there is no better choice than the Petrified Maul.

It hits so hard that a single fully charged slam produces an AoE effect that hits enemies with an additional 100% stagger damage.

You can get a Twisted Heart by cutting off the legs of the Ent, the same boss you fight used to get the Sporebloom weapon. 


These were the best weapons in the game, and for more Remnant: From the Ashes guides, check out the list below:

Minecraft Bees Guide: How to Craft a Beehive and More! Thu, 22 Aug 2019 17:38:46 -0400 Ty Arthur

The latest Minecraft snapshot is here and it brings a brand new mob to play with -- bees! Lots and lots of bees.

All "Minecraft got a new bug" jokes aside, you can now find lots of bees (don't look now, try to act casual!) in three different biomes, as well as nests, hives, and honeycombs to use for crafting.

The bees just arrived, so there's a lot of speculation and uncertainty about where they spawn and how to interact with them. Here's everything we know so far about bees in Minecraft's 1.15 snapshot!

Where To Find Minecraft Bees

Bees are neutral mobs that won't attack you unless you attack them first, which is a fairly bad idea, since they will sting.

Simulating stinger loss, bees will automatically die 20 seconds after stinging a player.

Besides causing damage, bees don't drop anything if they die this way, so try to avoid ticking them off and getting stung. 

Bees will travel between their hives or nests and any location with flowers to collect pollen and nectar.  At the moment, bee nests are only found to spawn in these locations:

  • Beneath trees in forest biomes
  • In plains biomes
  • In sunflower plains biomes

If they can't find any locations to acquire pollen or nectar, they will eventually return to their home hive for a short duration. During night time and rain storms, bees will also stop their current activity and return to their home nest to wait until morning.

In the event a bee's home nest is destroyed or it gets lost, it will search until it finds a different nest to set as its home base.

Bees will follow you around when carrying a flower, and they can be bred with flowers to make new baby bees.

Using Bee Hives And Nests

After gathering pollen from flowers, bees return to their nests and hives to create honey. Full hives and nests are visibly noticeable because they will drop single blocks of honey.

How to Craft a Beehive

Nests can be sheared for honeycombs, and the process can be automated with a dispenser rather than using shears manually. That's an important process, because you can now craft your own beehives using this recipe:

  • Planks x3
  • Honeycomb x3
  • Planks x3

Besides shearing for honeycombs, hives and nests are used to gather honey by placing a dispenser or bottle against the block.

Full honey bottles don't stack in your inventory, however honey can be eaten while full and it has high saturation.

Using a single honey bottle while crafting will result in Sugar x 3 being added to your inventory.

You are supposed to retrieve honey from a hive after a bee completes its flying dance, indicating more honey has been added to the location, but there's an exploit available at the moment.

While it will likely be fixed soon, a bug with the initial release of bees allows you to fill glass bottles with honey from completely empty bee hives and nests. Take advantage of it while you can, because it won't be around long!

Bee nests and hives can be moved by a player if you want to relocate your bee home base to a better position, but they will be destroyed unless you pick them up using the silk touch enchantment.

Finally, campfire smoke is supposed to calm angry bees, but that functionality appears to be bugged as placing a campfire beneath a nest or hive doesn't actually do anything right now.

Found any other uses for bees, or know of any other places where they are spawning? Leave us a comment below, then check out our other Minecraft guides:

Minecraft Snapshot 19W34A is the Bee's Knees — And the Rest of the Bee Too Thu, 22 Aug 2019 14:28:09 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Mojang is introducing the latest Snapshot to Minecraft Java 1.15, Snapshot 19w34a, and it's all about bees.

Snapshots in Minecraft are test segments for the Java version of the game that introduce one or more new elements. This one focuses on creating and raising bees, plus making good use of all the honey they offer — assuming they're treated right, of course.

Bees are a new neutral mob that, as in real life, won't harm you unless you harm them. It's for the best not to harm them, too, since they die after stinging you. Also like in real life, bees in Minecraft are attracted to flowers and spend all their time enjoying them before going back to their hives and doing it all over again.

In the process, they help pollinate crops and bring their bee friends over to join the flower party as well — sometimes. Some bees will keep the knowledge all to themselves, while others share information in their Nests.

