Lightning Returns Guide: Side Quest Checklist (The Dead Dunes)

Struggling with to find a Dead Dunes side quest? Here's all the side quests in one list.

 In this guide, I'll give a basic checklist to the side quests in The Dead Dunes. Some of these are completed just by progressing the story line.

The Checklist:

Here's the checklist, but let me give a quick rundown of what you'll see in the table. The first column shows quest name, difficulty (1, 2, or 3), and time of day as applicable. Second column is quest details, a short blip with general location of quest start and other useful information. Third column is turn ins, whether it's an item or just talking to someone, this is what you need to complete the quest. The last column is rewards, everything obtained from completing the quest. There is an H, S, M, G, and I next to the specific Health, Strength, Magic, Gil, and Items rewarded.

Name/DifficultyDetailsItem Turn InsRewards
Tool of the Trade (1) Speak to Elmer at Ruffian. Pick up the item in the Atomos' Sands and return it to Elmer. 50(H), 2(S), 4(M), 400(G), Retro Scopes(I)
Old Rivals (1) Speak to Tobias in Ruffian. After browsing Tobias' store complete the His Wife's Dream quest and then go back to Tobias. 50(H), 4(S), 2(M), 500(G), Snakeskin Hat(I)
Adonis's Audition (2) Completed as part of the story line for The Dead Dunes. Completed after killing the Gurangatch and talking to Adonis in Ruffian. 100(H), 4(S), 8(M), 1,500(G), Monoculus Mask(I)
His Wife's Dream (2) Ramon outside the Temple Ruins. Use a Pilgrims Crux on the monument bortheast of the area where you spoke to Ramon. Further in there is a group of Goblots, kill these to obtain the item Ramon sent you for. Return to Ramon to finish this quest. You'll now be able to finish the Old Rivals quest as well, by returning to Tobias. 100(H), 6(S), 2(M), 1,300(G), Gold Padlock(I)
The Life of a Machine (2) Speak with Bhakti  in the Sacred Grove of the Temple Ruins. You have 3 in-game days to complete this quest once started. Collect three Bhakti Oils and return to Bhakti. Follow Bhakti to the door collect the items and a fourth oil then talk to Bhakti again to end the quest. 80(H), 4(S), 4(M), Cyber Scanners(I)
Last One Standing (3) Speak to Zanford at the Oasis Lighthouse area to start this quest. To complete this quest you need to kill every Last One enemy in the game. This takes multiple New Game + playthroughs. 160(H), 18(S), 16(M), 12,000(G), Hermit's Cap, Bladed Lance(I)
What Rough Beast Slouches (3) Talk to Nolan in the Scorched Earth: Upper Level area during 4-4. Defeat Aeronite. 160(H), 12(S), 16(M), 8,200(G), Pro's Beret(I)
Skeletons in the Closet (3) After 4-3 speak to Jamus in Ruffian. Defeat 60 Skeletons before driving them to extinction by killing the Last One Skeleton. 140(H), 14(S), 12(M), 4,500(G), Pioneer's Eye Patch(I)


Total Stat and Gil Reward:
  • 840 Health
  • 64 Strength
  • 64 Magic
  • 28,400 Gil

These quests don't have a timer determining when you can accept them. The Dead Dunes is a difficult area, I'd recommend waiting til about mid game to start most of these quests.


This wraps up the checklist for The Dead Dunes side-quests. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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