How to Get Tempered Cragbone in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

Trying to find Tempered Cragbone in Monster Hunter World Iceborne? Here's how to get it and what you can craft with it.

Crafting new gear and weapons in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can be a challenging task. It not only requires players to look for specific bone fragments that drop from various monsters but also search for bonepiles that are scattered all around the game's world. A lot of hunters especially want to know how to get Tempered Cragbone fragments.

These bones allow players to upgrade Empress Greaves from the Lunastra armor set, or craft an Impact Charm that prevents knockbacks and tripping. If you are looking to craft or upgrade these items, follow the walkthrough below.

Tempered Cragbone Location

While it is possible to get other types of bones by completing quests and killing monsters, there is only one way to get Tempered Cragbone.

You can only find them in bonepiles in the Guiding Lands area of Wildspire Waste map. See Area 8 and Area 9 on the map above. Hunting tempered monsters in the same area will not guarantee drops of Tempered Cragbone, so don't waste your time.

Focus on the western part of the Guiding Lands, as that's where most bonepiles spawn. Tempered Cragbone spawn locations may be random, so try reloading the game in case you can't find them the first time.

Crafting With Tempered Cragbone

When you've located Tempered Cragbone in this area, you can use the following recipe to craft Impact Charm 3:

  • 3x Elder Dragonvein Bone
  • 4x Serene Crystal
  • 4x Tempered Cragbone
  • 1x Phantomcore Ore


That's it on how to find Tempered Cragbone in Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion. For more Monster Hunter World guides, check out the list below:


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Published Jan. 16th 2020

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