Add or change different elements of your game starting from simple furniture and ending with an entire powerplant using these new mods for Minecraft 1.14.

24 Best New Mods for Minecraft 1.14 Java Edition

Add or change different elements of your game starting from simple furniture and ending with an entire powerplant using these new mods for Minecraft 1.14.

Minecraft 1.14 has been a very successful update for many reasons, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. That's why the modding community managed to create so many excellent new mods for the Village and Pillage update.

This list of the best mods for Minecraft 1.14 includes a variety of mods for all intents and purposes. You can add or change different elements to your game starting from simple furniture and ending with an entire powerplant. In this regard, imagination is your only limit.

If you've been looking to make your survival or multiplayer games more colorful, then be sure to check every single mod right here.

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Timber Datapack Mod

Efficient survival game in Minecraft relies solely on quick gathering of resources. Since timber is one of the most important resources in the game, it would be wise to install this mod, which will let you chop any types of trees with any kind of axe in just one simple stroke.

This little datapack also lets you adjust the settings of the chopping mechanic, so you can save up even more time if needed be.

Download Mod here.

Tables and Chairs Mod

This mod not only includes seven new recipes for chairs and tables of different styles and colors, but also a special hammer tool that allows you to change the shape of the furniture. For example, one of the chair types can become a king's throne, if you're planning on building a castle.

On top of that, you can apply any type of wool on your new chairs and tables in order to make them look more natural inside your buildings.

Download Mod here.

Villager Ships Mod

Shipwrecks have been a part of Minecraft for quite some time already. But have you ever thought of encountering a real functioning ship in the ocean biome? If the answer is yes, then you will love this new mod for Minecraft 1.14.

It spawns villager ships that sail in the ocean biomes and carry different types of mobs. Some of them are friendly, while others can be hostile. You never know!

If you want to quickly find such a ship, then look out for ocean ruins, as that's where they usually spawn.

Download Mod here.

Better Furnace Mod

This mod offers something extraordinary. You will gain access to a set of four furnaces: iron, golden, diamond, and extreme. Each of them can cook faster than the other depending on what type of resource you're working with.

Since this is technically a cheat, you won't get any XP points while cooking in this super furnace. But if time is more important to you than experience, then this is definitely a very useful mod.

Download Mod here.

Vein Mining Mod

Here's another huge time saver for any survival enthusiast. With the help of this mod you can simply throw an entire vein of lapis lazuli, diamond, or any other resource in the game on your enchantment table and break down the entire vein in a single mouse click.

This mod also allows you to use Silk Touch and Fortune enchantments for even more profit, but as usual with these types of mods you don't earn any XP.

Download Mod here.

Rotten Flesh to Leather Mod

Are you tired of finding useless rotten flesh in treasure chests? What if you could turn it into something really valuable?

This little mod here can turn your rotten flesh into leather by the process of simple smelting. It's really easy and you can generate a ton of new leather this way.

Download Mod here.

Illager Fortresses Mod

If you were looking for a way to make your survival game even more difficult than it is, then consider checking out this mod that replaces all igloos in snow biomes with massive Illager fortresses.

The Illager mobs are so strong that you shouldn't even consider taking over such a fortress, if you don't have a diamond armor. But if this kind of challenge is up your alley, then be sure to check it out.

Download Mod here.

Survival Plus Mod

Here is an interesting mod that offers players to completely rehash an entire survival gameplan by adding a whole list of new features, such as an ability to reset tools at the anvil, smelting sugarcane into bamboo, crafting leather from bamboo, changing weather, and many others.

This mod doesn't offer anything revolutionary, but it will definitely make things fresh for you, if you're tired of the same old rules applied.

Download Mod here.

nEconomy Plus Mod

Full fledged trading in Minecraft? Yes, it's very much possible with the help of the new economy mod that allows players to create entire shops and trade items to other players online.

But this is not a simple mod, since it functions on a really high level providing such operations like:

  • Stocking Buy Shop Items
  • Withdrawing Money Gained from Buy Shop
  • Depositing Money into a Sell Shop
  • Transferring Money with Vouchers
  • Adjusting Playtime Rewards
  • Creating Admin Shops
  • and much more...

Download Mod here.

Swords Plus Mod

Custom crafting special swords is always exciting. This swords mod offers 12 new types of swords with their own distinct features.

For example, one of the most interesting swords in this mod is the TNT sword, which detonates every time you hit something with it adding to the total damage.

Also, you have Magma, Glass, and even prismarine sword that allows you to breathe underwater.

Download Mod here.

Mob Health Bar Mod

This simple mod is incredibly useful not only for efficient attacking on mobs, but also to identify mobs in darkness. It gives every mod near you a glowing aura and a very convenient red health bar.

Now you can know for sure how much damage you've dealt to such hard-to-kill mobs like Vindicators and Illagers, which can give you a better idea on the efficiency of your weapons and fighting techniques.

Download Mod here.

Lots More Food Mod

Nobody can survive without food, and with the help of this mod you can eat and drink over 50 new kinds of foods and beverages.

Besides the food items you also get three new crafting benches that can produce tables for cold, hot, and even alcohol drinks.

This would be an excellent addition to any party in a multiplayer format, where you can share all these foods with your buddies online.

Download Mod here.

Super Mario Galaxy Maker Mod

Now Minecraft has all the features of the Super Mario Galaxy game. First of all, you get to see new mobs, such as goombas, koopas, and of course, Bowsers.