If the plan is keeping bees around, they'll need a Nest or Hive nearby. Otherwise, they roam until they find one. They also roam if they can't find nectar and need to return home if it begins to rain.

The Snapshot introduces a few new features as well, like the dispenser and a copy_state function for Loot Tables. The full notes plus a list of fixed bugs can be found here.

The new Snapshot is one in a line of new additions and plans for the game this year, following the big Pillage and Village update earlier this year, which saw a bevy of new additions to the ever-expanding sandbox experience.

On top of that, those hoping to move on from Minecraft's blocky graphics might find interest in the recent announcement of new ray tracing graphics updates planned on the back of the dead Super Duper Graphics update.

Minecraft is officially 10 years old, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

This is What the PS5 Dev Kit Looks Like — Maybe Thu, 22 Aug 2019 12:52:59 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Sony has been fairly quiet about its next-gen console so far, but we might have half a clue about what the dev kit looks like at least.

Matthew Stott, senior artist with development studio Codemasters, confirmed that a recent patent design circulating around the 'net is, in fact, for the PlayStation 5. Stott tweeted this two days ago, but his tweets are protected, meaning only followers can see them (the image below is what he confirmed).

The patent itself doesn't technically state what the device is, but there are other factors apart from Stott's confirmation suggesting this is Sony's next console.

First is the patent itself, which categorizes the device under class 14.02, which LetsGoDigital, the site that first reported on the patent, says is used for other game consoles, including the PS4.

Then there's the person labeled as the designer: Yusuhiro Ootori. Ootori is one of Sony's chief engineers and was also responsible for the PlayStation 4.

The timing is also significant. The patent lists the priority date, which is basically a product's legal birthday, as November 2018, not too long after rumors started swirling about the PlayStation 5.

As we've seen with the Nintendo NX and countless other consoles and know from years of similar "leaks," dev kits tend to go out well in advance of a console's actual reveal and launch.

Sony has also (slowly) been revealing tidbits about the system, including some of its capabilities, the system's target audienceand the importance of rectifying one of the PS4's mistakes by supporting backwards compatibility and cross-gen play. 

It's important to note that development kits rarely, if ever, resemble the final product, so you can rest easy knowing the PlayStation 5 probably won't be a giant V with fans the size of a TV set.

HyperX WoW Classic Stream to Bring the Pre-launch Hype on August 26 Thu, 22 Aug 2019 12:42:38 -0400 Ashley Shankle

World of Warcraft Classic is less than a week away from launch. Even now, during the name registration, phase servers are filling up and new ones are being made to accommodate the perhaps larger-than-anticipated audience for WoW's first real return to classic Azeroth.

The hype is very much undeniably real!

To celebrate this return to form for the community, peripherals manufacturer HyperX will host a special livestream event titled HyperX Kickoff to WoW Classic in the hours leading up to launch on August 26. The stream will feature a number of notable names from the World of Warcraft community, with HealingStat and AskJoshy hosting the stream.

Lasting from 11 a.m. PDT to 3:30 p.m. PDT, the HyperX stream will feature panels with top WoW streamers, a member of the game's development team, and exclusive videos to stoke the flames of sheer hype, though I think we can all agree, that needs no stoking. If your hype flame's not at full blast right about now, you're not doing it right.

Guests specifically named to attend the event and share their World of Warcraft stories and experiences with the community are Sonii Digital, Asmongold, JakenbakeLIVE, Kate, and Esfand.

WoW Classic will launch at 3 p.m. PDT on August 26, with the HyperX stream starting four hours earlier and going 30 minutes into launch, which will hopefully keep you from losing it in the infancy of your queue time.

You'll be able to pop into the stream at both as well as Be sure to sit down and get comfy with the rest of the WoW Classic community as one of gaming's most historic and iconic eras rises once more.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Live Stream Slated For August 30 Thu, 22 Aug 2019 14:52:44 -0400 Ty Arthur

While Cyberpunk 2077's release may still be more than six months away, fans are about to get a major look at some new gameplay footage, as well as a large chunk of the game world, in an upcoming stream.

