Hitman 3 Scavenger Challenge Guide: Where to Find the Scrap Sword

Some of Hitman's best weapons are the toughest to find. Here's how to complete the Scavenger challenge in Hitman 3 and find the Scrap Sword.

Every Hitman level tends to have a few unique and sometimes even funny weapons lying around. In Hitman 3's Berlin Level, Apex Predator, that's true once more with the Scrap Sword.

The implication seems to be a houseless person built a sword out of metal scrap, then left it in their hangout. Of course, that means Agent 47 can use it as a weapon against his foes. Here's where to find the Hitman 3 Scrap Sword and complete the brief but tricky Scavenger challenge.

Hitman 3 Scavenger Challenge Walkthrough and Scrap Sword Location

No matter where you start out the Apex Predator mission, you'll want to make it to the Juice Bar. It's clearly labeled thankfully, and is on the same level you'd start the mission if you're doing a default run. Otherwise, it's among the outdoor hangout areas but after the security checkpoint.

Once you're at the Juice Bar, look to the water to the right of the Juice Bar. To the left of the water are several large metal cylinders. Head down that corridor, and watch out for the ICA target who sometimes patrols the area. If he's in your way, waiting for him to leave is your best bet, as he's tough to take out with others so close as well.

Once your lane is clear, head down and then to the left until you get between the cylinders to find a mass of tires piled up and a yellow barrel. Approach the pile and notice the Scrap Sword sitting there.

Pick it up to complete the Scavenger challenge and pocket a sweet XP boost in the process. Now the question is: who's the lucky contestant that gets to, let's say "receive," the Scrap Sword? Well done, 47.

That's all you need to know about the Hitman 3 Scrap Sword and how to complete its Scavenger challenge. If you're looking for more tips on IO's latest in the World of Assassination Trilogy, consider heading over to our Hitman 3 guides page


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Published Jan. 30th 2021

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