All Abilities and Powerups in Muck Game

Here is a list of all available abilities and powerups in Muck survival game.

Muck is not an easy survival game to beat. To get to the endgame and beat the final boss, you need to rely on various powerups that grant you super abilities. These powerups appear randomly in loot chests of different colors, but finding those chests and getting the abilities they offer is well worth it.

Our Muck game guide will lay out all of the powerups and abilities in the game, including the types of chests they're found in. You will need to find coins inside green chests, and then use those coins to open black, white, blue, or gold chests to get specific powerups.

All Common Abilities and Powerups in Muck

Common powerups can be mainly found inside black and white chests.

Blue Pill
+10 Shield
Red Pill
+10 Max Health
Peanut Butter
Preserves Stamina
+10 Strength
Improves Healing effects
Increases speed of movement
Orange Juice
Increases speed of attack
Jet Pack
Increases jump height
Robin Hood Hat
Increases arrow draw speed, velocity, and damage
Spooo Bean
Decreases Hunger effects


All Rare Abilities and Powerups in Muck

Rare powerups can be mainly found inside blue chests.

Increases speed of attack after critical hit
Danis Milk
Improves Defense effects
Crimson Dagger
Drains life from enemies
+40 Max Health per kill
Janniks Frog
+1 Extra Jump
Piggy Bank
Increases loot drop chance
Improves the chance of a knockback
Improves the chance of a critical hit


All Legendary Abilities and Powerups in Muck

Legendary powerups can be mainly found inside gold chests.

Sniper Scope
Improves the chance of a chunky hit (insta-kill)
Knuts Hammer
Improves the chance of a lightning hit (AoE)
Wings of Glory Increases the damage dealt while falling
Increases strength per health loss
Increases speed of attack, movement, and stamina, when below 30% of health
Checkered Shirt
Increases the damage dealt to resources (trees, ores, etc.)
Increases damage per speed of movement


Those are all abilities and powerups available in Muck game. If you want to know more about Muck, then head over to our dedicated guides page, where you can find guides on how to beat bosses and get certain powerful weapons. We even have 11 of the best seeds for survival!


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Published Jul. 21st 2021

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