After showing off footage at Gamescom 2019, developer CD Projekt Red is gearing up to launch a global live stream next week that includes information about the Night City district of Pacifica and the many Cyberpunk customization elements that will be on offer.

The live stream will be available via Mixer and Twitch next Friday, August 30, at 11 a.m. PDT.

After showcasing 15 minutes of gameplay that was shown at Gamescom over the past several days, members of the development team will discuss design decisions and reveal new info about how the game world works. CD Projekt Red also commented:

This stream will be available for everyone to watch, so all of you, wherever you are, have a chance to feel a bit of gamescom — or any other trade show — at home. Hosting the entire thing will be our very own Hollie Bennett, our UK head of comms, and the dev line up will include some familiar faces you know and like.

After seeing the game's first jaw-dropping teaser trailer in 2013, years of waiting will finally pay off when Cyberpunk 2077 officially lands on April 16, 2020.

For those that have missed the latest news, we recently reported Polish magazine translations talking about a new game plus mode as well as the game's skill system, and we now know details about the game's branching prologue and potential overall installation size.

Age of Empires 4 Gameplay Reportedly Coming in November — Wololo! Thu, 22 Aug 2019 12:29:47 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Praise the RTS gods and goddesses. Gameplay for the long-anticipated Age of Empires 4 is finally (we hope) coming in November. If a literal wink is to be believed, gameplay will be shown off at Microsoft's XO19 fan event in London, England, later this year. The event runs from November 14-16. 

The news comes from a GameStar interview with General Manager Marketing for Xbox Aaron Greenberg (via PC Gamer). 

At about 5:55:03 in the GameStar interview stream, which we've included below for quick reference, Greenberg says when asked when players will get to see gameplay of AoE 4

Listen, our next big beat is going to be XO19. I would suggest people watch that. That's also November 14. It's the day that Age [of Empires 2: Definitive Edition] launches. We will be celebrating ... I cannot confirm nor deny anything [winks at the camera]. But you'll definitely want to tune in ... that'll be our biggest Inside Xbox event of the year. 

Watch Jetzt: Rerun des ersten gamescom-Tages #gcTogether from MONSTERSANDEXPLOSIONS on

Another interesting tidbit of information that's been hinted at for some time is that all new Xbox titles will come to GamePass on PC. Greenberg said while speaking to GameStar about digital games distribution and subscription models like GamePass: 

We're going to bring all of our titles when they launch into GamePass on PC, included in the service. We've got a lot of great third-party support as well, and we know a lot of people both play on the PC and on console.

That's great, so we have options for them but even just as a dedicated PC gamer, we're working with a lot of the big PC publishers to bring their titles and them reach a broader audience as well ... so the key there is to overdeliver on value but consumers obviously still have choice if they want to subscribe or buy. 

Suffice it to say, that's a pretty clear indication that Age of Empires 4 will be included in GamePass at launch, whenever that may be. As of this writing, there is still no release window for the game. However, that may very well change at XO19 in a little less than three months.

Age of Empires 4 was announced at E3 2017. Since then, Microsoft has been incredibly tight-lipped about the next installment to the beloved real-time strategy franchise. However, that silence hasn't kept fans from dreaming of what additions the game might bring, or including it their most-anticipated RTS lists

November 14 is also an important date for Age fans because it's when Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition finally launches. That game will bring updated visuals to the decades-old strategy game, as well as brand-new content. It is an upgrade to 2013's Age of Empires 2: HD

How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft 1.14.4 Thu, 22 Aug 2019 15:45:39 -0400 Jason Coles

Writing a guide on how to breed villagers in Minecraft might be one of the strangest things I've had to do. But since villagers are necessary for lots of automated tasks, such as farming, fletching, smithing, and leatherworking, it's time you know the ins and outs of the horrifying process.

This breeding guide will tell you:

  • How to get your villagers, uh, busy
  • The best way to create multiple villagers fast
  • What blocks you'll need to assign them to specific jobs 

Villager Breeding in Minecraft

A red Minecraft bed.

To breed, you first need to find a village that has villagers in it.

Then make sure there are doors on the buildings you want to use as breeding hubs. If not, villagers can't get the privacy they need for their business time.

