Tree of Savior - How to report bugs and give feedback

Give IMC Games your feedback and report bugs during CBT2.

Tree of Savior is in one of the few true beta tests I've seen in a long time now. If you're participating in the ongoing CBT2 you should consider reporting bugs to IMC Games.

Most beta tests we get these days are more of a test drive for the game and the servers before opening the flood gates. That's not what we're seeing here with Tree of Savior in its unfinished state. There's a great deal of content needed to beef up the game all the way up to its stated launch level cap of 600, not to mention the bugs and balancing that need to be dealt with.

How to report bugs

I've run into of non-lag bugs during the past few days of Tree of Savior, as have most players. It's highly recommended you report the bugs you've found but there's no way to in-game.You're in a beta. Do your part.

To report bugs, you need to make your way to the official forums under the Bug Report subforum. Search to see if someone else has made a thread for the bug you've found. If someone has, respond and let it be known you've experienced it too. If no one has yet, make your own thread with the problem.

How to give feedback

This is done on the forums as well, under the Beta Feedback subforum. If you have positive or negative opinions on the game, this is where you go for IMC Games to see it. Want to see a more classic gear system, daily boss fights for elusive materials, or have an opinion on what EXP rates should be at launch? This subforum should be your destination.

Even if you're just giving Tree of Savior a test run before launch this beta phase, take the time to report any bugs you find and give your opinion on the state of the game. Only with feedback can IMC Games make the game both they and the community want.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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