How to Preload the Witcher 3 on GOG and Solve PC Install Issues

The Witcher 3 is available for preload now on GOG. How do you preload using the GOG Galaxy client?

If you purchased the Witcher 3 on GOG, you can preload the game before it officially launches so you can immediately start in on the gaming experience. The game is available for pre-order for interested users right up until launch, and if you've already purchased the game you can start the download now. 

The process is fairly straightforward. You'll want to download the GOG Galaxy Client or access the game through your account. The following instructions will help you through download with the Galaxy client. 

Go to your library:

Now that you've got your client open, click the button on the bottom right-hand side and choose "install." 

 Accept the EULA and the game should start downloading immediately. It'll appear in the left hand bar and begin the process of downloading: 

The game should be activated as soon as the game goes live per the CD PROJEKT RED schedule. 

As Rock Paper Shotgun reported, the Witcher 3 preload activates at May 19th 1AM CET. For other time zones, that translates to: 

May 18th, 4.00 pm PT (Los Angeles)
May 18th, 7.00 pm ET (New York)
May 19th, 00.00 am BT (London)
May 19th, 2.00 am UT (Moscow)
May 19th, 8.00 am JT (Tokyo)

The Witcher 3 already has a Day One patch in the works that will be fixing some minor issues discussed in pre-launch reviews such as frame-rate and which will be available to download as soon as the game activates on Day 1. The patch will include "overall performance improvements." 

The PC download size is quite large at 40GB, so if you're wanting to play quickly I'd highly suggest taking the time to pre-load the game. 

Witcher 3 Won't Let Me Click Play in the GOG Client. What Gives? 

I exited the game from in-game menu, went back to the client and now I can't press the "play" button again to get back into my game. Here's the fix: 

The Witcher 3 is still running as a process, even though it's not showing up in the bottom task bar. Therefore the GOG Galaxy client is still registering the game as being open, even if you can't see it from the menu. 

Simply use Task Manager (on PC) to shut down the process, and you should get the green Play bar back from Galaxy. 

PC Crash Fixes

I haven't tried this out yet (as I haven't had the game crash), but Gamepur has a couple of suggestions for what to do if your copy of the Witcher 3 is crashing. 

First things first, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Double check things like autodetection to make sure that the game is on the right settings for your computer. 

If that doesn't correct the problem, try out this PC crash fix: 

Fix For CRASH on 32-bit SYSTEM

You will need to allow your 32-bit system to recognize 3GB of RAM. This is how you do it:

For Windows 7 & 8

Go to start → run and type: cmd
Type: bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072
Restart your PC
If you want to reverse it: bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVa

For other systems, check out these the directions for the other fixes from Gamepur

Have you had any issues downloading or preloading the game? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Published May. 18th 2015
  • Fenrispro
    I'm quite irked that now i just got to saving triss and the radovid at novi suddenly unable to start up. No display tho the process says its running.i download from gog, does anyone know solution to this?
    Im consoled that at least on free play i got act 1 done. If i had bot it i wld be more angry
  • witcherhypeboy
    Sorry if this question sounds stupid...i had a problem trying to use my dlc.My dlc cant be found on the library i supposed to do something else after completing my order to make it appear under the library page?
  • STgamer
    Candice_7890 i have the exact same problem as you, did you fid a solution? If so please share with me! :)
  • chase_1539
    same problem as Kate_7763... play on GOG and the game doesn't start... HIGHLY frustrated..
  • Kate_7763
    I click play on GOG and the game doesnt start ;-; Please help
  • Shawn_9443
    I bought the game on, but everytime I install it I either see i'm missing _x64.dll something or I failed installing cause it didn't access hard drive error. When I manually do it on the site it says I'm missing installer files? Plz help i'm very frustrated here!
  • Candice_7890
    I purchased The Witcher 3, but the box version, with the discs. I installed it. EVerything seemed to go smoothly. But when I opened GOG Galaxy to start playing, it says there are no games in my library. I've clicked on the witcher shortcut and it just takes me to GOG Galaxy but the game isn't appearing.
  • Maykers
    j'ai le jeux grâce a l'achat de ma gtx 960 mais lorsque que je lance l'outil d'installation avec les fichier télécharger sa me dit que mais fichier the witcher 3 sont endommagé .
  • Sam_3814
    I try to launch my installed Witcher 2 but it says The witcher has stopped working. Dont know what to do :(
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Any luck?
    Honestly if it wasn't for coming with the purchase of my 970 I would have pre-ordered through steam. Not a big fan of the installer system as for whatever reason trying both manual and galaxy download from the sight both are failing on the texture install about 40% through setup. So I will download through another site and play it that way
  • kingslayer_7960
    Had the same problem with the other guys here. First, I pre-ordered this game last year and I tried using the GOG galaxy program, not the manual website. Knowing I have finished pre-downloading it but come game time it fails to run. It wont update- It wont download. Problem is that my C: drive is already full so i tried putting it on E: but i guess the installer is messed up. Anyway, I guess the GOG galaxy program is not yet even 95% functional. Lets wait for that. So basically, I uninstalled the game. Uninstalled also the GOG galaxy client program. Just start it from scratch again. Which sucks but it's okay I can wait. So now, I went old school. Im now at the website downloading the core program using the downloader. Currently 6GB out of 22GB man this is gonna take forever at 800kbytes/sec.
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Strange. I have had no issues with the Galaxy client.
  • Skadumdums
    Same thing is happening with me. It will not let me install the files and is not giving me a reason for it failing.
  • David_9539
    When I try to download the Witcher 3 to my storage drive (E:) GoG Galaxy tells me that the installation has failed due to the lack of space.. But I have 804 free GB, whats the deal?
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    That is weird. Maybe it doesn't like that you're installing it on an external? Let me know if you find any fixes.
  • Robert_8159
    Classic fail. Preload installed through GoG Galaxy. Activation patch failed - no reason given. Galaxy support site does not work. Downloaded patch directly from GoG. It says it can not find the Witcher 3 installation. I copied that patch to every imaginable GoG directory. No luck. Now downloading the entire 25GB again.
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Hmm, I'm not sure. I preloaded the game and it let me play for about ten minutes. I stopped it to fix some image issues and now I can't play it?

    If you find an answer I'd love to hear it.
  • Robert_8159
    After using Galaxy to re-download the entire 25GB - which actually went pretty fast considering it is first day - everything is running fine.
    And man - it looks gorgeous and has a great frame rate. Love his new armor. I played about an hour, and exiting and reentering is working OK.

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