Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Wand Choice Starter Guide

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery lets you choose from three different wands depending on how you answer Ollivander early in the game. This guide will tell you which answers give which wands.

Short of visiting Universal Studios and taking a stroll through the ultra-expensive (and ultra-crowded) Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, the next best way to have one of Ollivander's wands choose you is to download the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery app and take on the role of a new student.

With the release of the game today on iOS and Android devices, trying to prove yourself worthy of a place at the magical Hogwarts just became a bit more tangible. Of course, you'll have to make an incredibly important starting decision -- what kind of wand best suits your personality as a witch or wizard?

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Hogwarts Mystery Wand Choices

As a new student of witchcraft or wizardry, Ollivander will ask you very early in the game how you felt about your older brother being expelled from Hogwarts in the past. The answer you give him determines the specific wand you end up playing with for the rest of the game.

Here are the answers and their outcomes: 

  • I was determined -- You'll receive an 11-inch inflexible hornbeam wand with a dragonstring core. This is the same kind of wand used by Ollivander himself and indicates a wizard with a unique passion.

  • I was angry -- You'll receive an 11-and-three-quarter-inche blackthorn wand with a unicorn hair core. Ollivander indicates this is for a witch with a lot of fight in her.

  • I felt sorry for him -- You'll get a pliable 12-inch acacia wand with a unicorn hair core meant for a sensitive wizard.

Note that during the game's soft launch beta, there was a fourth option of "I wanted answers." This option resulted in an elastic 12-inch maple wood rod with a unicorn hair core, which just happens to be the same kind of wand used by your brother before he was expelled from Hogwarts.

It isn't clear why, but this option was removed from the full Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery release and is no longer available.


Which wand did you pick, and which of the Hogwarts' houses did you end up joining? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery guides coming soon.

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Published Apr. 30th 2018

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