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With these 9 Game Of Thrones mods, you've got endless opportunities to learn the age-old adage of Valar Morghulis ("all men must die") in RTSs, RPGs, and even open world crafting games! From total conversions to small add-ons, these mods will definitely get you in the mood for the treachery and action that's sure to define Game of Thrones Season 7. 


What did you think of our picks for the best GoT game mods, and what mods did we miss that should get added to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!




Game Of Thrones Mod


Was it even a question? Of course, Minecraft has a ton of skins bringing in various A Song Of Ice And Fire characters, but this mod goes above and beyond, bringing in various great houses and recreating areas like King's Landing. Sadly, the mod is no longer being worked on, but it still exists for download by Minecraft fanatics.


Ark: Survival Evolved


Ark Game Of Thrones Mod


More a novelty than a total conversion like many of the previous entries, this mod adds in some fun Game Of Thrones trappings to Ark: Survival Evolved while you tame dinos and build settlements.


Want an iron throne in the middle of your town? Have at it! Want to run around in House Lannister armor or wield a Dothraki arakh blade? No problem, just pull up the engrams and get crafting!


Crusader Kings: Deus Vult 


This conversion mod for Crusader Kings offers up two different main scenarios, one in the past where Robert rebels against the Mad King, and one in the near future, where winter has finally arrived and the undead are sweeping through the South. Letting you play through generations of great Westerosi houses with lore-friendly additions, this is a killer mod for the sadly aging Crusader Kings.


If you're more into the sequel, Crusader Kings II, the full conversion Game Of Thrones mod adds in elements like personal honor combat between lords and scripted events based around the story from the book series -- but letting you deviate from the cannon outcomes.


Age Of Empires II


When it comes to classic RTS games, Age Of Empires II is still a hallowed entry well worth replaying. Add in Steam Workshop content though, and you might never try a modern strategy title ever again.


One of the best is the Diplomacy Overhaul mod, which drastically changes the direction of the game, shifting away from combat into politicking and backstabbing in true GoT style. Be sure to play this one on multiplayer, though, as the game's base AI doesn't handle the changes well.


If you prefer something more along the lines of the classic Age Of Empires II experience, go with the War Of The Five Kings mod or the Game Of Thrones Map mod instead.


Mount & Blade Warband


Much like the Total War series, anything in the Mount & Blade franchise is just begging to be modded to represent Westeros or the lands beyond the Narrow Sea.


There a ton of Warband mods that bring in various elements of A Song Of Ice And Fire, but easily among the most ambitious is A Clash Of Kings, which sets you as a nobody-peasant on the road to greatness in any of the clashing Westerosi armies.


Join up with Robert's Rebellion, conquer Harrenhal, mix it up with Stannis Baratheon, or do anything else you'd like while roaming the Seven Kingdoms. Recent updates have fixed some issues like a lack of diplomacy, so if you heard negative things about the mod in the past, give it a try now.


Also worth checking out is A World Of Ice And Fire, which has you starting your own great house and duking it out for control of the Iron Throne. 


Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms


Westeros Total War: Age Of Petty Kings


It shouldn't be any surprise that there are more Total War entries with in-depth Game Of Thrones mods. This one offers a very different perspective than the other mods, however, as it takes place in GoT's deep past, before the Seven Kingdoms were carved out.


Instead, you forge a house of your own as a petty king duking it out with the Andals long before Aegon the Conqueror came and unified the continent.


Atilla: Total War


Seven Kingdoms Total War Mod


The Total War series is amazingly ripe for anything war-themed on the mod front, and franchises once relegated only to modding have actually hit the main series eventually (looking at you Warhammer).


This one is a total conversion mod for Atilla: Total War that completely changes the armies, facial textures, maps, and locations to bring the wars of Westeros to your PC.


New specific scenarios are now also being made along with the total conversion, letting you replay the epic Battle Of The Bastards (hands down the best war scene so far, although hopefully, it will be outdone in GoT seasons 7 or 8), with more specific battles to come.


Civilization 6


There are already countless hours of creating wonders, waging wars, and engaging in diplomacy with historical figures in Sid Meier's Civilization 6, but you can take that a step further by bringing in the ruthless politics of Westeros.


A Civ Of Ice And Fire replaces the various civilization leaders with characters like Euron Greyjoy and Olenna Tyrell, swaps out city names, and replaces all the various traits and abilities with more Game Of Thrones-appropriate entries.


This one's not quite as in-depth as the previous A Mod Of Ice And Fire, however, so if you've got Civ 5, be sure to try that one as well.




Game Of Thrones Followers Mods


These follower presets painstakingly recreate the faces and clothing of famous characters like Ser Davos Seaworth, Eddard Stark, and many more.


