GameSkinny Spotlight // Fallout 4 DLC, Tomb Raider Blood Ties, No Killing in Watch Dogs 2

Xbox One gets all the goodies in this week's GameSkinny Spotlight video. Sea of Thieves, Tomb Raider, CoD 2 backwards compatibility... ugh!

Another week, another GameSkinny Spotlight! BlackTideTV is back with six new articles to break down.

Downloadable content seems to be the ticket this week with two Fallout 4 DLC stories, a Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC trailer, and the downloadable Call of Duty 2 hitting Xbox One for backwards compatibility. Apart from those we've got Ubisoft's Dominic Guay letting players know that combat is entirely optional in Watch_Dogs 2 and last-but-not-least, reasons why Sea of Thieves will be a great game.

With all of the Fallout 4 news to cover, it only made sense to include some Fallout 4 gameplay! Despite only restarting the game a few weeks ago, I had to do so again for today's video. I'm rarely satisfied with my characters, and in the off chance that I am, I put the game away for a while, forget where I am, what I'm doing, and end up restarting the game. Hopefully we'll have more Fallout 4 on BTTV in the future; I did promise Fallout Fridays all those months ago! 

Links to all original articles mentioned in today's video:


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Published Aug. 26th 2016

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