Thunder Tier One Best Loadouts Guide

Be stealthy, precise, or loud with these three best loadouts in Thunder Tier One.

Having the best loadouts in Thunder Tier One will put you a step ahead of your enemies. This tactical shooter from developer Krafton requires precision when choosing from its large armory of weapons and gear. Whether you're running an assault rifle, sniper, or machine gun, selecting the right kit is paramount.

This Thunder Tier One guide will provide you with three of the best loadouts in the game. We'll tell you which primary and secondary weapons perform the best in these specific builds, as well as what type of armor you should be wearing. These builds also pair well with grenades and night-vision goggles.

Thunder Tier One Assault Rifle Loadout

Loadout Primary Weapon: AS Val

The AS Val is a Soviet assault rifle with special piercing 9x39mm bullets that can penetrate armor and walls at close range. These rounds aren't as effective at longer range, but that doesn't matter much for this build, which is designed for close-range combat.

This weapon can be also be used in loadouts for stealth builds, as it comes equipped with an integrated silencer. You can also switch to single-shot mode to be highly precise and extremely silent.

Add the following attachments to the AS Val in this loadout for better performance in all missions:

  • PK-A Visor for better targeting
  • IR Laser for night-vision aiming

Loadout Secondary Weapon: CZ75

This semi-automatic pistol has a huge magazine of 16 rounds and is quite accurate, which are the two main things you should be looking for in a secondary weapon in any loadout.

If you want to use the CZ75 in a stealth build, attach a silencer, as it doesn't come with its own like AS Val.

Loadout Armor: 6B5-18 (Type IV)

The 6B5-18 (Type IV) armor is quite heavy, but if you're playing a stealth build, then it shouldn't be a problem in combat. Aside from its heaviness, it provides excellent protection from all sides, including the back and flanks.

As for the vest, pick up BHI or similar for an increased number of magazine pockets.

Thunder Tier One Sniper Rifle Loadout

Loadout Primary Weapon: L96A1

The most important element of any good sniper rifle is muzzle velocity, which influences the range of the weapon. The higher the velocity, the further bullets fly, and the L96A1 rifle has the best balance of muzzle velocity and accuracy in Thunder Tier One, making it a prime candidate for the best loadouts in the game.

This sniper rifle uses 7.62×51mm ammo, but it needs to be equipped with a silencer for noise suppression. Lastly, you will need a good scope, such as PMII, but you can pick whichever you like.

Loadout Secondary Weapon: CZ75

The CZ75 is clearly the best pistol in Thunder Tier One, and it not only has the biggest magazine, but also the highest muzzle velocity among all other pistols, which is a good addition to a sniper rifle loadout.

Be sure to add a few attachments to it, such as a pistol silencer and a laser for better aiming.

Loadout Armor: Defender (Type III)

Defender is another piece of heavy armor perfectly fine for a sniper loadout, as you won't need to move too much anyway. However, Defender (Type III) has additional plates that will protect you from stray bullets.

As for the vest, then choose 6SH92, which has eight magazine slots to carry some extra ammo for your sniper rifle.

Thunder Tier One Machine Gun Loadout

Loadout Primary Weapon: RPD

The RPD is a Soviet light machine gun with high damage and the highest accuracy among all machine guns in Thunder Tier One. It utilizes 7.62×54mm rounds, which is the same type used in the AK-47; these rounds can penetrate armor and walls.

You won't need a silencer for the gun in this loadout, but do pick up a laser and ACOG scope with 4x magnification as two of your main attachments in order to increase your accuracy.

Loadout Secondary Weapon: Beretta M9

The Beretta M9 fits the machine gun build better than CZ75 due to its high accuracy and 15 round magazine. Although the M9 has a slightly reduced magazine, it is heavier than the CZ75, adding to its stability.

Be sure to give it a silencer and a laser for better accuracy and possible stealth action.

Loadout Armor: Defender (Type III)

Since you'll be using a cumbersome weapon that will slow you down in this loadout anyway, you can keep the Defender (Type III) armor and combine it with the Alice Vest, which is perfect for machine gun magazines.

Also, don't forget to equip some grenades, night-vision goggles, and a medkit for a complete package.

Those are the three best loadouts in Thunder Tier One. If you found this article useful, then be sure to give it a share!


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Published Dec. 13th 2021

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