Forget about the vanilla followers and instead have the evil Ramsay Bolton follow you around on a Skyrim-wide killing spree (note that several of these require extra texture mods to get the presets looking picture perfect).


There are a ton of Game Of Thrones mods for Bethesda's aging action RPG beyond these -- find our full list of the10 best Game Of Thrones mods for Skyrim right here.


Season 7 of Game Of Thrones is in full swing, and all the pieces are in place for Daenerys and Jon to finally destroy the Night King and return the hallowed tradition of brother/sister marriages to Westeros.


While Telltale won't be returning to A Song Of Ice And Fire for some time, there's still plenty of scheming for the Iron Throne you can undertake on the gaming front.


While we wait for Jorah to find a cure to greyscale and for that evil little brat Bran Stark to travel through time and drive Aerys Targaryen mad with his whispers about burning White Walkers, why not try out some of these killer Game Of Thrones mods?

5 Game of Thrones Battles You Can Recreate in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Tue, 25 Apr 2017 08:00:01 -0400 Marc Hollinshead


Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is still in early access, and with more units, maps and even extra god powers on the way, it’s definitely a game that we will need to keep an eye on.


There’s already a lot on offer, and the simple fact that Game of Thrones battles can be reimagined with hilarious quirks, along with a multitude of other franchises, we can only imagine that the title has a lot more firepower ready to unleash.


Of course, this list wasn't able to focus on every battle and deathfest that the show has graced us with. What are your favorite Game of Thrones battles? Have you managed to recreate any of them in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator? Let us know in the comments!


The Battle of the Blackwater


Finally deviating away from Jon Snow focused battles, we have Tyrion in the limelight. This battle was a major turning point for many of the characters from the show, and Tyrion’s own heroism is hugely juxtaposed by the Joffrey’s inability to do... basically anything. The crazy explosion of wildfire was also visually stunning and something that ingrained itself into many fans’ minds.


Just like Ramsay, there would be no shame in allowing a weak Joffrey unit to be placed in the middle of battle for everyone to let loose on, but that treat was saved for a poisoned cup.


More cavalry units and powerful soldiers would help to bring this battle to life, and letting loose a nuke to end it on an explosive note would be akin to the wildfire. That level of anarchy hasn’t quite made it into the game yet, but with plenty more content to come, we may be seeing singed boats sooner than we think.


Battle of the Bastards


Everyone hates Ramsay Bolton. EVERYONE. Constantly toying with every one of his enemies makes for a dastardly villain. The Battle of the Bastards sees him sitting on his pedestal with, you guessed it, Jon Snow ready to take on an entire army -- only for everyone behind him to come right at the last second and begin a ferocious battle.


Cavalry units against one lone soldier could make for some hilarious results, and with Jon Snow being who he is, we’d have to give him some crazy amounts of power. Timing the battle so that Jon’s last minute “rescue” could be recreated would be an epic scene, and bringing in some of our favourite ogres yet again could help to add an extra bit of sparkle to the bloodshed.


In true UEBS fashion, we’d also have to take full advantage of the fact that Ramsay Bolton would be sitting on a horse somewhere. Perhaps we could make our fantasies a reality and let our overpowered Jon slice him (and his horse, because why not) to pieces... well, at least we know that outcome was eventually a reality in the end.


The Battle of Castle Black


While this battle may seem clouded by the more ominous threats that the show has now shown to us, it still presented both a brilliant piece of directing and a great set piece for a session of UEBS.


Castles are always great fortifications with which to play around, and the Wildlings that attack the Night’s Watch can be reimagined as, well, anything. Archers firing fire-filled arrows at chickens? Ok, maybe not but this is a classic human-on-human battle scenario where the castle’s defences can make or break a victory.


Mag the Mighty also makes an appearance in this particular battle as well, so another friendly (or not so friendly, as the case may be) ogre can help to make the affair an interesting one.


Massacre At Hardhome


Continuing with the White Walker theme, we have a battle where, once again, the unanimous victory goes to the blue-eyed monsters, with Jon Snow and a pathetic boat of companions sailing away in disbelief as the lieutenant resurrects what were once his friends into mindless husks.


UEBS could get creative here, having archers hide behind the walls and firing as the Wights attempt to break through (seriously, the sheer power in numbers those archers have is insane), and the rest of the sorry sods being slaughtered on the outside. Jon would be there somewhere, but of course, our imagination is needed for this one. Possess a unit and let him lead you to victory as Commander Jon Snow!


Oh, and we certainly can’t forget the helpful giant, Wun Wun. A friendly ogre would be of great assistance in the simulated fight. Shame the burning log doesn’t come with it.


