The Surge: Fixes for Bugs and Known Errors

From malfunctioning equipment to blocked doors that never open, we show you how to work around all current known issues in The Surge.

New sci-fi action RPG extravaganza The Surge features a brutal level of difficulty, but not all the frustration comes from enemies with devastating stun lock attacks! As would be expected from the typical AAA titles dropping these days, there's a few known issues and bugs to work around immediately following official release.

Below we cover the most common known bugs in The Surge and their current workarounds. Having so much trouble with defeating that diabolical first boss instead that it seems like a glitch? Check out our guide to beating P.A.X. to get past him!

How to Fix Progress Bugs in The Surge

Exoskeleton Block

When you reach the Management Operations room where the exo rig component is discovered, you can be permanently prevented from making it further into the game if you exit after breaking the glass but before grabbing the suit.

Make sure to grab the suit before exiting the game or tabbing back to the desktop. If The Surge crashed or went idle in between the smashing and grabbing, you'll have to delete the save and start a whole new game!

Resolve Biolabs Door

There is a door in this area that won't open and allow you to pass if you accidentally trigger a sequence too early. The issue will be fixed permanently in the first patch, but for now there's a workaround to simply avoid the issue.

To ensure the proper trigger is hit, run all the way into the room and initiate the dialog segment with Dr. Melissa Chavez before engaging any of the enemies wielding flamethrowers.

 Talking To Chavez

How to Fix Equipment Bugs

Pre-Order Rig

Some players haven't been seeing the pre-order yellow exo rig they are supposed to have, and instead start out with the base black version.

Changing this incredibly simple -- just enter the Med Bay and navigate to the "Rig" tab, then either click the "Change Appearance" button or just tap the C key to switch over.

 Changing Rig Appearance

Malfunctioning NG+ Equipment

In NG+ mode, sometimes individual pieces of equipment brought over from your previous playthrough will appear to be equipped but won't actually offer their stat bonuses.

While waiting on a patch to actually fix the problem, you can just equip a different piece of armor in the slot, then switch back to the original equipment to solve this issue.


Those are all the main problems we've come across so far in The Surge. Let us know if you've found any other bugs or issues, and we'll look for a solution! 

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Published Dec. 5th 2017

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