Secondly, you get to play with checkpoints, power-ups, and even the world hub. But most of all, you will be surrounded by all the familiar blocks from the Super Mario Galaxy game and trademark environmental sounds.

If you're a fan of both Minecraft and Super Mario, then this mod is made for you.

Download Mod here.

Car Datapack Mod

Driving in a car is now totally possible in Minecraft. The creators of the mod even made sure that it needs fuel for it to be able to move. Fortunately, you do get a new fuel item in your inventory with this mod.

There are currently only three types of cars in this mod, but you can dye them using various colors. However, be careful when driving, the car can be damaged, and in certain cases it can become irreparable.

Download Mod here.

GGunz Mod

In the vanilla version of Minecraft players get to play with a new crossbow weapon, but there are still none of the firearms in the game. The GGunz mod fixes this problem, and now you have access to four firearms and three melee weapons, such as:

  • Revolver
  • Etherium Gun
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Etherium Rifle
  • Big Stick
  • Spear
  • Survival Knife

The ammo for firearms is also included, which is craftable. The recipes can be obtained in the mod description file.

Download Mod here.

Super Tools Mod

Super Tools is a mod datapack that adds a number of different tools to the vanilla version of Minecraft that are stronger than the diamond tools. The list includes:

  • Lapis tools
  • Quartz tools 
  • Obsidian tools 
  • Redstone tools 
  • Emerald tools 

The mod also includes armor made of the same materials. This means that you can have a complete set of tools and armor that together will provide you with an even higher bonus of resistance and speed.

Download Mod here.

Interactive Bookshelves Mod

Originally, bookshelves can be used to enchant different items, but what if you could use them as normal bookshelves?

The Interactive Bookshelves mod provides you with a crafting recipe for creating bookshelves that can actually hold any of your items, such as food, weapons, potions, and of course, enchanted books.

The best part about this mod is that you can easily break your shelves and place them in a different location with all your items intact.

Download Mod here.

Voyager Shader Mod

No Minecraft mod list would be complete without at least one shader mod. The Voyager mod is the latest datapack based on Optifine textures that brings vibrance to all vanilla biomes.

If you have a powerful PC, then your worlds will look incredible, especially at night, when the play of light and shadow looks absolutely stunning.

If you've never tried a shader mod before, then be sure to downalod and install the Voyager mod.

Download Mod here.

Creatures+ Mod

If you're tired of fighting the same mobs over and over again, then you can easily diversify the pool of Minecraft enemies with the help of the Creatures+ mod.

It adds 24 brand new models of hostile mods, which you have never seen before. More than that, each class of mobs spawns in a specific biome and has its own unique abilities.

Lastly, when you kill mobs they will drop either their weapon or a part of their gear, which makes things so much more fun.

Download Mod here.

Super Furious Lucky Block Mod

Minecraft has a long history of lucky blocks being implemented by the modding community. There has been so many of them that it's hard to pinpoint which one is truly the best.

If you don't know which lucky block to install, then try out the Super Furious mod that offers something extra on top of the typical lucky block drops.

It has an RNG element to it, which means that you can either get a lucky or an unlucky drop, and in total there are 256 variants. So try this as a lottery and who knows what you'll get next time.

Download Mod here.

XP Storage Mod

There a lots of potions available in Minecraft that can give you extra powers in various situations. But what if there was a potion that could give you an immediate boost of XP points?

The XP Storage mod does exactly that: it provides you with an extra dose of up to 30 levels in just one sip.

Of course, you can't just generate XP for free, so you need to collect it first, and then you can store it using this mod for further consumption.

Download Mod here.

Fancy Structures Mod

This mod offers exactly what it says - it adds 23 new fancy structures to the vanilla worlds, such as:

  • Lava Dungeon
  • Husk Dungeon
  • Stray Dungeon
  • Granite Ziggurat
  • Mushroom Hut
  • Mossy Well
  • Treehouse
  • Raft
  • Quarry
  • Zombie Tower
  • Ancient Crypt
  • Skeleton Tower
  • Infested Cabin
  • Giant Oak
  • Giant Brown Mushroom
  • Prismarine Dungeon
  • Obsidian Chain
  • Magma Pillar
  • Nether Dungeon
  • Wither Skeleton Den
  • Blaze Prison
  • End Dungeon
  • Floating End Dungeon

Download Mod here.

RPG Loot Mod

Here is a little surprise for those who like their items to have a standard RPG classification: Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Legendary.

Now every item in Minecraft can be classified as one of four rarities according to its category and value. Here is the breakdown for those interested:

  • Uncommon items provide small stat bonuses, but are abundant.
  • Rare items provide higher bonuses, and also more types of bonuses as well.
  • Very Rare items provide very high bonuses, but are much less abundant.
  • Legendary items provide the highest bonuses to several different stats and are indestructible, but are also exceedingly rare.

Download Mod here.

Mctricity Mod

Mctricity is a weirdly named electricity mod for Minecraft that includes jetpacks and wind turbines. You can craft a wind turbine on your plot of land and charge your jetpack.

Besides that you can also build rockets and coal generator, which can produce even more electricity if that's what your gameplan requires.

This is obviously one peculiar mod, but if you like to play with unusual concepts, then go ahead and install it.

Download Mod here.


For more Minecraft mods, check out the list below:

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