Battle of the Fist of the First Men


This particular battle is famous for its unveiling of the White Walkers true potential against Man. They never posed too much of an immediate threat before this point, so it sticks in fans minds as a pivotal battle that changed the tides of the show.


UEBS may not have the capabilities to recreate this battle but through using the magic of imagination, it is achievable. Amidst a snowy landscape, zombies (close enough) can easily be stacked in their thousands in an attempt to overrun the frail men that lie in wait. With the option of being able to alleviate or agitate the threat that both sides pose, the Night’s Watch could easily succumb to the overpowered zombies White Walkers that hulk over them. It’s just a shame we haven’t got a dire wolf on hand in UEBS to rip through everything.


Game of Thrones.


All you need to do is say its name to spark a debate between its hardcore fans. Throughout its seasons, the extremely successful show has had its share of truly shocking moments, twists, gruesome deaths and of course, high-scale battles, all of which have been created in a way to evoke a strong reaction from its audience.


Many of the battles have been witnessed throughout the show’s history, and some have made more of a mark on fans’ memories than others. We’ve seen smaller scale, yet remarkably compelling fights as well as grand and bloody wars. Nothing appears to be out of Game of Thrones’ reach.


Plenty of gamers will be aware of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. This title, developed by just one man, provides resources for people to create any battle that their mind can conjure up, albeit with a few limitations here and there. Thousands upon thousands of units can be placed on one map and simultaneously attack as the battle plays out in its chaotic glory.


Now what if the creative among us could reimagine famous battles from our favourite games, films or TV shows. Game of Thrones is a prime candidate. The options are most certainly there, so what are some of the best battles that this game gives you access to?

Xbox Meets Game of Thrones Tue, 28 Jun 2016 04:27:51 -0400 Noor Sami

In lieu of the Season 6 finale of massively popular HBO show Game of Thrones, Microsoft France and HBO have partnered together to release a Game of Thrones edition of the Xbox One. The special Xbox has the show title emblazoned across the top and some crisscrossing gold metal arches. It also comes with a matching controller, as well as a full Blu-ray box set of Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, it seems like the special edition Xbox will not be for sale. However, it will be available through three contest giveaways that will take place on Xbox France’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There is no word yet on whether the contest is restricted to French residents or open worldwide. In order to participate, you can like and comment on the Facebook post, retweet the Twitter announcement as well as use the hashtag #XboxLovesGoT, or like the Instagram post and tag one of your friends.

Check out the video below for a peek at what the Xbox looks like.

Game(Skinny) of Thrones: Predicting The Game of Thrones Season Finale with WWE 2k16 Sat, 25 Jun 2016 15:39:15 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Here we are, folks!

In just a few short days, season 6 of Game of Thrones will be at an end, and we will all be without appointment TV viewing on Sunday nights-- at least until football season starts back up. 

It's only fitting that we send Game of Thrones off with something special. Scroll all the way down to view the live Twitch feed of the happenings (with very hard-to-hear commentary by yours truly, sorry about that), but make sure to read below for analysis and explanation. As always, SPOILERS LURK BEYOND THIS POINT.


Before we launch right into the spectacle, let's meet the entrants in this battle.

The High Sparrow

The High Sparrow has the most to gain and the most to lose as season 6 draws to a close. His stranglehold on King's Landing is tightening, and with Margaery and her grandmother trying alternative strategies, the only thing standing between him and ultimate power is Cersei Lannister.

That said, he is in a precarious situation. Cersei, unlike the High Sparrow, has nothing to lose, having been stripped of her power and denied the chance to use The Mountain in a trial by combat. Few things are more dangerous than a person with no options left, and the High Sparrow would be wise to remember this as his plans unfold.

The Mountain

While The Mountain, Gregor Clegane, might be the one doing the actual fighting in this battle royal, he is, for all intents and purposes, representing Cersei Lannister. After being stripped of her power and left truly alone, she has left behind what little mercy she once had.

Cersei has made it very clear over the past couple of weeks that she is willing to have The Mountain kill anybody and everybody in King's Landing if it will bring her back to her son. She is desperate and brutal, and we can expect The Mountain to act the same way in this battle.

Jaime Lannister

Though Jaime is still occupied at Riverrun as far as we know, he's not in a great spot. Given the events of last week, what with Ramsay Bolton being turned into Kibbles 'n' Bits, Jaime will likely be pressured into taking Winterfell back from the Starks in order to preserve the tenuous Lannister-Frey alliance

How Jaime responds to this is anybody's guess, but it bears mentioning that given his actions at Riverrun, he might be on the brink of a full heel turn. 