You then need to make sure:

  • The buildings have three beds
    • One for each of the two villagers, and one for the incoming baby. 
  • That you give two villagers some food
    • Ideally three bread. However, 12 carrots, 12 beetroots, or 12 potatoes will also work.

Next, lure the two villagers into a building that has three beds, close the door as you leave, and go kill 20 minutes.

When you return, there should be a little baby villager; wait another 20 minutes and that baby will be fully grown.


A farmer villager in Minecraft.

Build a Bigger Breeding Room

To grow even more villagers faster, there is another method. 

You need to:

  • Build a 12x12 block area surrounded by walls at least two blocks high

  • Make sure that there are
    • Beds all around the room
    • The center is dirt with water to make it fertile
    • That there are workstations so the villagers become farmers or butchers or whatever you want them to become 

Then, chuck some of the required food at the ones you've lured in, and go away for a while. This process will allow villagers to keep breeding until all of the beds are full. 

Eckosoldier has an excellent video on it, which is well worth checking out. 

Why Do You Want Villagers?

Villagers can be traded with, and the more of them there are in an area, the more you can trade.

They can also be given jobs using a composter or a blast furnace, among other things. They're a really helpful part of any world, and having them will only benefit you. 

The jobs they can have and the blocks you need are: 

Job Blocks
 Armorer Blast Furnace
Butcher Smoker
Cartographer Cartography Table
Cleric Brewing Stand
Farmer Composter
Fisherman Barrel
Fletcher Fletching Table
Leatherworker Cauldron
Librarian Lectern
Mason Stonecutter
Shepherd Loom
Toolsmith Smithing Table
Weaponsmith Grindstone


So there you have it, everything you need to know about how you breed villagers in Minecraft.

It's a weird thing to do, but hey, games or something? Make sure to check out our other Minecraft guides too, as well as our growing seeds master list and the best servers for 2019

Fallout 76 Vault 94 Guide: Vault 94 Location and Best Build for the Raid Thu, 22 Aug 2019 13:51:34 -0400 Sergey_3847

Bethesda has just added a brand-new raid to Fallout 76, which takes place inside Vault 94. 

The raid is designed for four players, but you can finish it in solo mode as well. Each week, players will be able to complete new tasks for various rewards. The quality of the rewards will depend on the player's difficulty settings: the best rewards will, of course, be on Expert difficulty. 

In any case, if you want to dive right into the Vault 94 raid, then follow our guide below for the exact location of the vault, and what kind of character build fits this event the best.

Vault 94 Location

Vault 94 location on Fallout 76 map.

Vault 94 is located in the northeastern part of the map, in the Mire region of Appalachia. Walk to the south of Red Rocket Mega Stop and you will end up at the foot of the mountain.

There is a rusty stair leading up to the vault's entrance, which is entirely covered with flora. The place looks completely abandoned, but you can activate the console in front of the door, and it will open up and let you explore inside.

Best Build for Vault 94 Raid

Since Vault 94 is located in the Mire, there is going to be a lot of Mire insectoids roaming about. They can be hard to deal with if you don't know how. That is why your build should be constructed around Mire resistances.

Best Perk: Exterminator

Exterminator perk card.

This perk allows you to ignore 25% of the armor on any insect, which can be stacked to a total of 75%. With this perk, you will be able to quickly kill Mire monsters.

This perk is the most help on Expert difficulty, which guarantees some really top-tier rewards for completing this event.

Best Armor: Exterminator's and Medic's

If you decide to go solo in Vault 94, then it would be most efficient to get the Exterminator's armor set for its increased damage against Mirelurks.

But if you go in with a group, then the Medic's armor is the best. You will be able to effectively heal your group and yourself, which is crucial at higher difficulties.

Best Weapon: Anti-Armor Rifle

In general, anti-armor weapons always deal more damage than traditional-ammo guns, since they are designed to deal with more resistant enemies.

Craft anti-armor rounds and, if you can, anti-armor explosives. 

Other Notable Perks

Perception perks are essential for this type of build, and in addition to Exterminator, you really want a whole set of Commando, Expert Commando, and Master Commando perks, especially if you're running an anti-armor rifle. Otherwise, fit your perks to your weapon of choice.

