10 Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2019


Developer: Amanita Design
Release date: TBA 2019

You might think that this is an obscure choice, but the folks at Amanita Design have a pretty good cult following thanks to their smash hit point-and-click Machinarium. The artwork of their games is unmistakable!

There isn't a whole lot known about this game. In fact, on the game's Steam store page, all it says is "meet your new neighbors".

In the teaser trailer for Creaks, you get the impression that this is going to be another point-and-click adventure which is heavy on puzzles and problem-solving. The setting looks dark and eerie with great attention to the smallest details.

Once we know any more details about Creaks, we will let you know. 

Published Nov. 21st 2018

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