Bran Stark

We haven't seen much of Bran lately, but it's clear that he has been working on honing his powers in preparation for the war to come. The previews of this episode seem to imply that he has a larger role to play this episode, so will this be the moment we finally see Bran master his abilities, or will we have to wait until next season?

The Night King

The Night King and the rest of the Wights have also been conspicuously absent as the past few episodes have focused on the action to the south of the wall. Given the fact that winter is, like, actually here now, and not just "coming", however, The Night King may be choosing this time to strike. 

And though his army of the dead have not reached the wall yet, at this point it seems like a matter of time. As a matter of fact, if I were a betting man, I'd put some serious money on the last shot of the episode being the Night King and his army marching on Castle Black.

Jon Snow

Fresh off of winning the title match against the wily Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow (widely regarded as the John Cena of Game of Thrones) appears at first blush to have a small chance to catch his breath. However, given the events of the battle, he is now in debt to Petyr Baelish-- not generally a person I'd recommend owing your life to. 

While he does hold Winterfell, he will have to show his true colors as a leader to keep his army from falling apart, as Davos and Melisandre butt heads, along with Sansa and Littlefinger.

We've met the players. Now all that's left is to ring the damn bell!

For those of you who are not able to watch the video, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Jaime Lannister is the first to be eliminated, defeated by The Mountain (presumably under Cersei's orders) as Jaime was attempting to crush the High Sparrow. This doesn't bode well for Jaime's whole "killing everyone in Westeros to get to Cersei" plan.
  • Bran Stark and Jon Snow turn on each other. Bran ends up weakening Jon Snow to the point that he is easily eliminated by The Night King.
  • Bran is the next to be eliminated, spelling disaster for the Stark clan. If they cannot work together, they won't be able to hold the North.
  • The three remaining battlers, The High Sparrow, The Night King, and The Mountain, are all pretty fucking evil. This isn't a good sign.
  • While The High Sparrow and The Mountain work together to eliminate The Night King, this seals The High Sparrow's fate since he cannot hope to overcome The Mountain alone. He needed to team up against the more immediate (and more large) threat earlier on in order to ensure his success.
  • Cersei wins everything, apparently.
  • If this simulation is accurate, I'll really hate the season finale, and you probably will too.

Thank you so much for joining us for Game(Skinny) of Thrones this season. Be sure to keep it locked to GameSkinny for more streams, predictions, and gaming news. Oh, and while you're here, make sure to catch up on all of our previous Game(Skinny) of Thrones posts to properly prepare you for the season finale.

Game(Skinny) of Thrones: Predicting The Battle of the Bastards with WWE 2k16 Sun, 19 Jun 2016 09:53:32 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Spoilers below! If you're not caught up on Game of Thrones yet, I dunno, read this post about how people are using dance pads to beat Dark Souls or something. Turn back, lest ye be spoiled forever.

Last Week On Game(Skinny) of Thrones...

We got everything right! Arya killed the hell out of The Waif (finally), and Jaime took Riverrun from The Blackfish. 2 for 2! Except for the part where we said The Blackfish would live. But let's gloss over that for now. 

This week is going to be a doozy. The rivalry between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton will come to a head here at the Battle of the Bastards, with the winner taking home the title of King of the North.

We have the players. We have the scenario. We have the belt. Let's find out who comes out on top.


Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton lock eyes across the blood-spattered battlefield where so many of their comrades had already lost their lives. In their eyes burns determination, hope, and hatred. As the bell rings and the battle begins, Jon Snow uses his size advantage to hoist Bolton above his head and absolutely destroy his 'nads, bringing them down on his knee.

Perhaps this is too-late revenge for Theon, or perhaps Jon Snow is simply in full-on beast mode, but he will not be stopped. Unleashing a flurry of stomps directly aimed at Bolton's ribs, Snow continues his assault.

Bolton is a tactician, however. He waits for his moment, steeling himself against Snow's powerful blows until he can find an opening. And when he does, he takes advantage. He is able to land the Sadist's Suplex and swing the battle his way for the first time.

Unfortunately for Jon Snow, Bolton is able to convert the suplex into a Man Breaker, showing that he is focusing most of his attention on landing repeated blows to Jon Snow's torso and back.

Stunned by this sudden onslaught, Jon Snow is unable to defend himself, and quickly finds himself at the whims of a calculating Ramsay Bolton. 

Taking advantage, Bolton tries to score big by employing his finishing move, the Flayed Man.

The Flayed Man is a devastating submission hold, and though Bolton tries with all his might to end this match early and force Snow to surrender, Snow will have none of it.

After another swift knee in the 'nads, Snow throws Bolton from the arena to the cracked dry earth below, betting that he will be able to regain some semblance of momentum there.