If you're running the Exterminator's armor, then opt for Lone Wanderer as your main Charisma perk, which increases damage resistance. If you choose Medic's armor, then go for Field Surgeon, which will increase the healing power of your stimpaks.

The best universal Agility perk is Born Survivor, which basically heals you automatically if you're in the middle of the battle and there is no time to heal manually.

Lastly, for Luck choose Critical Savvy, which increases critical hit chance, as well as Serendipity, which decreases damage by 45% percent when maxed out.

All in all, this build should help you get through the raid almost unharmed.


For more Fallout 76 guides, please see the list below:

Atlanta's First Esports Summit Snags Industry Leaders for Keynote Speakers Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:00:02 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Esports Summit, the southeast's first esports conference centered on the business of esports, has confirmed two influential speakers will kick proceedings off this winter: Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and Major League Gaming co-founder Sundance DiGiovanni.

The conference focused on future trends and predictions will be held on November 14 and 15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The conference meant to gather entertainment industry leaders from across the nation and is presented by Hi-Rez Studios and Skillshot Media, with INAP, a cloud-based solutions provider, as the primary, or "Powered By," sponsor.

The conference's overall goal is twofold. Its primary function is to acquaint newcomers and those wishing to get a food in the eSports door with the industry.

To that end, not only will Lin and DiGiovanni share a wealth of high-level experience, but INAP's support will provide networking opportunities and tours of an esports production company.

INAP's Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Success TJ Waldorf said:

Esports is on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry this year, making this world-class showcase a must-attend for all parties looking to operate in this exciting and fast-growing ecosystem.

What's more, though, is that according to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the conference is also a good opportunity for the city, saying the conference will "shine the light on one of the most robust gaming and esports ecosystems in North America, metro Atlanta."

Tickets are currently available here, and early purchasers will get a 20% discount until September 30.


Fallout 76 Launches Vault Raid For High-Level Players Wed, 21 Aug 2019 14:37:47 -0400 Ty Arthur

Time to free up 7GB on your console or 2GB on your PC. Fallout 76 patch is here, and it's bringing some much-needed tweaks to the base game as well as the game's brand-new vault raid.

First and foremost, the caps maximum has finally been increased to 30,000 with this patch, which is a change players have been begging for since launch.

Next up, the Vault 94 raid is available right now on PC, but expected to come to console versions in the next few days after testing is completed.

Level 50+ players in groups of four can tackle the three vault raid missions by listening to the Vault 94 Emergency Broadcast radio station. Each of the missions will last a week and then repeat every three weeks. In case you miss them, they follow this pattern:

  • Dead in the Water: open now
  • Meltdown: opens August 27
  • Washout: opens September 3

The vault raid introduces a new item type vault 94 steel which can be utilized to craft unique vault armor sets at an armor workbench. Aside from the cap increase and vault raid missions, this patch also includes:

  • New display cases to show off your collection at C.A.M.P.
  • Increased button press time for furniture, instruments, and drinking from open water sources (to cull down on accidental interactions)
  • Addition of Overseer cards in Nuclear Winter, which let players exchange duplicate perks for new ones players haven't unlocked yet

Wondering what else has changed in the Nuclear Winter balance tweaks this week? You can read the full patch notes over here.

As Sony Considers Software on Other Platforms, Microsoft to Refocus on Exclusives Wed, 21 Aug 2019 15:02:54 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

After years of working closely with Insomniac Games, Sony recently acquired the developer, bringing it on as a new first-party studio. Despite mostly making games for Sony platforms over the years, Insomniac has created and is still working on games playable on other consoles, including mobile and VR.

While it's possible the now-first-party studio will be restricted to Sony games from now on (even if it puts those currently in-dev VR games in limbo), recent comments from Sony hint otherwise.

Bloomberg recently reported on a statement from Shawn Layden, head of Sony's worldwide studios, that suggests such a change isn't in store.

Layden said console exclusives will always be part of Sony's plan for success, but it doesn't mean that's the only plan for its first-party studios:

We must support the PlayStation platform that is nonnegotiable. That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base."

