Days Gone: Best Melee Weapons Tier List

Find or craft the best melee weapon in the game with the help of our tier list guide for Days Gone.

People couldn't wait for Days Gone, previously an exclusive title for PS4, to get the proper PC release, and finally, here it is in all its glory. As before, the staple type of weapon in Days Gone is melee, which you can use to tear down freaks like a boss.

This tier list guide will showcase only the best melee weapons in Days Gone, including their possible locations and crafting recipes. If you're not sure which one to pick, just go with the highest tier weapon once you can get it.

Days Gone S-Tier Melee Weapons

Superior Metal Axe

This metal axe may not look special, but it is by far the best melee weapon in Days Gone. It hits hard and can be quite durable if taken care of.

It cannot be crafted, so don't waste time looking for a blueprint, but it can be found on the ground at various points in the game.

If you have the Field Repair skill, then you can easily keep its durability up so it doesn't break on you. If it does break, you can always find another one at the following locations:

  • After the cutscene with Kouri and Deek, near a blue SUV
  • During the "Collect Yeast" quest, near the car at the yeast place
  • During the "I Don't Want to Hang" quest, at the back of Taylor's location
  • During the "A Bunch of Cavemen" quest, near pile of woods

Superior Mace

Just like the Superior Metal Axe, this melee weapon cannot be crafted. It doesn't deal as much damage as the axe, but its durability is much higher.

Superior Mace is also more rare than the axe, which makes it a harder candy to crack. But it can still be found spawning at one of these two locations:

  • At the Diamond Lake Encampment, on the stairs of one of the huts
  • At the Crater Lake Visitor Center, behind an abandoned car near the center welcome sign

Days Gone A-Tier Melee Weapons


Many Days Gone players are familiar with this highly popular melee weapon, a true staple of the survival genre.

It has high damage but low durability, so you will need to keep repairing it quite often.

You can craft Machete using the lawnmower blade, but it is a lot easier just to find it on the ground at one of the following locations:

  • In the Cascade region, south of the cemetery
  • During the "Chasing Leon" quest, in the ambush camp
  • From one of the road ambushers

Baseball Bat Axe

This melee weapon is basically a baseball bat with a sawblade attached to it, which results in great power.

Unlike the Machete, finding the Baseball Bat Axe on the ground is a huge pain. Crafting it would be the best option.

First, you need to obtain the blueprint of the axe by clearing the ambush camp at the Black Crater. You can find the blueprint inside the bunker under the camp.

Then, you can craft it in the Survival menu using the following materials:

  • 1x Wood Baseball Bat
  • 1x Sawblade
  • 1x Scrap

Days Gone B-Tier Melee Weapons

Superior Club

Although this melee weapon carries a very respectable "superior" tag, it cannot be compared to other weapons in the same category.

Superior Club is simply too slow, but it does hit hard — so it could be a great choice to fight freakers.

Once again, this weapon is a lot easier to craft than to find in the field. For this you will need to clear the ambush camp at the Jefferson Rail Tunnel. You will find the blueprint inside the bunker under the camp.

Once you have the plans, you can craft Superior Club using the following recipe:

  • 1x Wood Baseball Bat
  • 1x Small Pipe
  • 1x Scrap

Spiked Bat

Similar to Machete, this bat with nails in it is a great mid-tier weapon that can become a good friend in the early game. It won't be that good later on, but by that time you can find or craft something better.

You can craft Spiked Bat by revealing a blueprint during "No Starving Patriots" quest and using the following recipe:

  • 1x Wood Baseball Bat
  • 1x Box of Nails
  • 1x Scrap

Ripper Blade

This melee weapon can be compared to Baseball Bat Axe, since it also uses a sawblade, but the base of the weapon isn't as strong, so it's a little less strong and durable.

You can craft Ripper Blade after unlocking the blueprint during the "They Will Never Stop" quest and using the following recipe:

  • 1x Stool Leg
  • 1x Sawblade
  • 5x Scrap

These are the best melee weapons in Days Gone. Also, be sure to check out the official GameSkinny review of Days Gone for PC.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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