After landing a few blows outside the ring, Snow brings the fight back to the arena and launches his assault in earnest. It begins with his finishing move, The Fall of the Wall, crushing Bolton's skull against the cold, hard, definitely-not-padded-at-all ground below.

Full of rage, he moves directly into a naked choke, cutting off both Ramsay Bolton's escape route and his flow of oxygen. Dazed, Bolton cannot prevent Jon Snow from dragging him across the ring in preparation for a move he learned from the great Wildling warrior Ric Flair-- The Sharpshooter.

After Snow causes this immeasurable pain to Bolton's legs, it's clear that not only can Bolton not take the punishment he is well known for doling out, but that he is also running on fumes. Snow, realizing this, goes for the pin.

Bolton is able to gather up enough strength to break the pin and keep the battle going, but Snow is fully re-energized. Howling with a trademark Stark vigor, he goes for it all.

And misses.

Bolton is able to use Snow's momentum against him, throwing him into the air and positioning his legs so that when Snow falls, he'll be landing right on Bolton's knees.

Snow, stunned and in pain, staggers to his feet, but Bolton is ready, employing a devastating sleeper hold, cutting off the flow of oxygen to Jon Snow's brain.

Bolton then immediately goes for the pin.

Here's where things get weird.

Snow is able to muster up enough strength to grab the ropes of the arena, a universal sign that the battle is not yet over. The referee officiating the war, however, does not see the rope break.

He counts the win for Ramsay Bolton, who is finally able to take the title of King of the North.

What's important to note here that despite Bolton's victory, he did not really and truly defeat Jon Snow. 

Although the Battle of the Bastards may be won by Bolton, the war is not yet over. According to our simulations, we'll have to wait a little bit longer to see the true denouement of this epic, long-running rivalry.

Who do you think will win #BastardBowl2k16? Let us know in the comments or tweet at us @GameSkinny! We'll be back next week with predictions for the season finale. Don't miss it!

Game(Skinny) of Thrones: Predicting Episode 8 With WWE 2K16 Sun, 12 Jun 2016 03:32:38 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs



Last week on Game(Skinny) of Thrones, our sophisticated computer simulation correctly predicted that Arya would be killed, or at least gravely injured, by The Waif. However, fan theories are swirling that not everything is as it seems. Was the girl that The Waif stabbed truly Arya? Was this all part of some greater plan that Arya hatched long ago? Will we ever see that badass sword teacher from season 1 again? It's clear that the rivalry between Arya and The Waif is not over yet, and all signs point to tonight's episode settling it once and for all.

But before we get into that, let's pay a visit to our favorite one-handed sister-lover, Jaime Lannister.


Tensions are high at Riverrun, and it seems as though Jaime is primed to launch an all-out assault on Brynden Tully, the Blackfish in order to take it back. The Blackfish, however, is not going to give up his house's ancestral castle without a fight.

Blackfish opens up with a strategic attack on Jaime's good hand, attempting to cripple not just his fighting ability, but also his ability to give firm, sincere handshakes.

Jaime, obviously, is not a fan of that. Enraged not only by Blackfish's strategy, but also by his stupid, dirty neckbeard, Jaime launches a full-on assault focused on Blackfish's throat.

Springing off of the mat of House Tully's ancestral wrestling ring where all sieges are settled (read the books) Jaime quickly gains complete control of the match.

Unsurprisingly, Jaime tries to end things early, but in a portent of things to come, Blackfish refuses to stay down.

Launching a barrage of strikes, Brynden Tully recovers, and regains his composure.

It doesn't last long, however. After blocking a punch, Jaime is able to hoist Blackfish over his shoulders and interrupt his momentum with a crushing slam.

He follows up with a flying kick to the back of Blackfish's neck. I guess he really, really doesn't like that neckbeard.

Once again, Jaime goes for the pin, but the hero of House Tully refuses to submit. Recovering, Blackfish flings Jaime across the mat, attempting to regain his composure and come up with a strategy.

Blackfish is out of time, however. Jaime is able to land his finisher, the Falling Bran, on Blackfish.

Blackfish, however, refuses to give in. Jaime is getting frustrated.

While by this point, Jaime's victory is all but assured, it will now be a Pyrrhic one at best. His energy is sapped, and his forces have weakened considerably due to Blackfish's surprising tenacity. After hitting one final Falling Bran, Jaime is finally able to get the pin and retake Riverrun, but the victory came at a price-- especially since it really seemed like Blackfish kicked out right before the 3 count. Jaime might have taken the castle, but his grasp on it is tenuous at best.


This is the main event, folks. Across this entire series, Arya Stark and The Waif have been pitted against each other countless times, but now it seems as though this rivalry will finally be decided once and for all. Will Arya come out on top, or will The Waif finish the job she started last week?