Bloomberg chalks the change up to Sony struggling in a post-Fortnite world. Yet that seems rather unlikely, given the PlayStation 4's success this generation, and even since Fortnite released last year. 

In fact, Layden's statement could be connected to that success and the real estate held by the PlayStation brand in the collective gamer conscious. Sony's financial reports from earlier this year showed how important software — including software from Sony's team of studios — was to the company's profitability in the video game sector.

Expanding software availability, specifically for first-party developers, alongside further promotion of the PS4 is the next logical step as Sony marches toward the PS5.

It's a step Microsoft seemed to be taking earlier this year as well. The once Microsoft-exclusive title Cuphead ended up on the Nintendo Switch, Banjo-Kazooie is coming back to Nintendo (in a sense), and Ori and the Blind Forest, another high-profile exclusive title, is also coming to the Switch.

It's not a trend Microsoft plans to continue, though, and it's reportedly because Microsoft acquired several new studios. The company issued a statement to, remarking that:

...going forward, these new studios will focus on making games for our platforms. We have no plans to further expand our exclusive first party games to other consoles.

We continue to believe deeply in cross play and progression of games with the right flexibility for developers to insure a fair and fun experience.

Current projects scheduled for other platforms are only going to be published because they were already in progress, Microsoft said.

It's a seemingly odd move given the potential for expanding audiences beyond just the Xbox, though Microsoft also said games will still be accessible from other devices via its cloud service, such as Xbox on Windows 10.

Whether the move helps or hurts the gaming and tech giant remains to be seen. In a world where Sony may branch out to other platforms and Stadia provides experiences on any platform owned by players, the future will be undeniably interesting. 

Minecraft Blue Creepers Guide: How to Find Them and Make Them Wed, 21 Aug 2019 14:20:41 -0400 Ty Arthur

The pesky explosive creepers in Minecraft are normally covered in a weird seaweed green pattern, but some players have come across a very rare blue variant.

There are two different kinds of blue creepers you might discover; regular blue creepers palette-swapped from the standard green, and the ultra-rare charged creepers surrounded by a blue aura.

If you're looking for the former type, you'll need either a mod or a community skin download. An absolutely absurd number of blue creeper skin variants can be downloaded over here.

For the latter, there will be a bit more work involved. Charged creepers don't spawn on their own anywhere in the wild.

Where To Find Blue Charged Creepers

Charged blue creepers can appear anywhere normal creepers spawn, but they require an extra step before they spawn.

A normal green creeper turns into the super-powered charged blue creeper whenever lightning strikes within 4 blocks of their current position.

Charged blue creepers have double the explosion power of a normal green creeper, making them quite deadly to an unprepared player.

The charged versions should be fought at range with a bow, and you should definitely be wearing armor if you want to avoid getting caught in the blast.

Like the standard green version, this variant can spot you from 16 blocks away and will make a distinctive sound before exploding.

If you have a flint and steel, you can also light them on fire just like with the normal version.

Creating Blue Creepers

Specifically looking to create walking bombs rather than running across them randomly?

The easiest way to do this is to build a nether brick fence enclosure around a standard creeper.

Any structure that keeps the creeper in place and is open to the sky will work, but nether brick fencing won't catch fire and burn down when lightning strikes.

You can stand around waiting for lightning to strike during a storm, or if you are using console commands, pull up the window and type /summon lightning_bolt when standing near the creeper to ensure it is hit (note: you will also take damage as the lightning spawns next to you).

Waiting around for random lightning can be an obnoxiously long process, and summoning bolts isn't exactly smart either, so there is another option available if you don't want to get crispy fried.

Using a Trident

If you have a trident with the channeling enchantment, you can also create a lightning bolt by hitting a creeper during a thunderstorm while it's raining. Using the trident without the thunderstorm active won't summon the lightning bolt.

This is easily the most efficient way to create charged creepers on a regular basis.

Don't have a trident yet? Drowned mobs have an 11% chance to drop a trident when killed by a player, so hit up an ocean biome with light level 7 or less and wait for a group of drowned to spawn.

Harvesting Mob Heads With Blue Creepers

So now the real question: what's the benefit to a charged creeper?

