How to Get Outlast 2's Secret Ending

A secret alternate ending to Outlast 2 has been eluding many players, so here are some extra tips to get you closer to that ending.

The story of Outlast 2 can be somewhat difficult to decipher, as many of the events can confuse even the most knowledgeable players. The game throws an even bigger spanner in the works with a rare alternate ending that some players have been witnessing.

The ending itself follows the same steps as the main one -- except Jessica, Blake's childhood friend, shows no signs of being harmed whatsoever. The original ending sees a clear rope mark around her neck, as well as purple marks on her face and lips which indicates a saddening demise.

Most of us see Jessica in an awful state, but some players have seen Jessica happy as she ever was -- and it's baffling everyone as to how this alternate ending is occurring. Presently, people still aren't 100% sure what exactly they need to do to reach it. However, a few players are in agreement about the steps you need to take to achieve this secret ending.

Here are two quick tips in getting there.

How To Unlock Outlast 2's Secret Ending

Find All Of The Collectibles In The School

Due to the ties that Jessica has with the school, it has been deduced that grabbing every collectible in the school helps initiate the alternate ending. There are a bunch of documents and recordings to find throughout the game, so this could be tricky. With these guides, though, you should be well on your way:

Save Jessica Quickly

After the scene with the good ol' Priest, you'll eventually hear Jessica scream. On a first playthrough, it is only natural to search every nook and cranny despite audio cues the game might throw at you. But this appears to be a subtle hint for you to drop everything and haul yourself through those corridors.

Think about it -- if you hear someone scream and do nothing about it, they're probably done for, right? So if you immediately run to Jessica upon hearing her scream, you've technically saved her from danger.

Ending Achieved!

We hope this guide has helped you in giving Jessica a slightly better sendoff than she gets in the normal game ending. If you're struggling with anything else, check out our other Outlast 2 guides for more sage advice:


Published May. 10th 2017

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