Arya starts the match off quickly, hoisting The Waif over her shoulders and throwing into the hard, unforgiving mat.

After having sprung her trap, Arya sees no reason to let The Waif suffer further, and she attempts to end things within the first minute of the fight.

The Waif, however, is not stunned enough to let Arya overcome her this quickly. She regains her composure and reverses Arya's attack, locking her in a hold that actually seems like a pretty great hamstring stretch. I'm not sure about The Waif's strategy here. She might be a little confused.

Escaping, Arya finds her sword Needle and attempts to run The Waif through. The Waif, expecting this, wrestles the sword away from her and attempts to stab Arya with her own sword.

Arya is now on the defensive. She has avoided mortal damage from the razor-sharp dagger, but she must change her strategy to best The Waif. Luring her back into Braavos's storied wrestling ring, Arya lands a devastating dragon screw and the deadly sword falls to the ground with a tinny clang.

The Waif, recovering, catches Arya off guard with a belly-to-belly slam. They both land within grasping distance of the dagger, but they are both too focused on the other to notice.

The sword rolls out of the arena, and Arya hits her stride. She lands what is, frankly, a very impressive suplex on the older and larger Waif to kick things off.

Arya, filled with Stark determination, is able to hit her finishing move, The Knee Of The North, and the battle is all but over.

Arya's cunning plan, whatever it may have been, has paid off immensely. The Waif was never able to gain the upper hand in their final meeting, and Arya easily overcomes her, becoming the author of her own destiny in the process. 

And as the crowd of Braavosi around her cheer her on, Arya knows what she must do. She sets sail, leaving Braavos in an effort to find her siblings. 

The question now becomes: what will happen next week? Traditionally, episode 9 is the one where, for lack of a better phrase, shit hits the fan. Will Jon Snow finally ride south to Winterfell? Will Littlefinger betray Sansa? Will Daenerys ever do anything interesting or important? Stay tuned to GameSkinny to find out.

Could Jon Snow make an appearance in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Thu, 09 Jun 2016 14:41:27 -0400 JessicaKloss

Leaked footage has shown Jon Snow actor, Kit Harington, being carted into a motion capture rig. There is speculation that this could mean that Harington will be featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Check out the mocap in the video, and then we'll discuss where the jump to Call of Duty is coming from. 

Did the mocap look familiar? That could be because we've seen it before in 2015 when ex-NFL player, Marshawn Lynch, was pictured in one. Lynch was in the rig because of his small appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.  

Of course, this doesn't mean that Kit Harington is definitely involved with Call of Duty since a lot of TV shows and movies use motion capture rigs, but the resemblance between these two machines is uncanny. E3 is around the corner and the appearance of a fan favorite Game of Thrones actor would be one exciting announcement. 

Game(Skinny) of Thrones: Predicting Episode 7 With WWE 2K16 Sat, 04 Jun 2016 10:03:30 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Last Week On Game(Skinny) of Thrones... [spoilers below]

We predicted that nobody would die! And nobody did! Hooray. Don't pay attention to the fact that we also predicted that Arya would complete her mission for the Many-Faced God, becoming a true assassin for the House of Black and White, or the fact that we predicted Jaime would rescue Margaery from the High Sparrow. 

What we're saying is, we're aware our track record isn't good. Let's change that this week. According to the summary of this Sunday's episode, we can expect a confrontation between Bran and the White Walkers, as well as one between The Waif and Arya, as Arya makes a plan to escape Braavos alive.

ROUND 1: BRAN STARK vs. THE NIGHT KING (Dream Match, Last Man Standing)

One thing is clear so far this season: Bran is running out of time. He needs to learn to control his powers or risk being killed (or worse) by The Night King and his army. Their next confrontation will likely come in the same place their last one did-- in one of Bran's visions. 

Well, as a bonus, he can at least walk there. Plus, he kind of looks like Keanu Reeves.

The Night King will begin by marking Bran once again, this time on his face. Though Bran may escape, The Night King will always know where he is now. The upshot for Bran, however, is now he has nothing to lose. He is already fully marked, so touching The Night King (or for that matter, suplexing or hurricanrana-ing him) is not as dangerous anymore.

So he does both, in quick succession.

Then, for good measure, he follows up with a devastating neckbreaker, aiming to slow The Night King's assault.

Now, in this battle, The Night King is not attempting to kill Bran. He has more nefarious plans for him. By the same token, Bran does not have any dragonglass, so killing The Night King is out of the question. Both combatants are simply aiming to injure their opponent to the point where they can no longer stand.