Mobs, other than Ender dragons, which are immune to the effect, that die from a charged blue creeper explosion have a much higher chance to drop their corresponding mob head.

Since the base chance for skulls to drop is 2.5% per kill, that's a huge boon when you need specific mob head types.

Found any other ways to create charged blue creepers? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other latest Minecraft guides:

Top 10 Minecraft Survival Servers 2019 Wed, 21 Aug 2019 10:54:35 -0400 Sergey_3847


Memewind: Memes Die Twice


If you're tired of strict admins and boring, well-behaved communities, then this Minecraft server is for you.


It has no moderation whatsoever, and the only thing that the creators of this server do not support is cheating, which is totally understandable.


But if you want to express yourself in any way you want and say whatever you want on a Minecraft server, then this is the place to go. And hey, it's got lots of great gameplay content constantly updated, so you're bound to find something you like. 


Join the server!




For more Minecraft guides, check out the list below:


Eos Craft


Eos Craft is one of the longest-running servers in the history of Minecraft. It has been actively moderated since 2010.


The staff is incredibly experienced and friendly, and they always make sure that the server stays family-friendly at all times.


Besides its typical survival gameplay, Eos Craft offers a huge number of PvP arenas, such as Spleef, Infection, Mob Arena, Paintball, and many others.


Join the server!


Treasure Island Network


Do you like pirates? Well, your dream has come true. This server offers a survival Minecraft experience with a pirate-themed angle.


The fantasy aspect of the server includes magic loot, lucky boxes, craft books, various RPG elements, and much more. Also, there is a prison on an island, where players get to fight for their freedom.


All in all, this server is so much fun that you'll never want to leave it.


Join the server!


Pickaxe Mania


What is the most important thing for a Minecraft player? The land! If you want to be really successful on this server, then you need to claim a piece of land and protect it with everything you have.


Pickaxe Mania offers something very unusual: a realistic approach to conquering and defending your property in Minecraft. On top of that, you get to invest in a local economy with jobs and more mechanics styled after real life.


Join the server!


Corbacraft Network


This Minecraft server offers three different survival modes: Lothar, Philia, and Aurelia.


Lothar consists of a huge city made by players, which offers lots of different jobs, a custom economy, and much more.


Philia is a PvP mode that is a lot harder than Lothar in terms of survival. Players can create their own gear and fight by their own rules.


Aurelia is a typical Minecraft survival experience in the wilderness, which is the easiest mode on the server.


Join the server!


Azertu Minecraft


If you like exploring towns of all different styles, then Azertu should be your number one choice. The community on this server dedicates all of its time to a single goal: creating as many different towns as possible.


This server has a very chill vibe and people here don't bother themselves with all the stressful stuff that takes place on other servers. It's just so nice and relaxing to explore all the towns that people have created.


Join the server!


Fruit Servers


Why waste time on a one-mode server, when you can have all modes in one place? Fruit Servers is a dedicated multi-server platform for Minecraft that offers everything from prison escape games to SkyBlock, survival and creative networks.


Overall, this is simply a great community of players and a really fun place to spend your free time. You can easily change modes and try all the fun things this server has to offer.


Join the server!




Wildercraft offers an alternative vanilla Minecraft experience in the wilderness. This means that you will have access to the same biomes and resources, but in a different way and on a harder difficulty.


Hence, Wildercraft is not recommended for new players. But if you've been playing Minecraft for some time and want to take on a bigger challenge, then be sure to join this terrific nature-themed server.


Join the server!


Royal Legacy


SkyBlock servers have always been some of the most popular servers types in Minecraft. If you enjoy SkyBlock-themed worlds, then be sure to check out the Royal Legacy server, as right now, it's the biggest one yet.


The sheer size of the floating island where players spawn is simply mesmerizing. On this server, you can play either in the normal survival mode or have fun with prison escape.


Join the server!




Have you ever wondered if it were possible to put the entire Earth on a single Minecraft server! Well, in Minecraft, you can.


Europe, Asia, the Americas, Antarctica and other continents are meticulously built on this server and designed to reflect real-life locations.


