How to Work Around High Data Usage in Pokemon Go

Using a lot of data while playing Pokemon Go? Here's 3 tips to work around that issue

As most players know, Pokémon Go requires a stable internet connection in order to work. This connection is what allows players to encounter Pokémon, challenge Gyms, and obtain items.

Unfortunately, not many Pokémon appear near your home where the most stable connection is. This can be solved by using Incense, but you only have a few to begin with and it only lasts for 30 minutes. So, players explore their neighborhood to find all kinds of Pokémon.

The only issue is that players need to use their 3G/4G data in order to play the game properly. If you find yourself playing the game for long periods of time, this can really hurt your phone bill (and your battery). If you find yourself in a pickle, here are a few tips to help work around the high data demands of Pokémon Go:

Find a place with free Wi-Fi

Usually, large, popular stores and areas have free Wi-Fi. If you need to make a quick trip to the mall or grocery store, check to see if they have free Wi-Fi and capitalize on it. This way you can take care of any errands and capture Pokémon roaming through the aisles.

Manage how much you play the game

This may seem pretty obvious (and maybe a little hard), but managing how much you play the game will definitely help in the long run. If you’re close to your Data Limit, maybe play the game for only an hour or two. This will not only help your data usage, but it will save your device’s battery too.   

Use Incense

Incense is a good item to use when you’re either close to your data limit or it’s too late to go out to capture Pokémon. Although it only lasts 30 minutes, it will lure Pokémon to your location. After testing this myself, the Incense is not stationary once you use it. It will move with you until the time is up.   

If you need help working around server issues, here's a temporary solution.

Published Jul. 10th 2016

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