With this in mind, it makes sense that Bran is going all-out, following the neckbreaker with a flying kick to the back of The Night King's spiky skull. At the same time, who can blame him for putting his non-paralyzed-dream-legs to good use?

It's about this time that The Night King realizes he must treat Bran as a serious threat. Recovering from Bran's flurry of blows, The Night King rises, delivering a flying kick that I'm honestly surprised I was able to get a decent screenshot of.

Bran is stunned, and The Night King is able to set him up for his signature move, The Fall Of The Wall, focusing on Bran's spine.

Lifting the dazed Stark to his feet once more, The Night King attempts to take matters into his own hands, attempting to crush Bran's windpipe and force him to submit to the nefarious will of the White Walkers.

Bran is simply too agile, however, and he is able to reverse the hold, suplexing The Night King in the process.

With one last gasp of strength, The Night King once again attempts to choke Bran Stark out as they both attempt to struggle to their feet. 

Bran escapes once again, however, and is able to catch The Night King off guard. Using his powerful dream-legs to catapult over The Night King, he uses his body as a lever to flip his opponent over and deliver a crushing slam with all the force of a fall from a tower window where you saw something you really, really weren't supposed to see -- like maybe a brother and sister engaging in sexual relations. Something like that.

The Night King is unable to stand after this, and Bran is able to escape. Awoken from his vision by his friends, he is able, once again, to stay just one step ahead of the Wights. This time, however, Bran has learned. He has become more powerful in his vision, and is beginning to be able to control his new abilities. It is the next step on his journey.

As the scene transitions from Bran and company to another part of Westeros, the camera will linger on Bran's face, who is clearly very disappointed that in the real world, his injury means that he will never be able to climb a turnbuckle or perform a hurricanrana. A single tear will drip down his face as the group proceeds on their way.

ROUND 2: ARYA STARK vs. THE WAIF (Extreme Rules)

Last week's episode featured an ominous conversation between Jaqen H'Ghar and The Waif that ended with The Waif exiting The House of Black and White on a mission to kill Arya for failing to complete her mission. Will Arya be able to plan her escape from Braavos before The Waif completes her own mission?

Not if Arya Stark has anything to say about it. As the fight begins, Arya methodically begins taking advantage of The Waif's weaknesses, wrenching her arms in technical holds and nearly choking her out in the corner of the ring before a strange man in a striped shirt forces her to stop.

Arya has learned much from her previous fights with The Waif, and in this, their presumed final battle, she knows better than to allow The Waif to struggle back to her feet. 

Arya stomps the blonde out of The Waif, then hoists her over her head, slamming her down against Braavos's famous elastic ropes that are pretty much strung along every road and square in the city. If you haven't heard of them, read the books. They're important, and they totally exist.

By the time Arya gets to The Waif to continue her attack, however, The Waif has recovered, and is lying in wait. Struggling to her feet, The Waif is able to use her superior size and strength to toss Arya Stark around at will, despite her injuries.

And if things weren't looking bad enough for Arya, The Waif soon finds a legendary, powerful weapon that has been passed down through generations of Bravosi warriors.

A big ol' sledgehammer.

It's at this point that Arya must go for broke. She retreats to find her trusty sword Needle in an effort to run The Waif through once and for all, and earn true freedom. 

Seeing The Waif's back turned, Arya runs at The Waif to end things once and for all, but The Waif is ready for her. She unleashes the forbidden technique of The House of Black and White, the Many-Faced Slam.

The Waif makes good on her promise to Jaqen H'Ghar and kills Arya Stark instantly with the slam. She then brings Arya's body back to The House of Black and White, triumphant in her victory.

As the episode ends, we are treated to an extended shot of Jaqen H'Ghar cutting Arya's face off. It should be... pleasant. Or something like that.

Stay tuned next week where we will once again use WWE 2K16 to predict with complete accuracy what will happen during episode 8 of Game of Thrones! Traditionally, this is the episode where shit hits the fan, so be sure to tune in for our simulations.

Two Great-Grandmothers Get Together to Watch Game of Thrones For the First Time and it's Hilarious Wed, 01 Jun 2016 10:45:10 -0400 Bailey Humphries

Jimmy Kimmel got a 102-year-old and a 97-year-old pair of great grandmothers, Gramma and Ginga respectively, to sit still long enough to watch their first episode of Game of Thrones and it's hilarious.

Their response is so genuine. They're freaking adorable!

Game(Skinny) Of Thrones: Predicting Episode 6 With WWE 2K16 Sat, 28 May 2016 07:59:18 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Oh god.

Well, that was a gut punch. 

For those of you who haven't watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones yet, maybe stop reading now. SPOILERS BELOW.