Besides that, you can try diplomacy, start a town, form a nation, make alliances, build your military forces, and even conquer the Earth itself.


Join the server!


After playing solo for a while, every Minecraft player feels the need to find a community of like-minded people. That is why Minecraft servers are such a fantastic option for everyone involved.


But there are so many servers these days that it is hard to find a good home. That is why we have compiled this list of the best survival servers for 2019, where you will surely find at least one community to enjoy.


You will find servers dedicated to a wide variety of activities with different levels of difficulty. But, of course, survival is present in all of them.

Witcheye: Redesigning Platforming With Just One Eye Wed, 21 Aug 2019 16:57:15 -0400 Joseph Rowe

Platforms. Gaming has a long history of characters jumping between, off of, and onto them.

In the Super Mario Bros. series, you play as plumbers who jump on platforms and each other and weird little mushrooms.

In Crash Bandicoot, you play as a bandicoot that runs from boulders while jumping across deadly chasms — and, of course, much more.

However, Witcheye adds a little spice to the platformer cauldron by removing the ability to jump altogether! You're not a plumber, a bandicoot, a bobcat, a jazzy jackrabbit, or even a sentient ball of meat. You're a flying eyeball.

"That sounds like a hot mess," you're thinking (maybe). If so, you're wrong.

Witcheye is the latest release for Android and iOS by developer Moon Kid and publisher Devolver Digital. Moon Kid, also known as Peter Malamud Smith, created the mobile puzzle game Satellina. He was also half the team behind the Great Gatsby adaptation for the NES.

His knowledge and skills were put to good work when he created this new kind of adventure platformer. I say a "new kind" because no other game in this genre solely revolves around controlling a floating witch’s eye to fight bad guys and collect gems.

The goal of Witcheye is to control a witch who has turned herself into a floating eye as she tries to reclaim her stolen belongings from a klepto knight. It is also a platformer where you float – you do not jump. There is no jumping here.

Thankfully, the game’s controls are so simple and intuitive that you won’t miss jumping. Swipe to go in a direction, tap to stop. That's essentially it. Easy peasy. 

The game’s challenge comes from avoiding attacks while killing enemies and traveling through levels. Some of the enemies are simple to kill, whereas others require you to perfectly time your swiping and tapping to kill them.

It's natural that enemies will repeat as you go through the game's various levels, which include beaches and an autumn setting for example. But luckily, each new area introduces new enemies with new attacks. 

The game stays fresh by going at a quick pace. Unless you get stuck on a particular foe, you’ll clear each level before you have the chance to get bored of it. For players that might want to take their time, each level also has a subgoal: retrieving four gems by killing enemies (some of which are hidden). This adds a layer of replayability to the game, albeit a small one.

There are also two additional difficulties to unlock after beating the game on normal, so subsequent playthroughs should be more satisfying for players craving something more challenging.

On top of additional difficulties, the game has an unlockable speedrun mode, as well as boss rush and mini-boss rush modes full of tough enemies. In true old-school fashion, beating the game will also unlock a sound test tucked away in the options menu (which is a great bonus since the Witcheye soundtrack is awesome, complete with NES-era charm).

  • Intuitive control scheme makes the game simple and fun
  • Original character designs reminiscent of games from a bygone era
  • Enemies, especially bosses, are fun to fight
  • Great soundtrack
  • Unlockables
  • Amazing price point
  • Short
  • Might be too easy for some players before unlocking harder difficulties
  • Not fun if you don't like the eye gimmick

One of the most appealing aspects of Witcheye is its retro graphics. It's true that many games over the past decade have employed graphical styles from the 8- and 16-bit eras, and while some have succeeded in capturing the ethos of those eras and others have failed, Witcheye is of the former camp.

Witcheye is a good investment considering what you get for the price point. It's obvious a lot of thought went into every detail of the game, whether it’s the character and sound design or the extra features added into a game that only costs a few bucks.

In an era where console games are largely recycled AAA releases and most mobile games try to take every single penny they can, it is refreshing to have a complete, stand-alone retro-inspired “platformer” on mobile. 

[Note: A copy of Witcheye was provided by Moon Kid for the purpose of this review.]