After weeks upon weeks of teasing, it finally looks like we'll get the ultimate confrontation we've been waiting for between Jaime Lannister and the High Sparrow. 

Too bad everyone's favorite character died beforehand. The loss of Hodor capped off an episode that was, once again, wildly different from our usually-accurate WWE 2K16 simulation. That said, we have learned from our mistakes, and have made changes to the system's algorithms to make it more accurate. 

According to the preview and teaser text for this next episode, two confrontations will take place. One is, of course, Jaime's face-off with the High Sparrow, while the other is Arya's (presumably final) test on her path to follow the many-faced god.


When Jaime and his army finally confront the High Sparrow as Margaery is about to make her walk of shame, there will be nowhere to hide. The key to this battle will be getting in and out quick, and for Jaime that means either killing all the Sparrows, or getting Margaery back and escaping the square unharmed.

The High Sparrow's strategy is similar. Either his army of Sparrows can kill Jaime and his men, or he can simply hold them off long enough to force Margaery to take the walk of shame and then escape unharmed. 

Sounds like the perfect setup for a steel cage match.

As should be expected, the battle will begin with Jaime relying on his brute strength to push the High Sparrow and his followers back.

This will give Jaime's side the advantage, and he'll use it to, well, push harder, forcing the Sparrows up against the wall of the square. Jaime will then proceed to lower his shoulder into the High Sparrow's ribs, most likely breaking at least 4 of them and causing massive internal bleeding.

Then he'll just straight up dropkick the High Sparrow in the face, because why not?

Soon, however, Jaime will be caught unawares, and the High Sparrow will be able to take the upper hand, smashing Jaime's knee into the ground to make his escape more difficult.

Then, to repay him for that dropkick earlier, the High Sparrow will follow up with a front-facing full nelson suplex. It's worth noting that this move has been illegal in King's Landing ever since The Mad King Aerys Targaryen used the dangerous move to cement his rule.

Jaime, enraged that the High Sparrow would not only use an illegal fighting move, but also that he has used the signature move of the king that Jaime himself killed, will quickly recover.

He will slam the High Sparrow to the ground with a swift Kingslayer, and attempt to finish the job.

The High Sparrow will escape however, forcing Jaime to take the safe route.

Jaime will quickly scale one of the square's walls with Margaery, ensuring that even if the Sparrows pursued them, they'd have more than enough time to retreat to the castle before being caught.

It's an incomplete victory for Jaime, who left the leader of the Sparrows alive. Cersei hasn't truly exacted a full revenge yet, and Jaime will not be able to find true satisfaction until the High Sparrow is dead and buried. That said, the fact remains that Margaery has been rescued and for all intents and purposes, and the Sparrows have no concrete power in King's Landing anymore. That's a win in anybody's book.


If the preview is anything to go by, this Sunday will see Jaqen H'ghar giving Arya her final test to see if she is truly fit to become a servant of the many-faced god. And our incredibly accurate simulation has revealed that this test will see her and The Waif each going after the same target. And as is the tradition for The Faceless Men of Braavos, the target is a briefcase full of money suspended from a rope in a large arena. If you don't know that, you should probably read the books. They're super different from the show.

The test will begin, and Arya will start by, uh, doing...this?

I guess that's why the show's on HBO. 

Anyway, Arya, as should be expected, begins determinedly, attempting to incapacitate The Waif and ensure that she can get to the briefcase first.

The Waif, composed as ever, recovers and single-mindedly focuses on the objective. She immediately finds the ladder she must use to retrieve the briefcase, but before attempting to pull it down, she decides to test it out on Arya.

While The Waif is bringing her ladder to the briefcase, Arya has found her own ladder and is making progress as well.

The Waif isn't having any of that. She quickly finds a folding chair deep in the depths of the House Of Black And White, and overcome with rage and jealousy, wails on Arya with it.

But Arya doesn't flinch. She regains her composure and summons up her strength to lift The Waif clean above her head, slamming her down to the cold ground below.

The Waif's strength is not to be underestimated, however. After she recovers, she surprises Arya with a sucker punch that leaves her out cold.

This is The Waif's chance. Arya is out cold, and the ladder is right there. The Waif sets it up and begins to try to pull the briefcase down in order to dash Arya's hopes of ever belonging to The House Of Black And White.

But in her haste to achieve her goal, she has forgotten all about little Arya Stark, who has recovered from her injuries and is not ready to give up just yet. Struggling to her feet, Arya sees her last chance.

And she takes it.

With a mighty roar, Arya topples the ladder and sends The Waif tumbling to the hard, cold ground below. 

The Waif is killed instantly on impact, and blood splatters everywhere. What's black and white and red all over?

A particular house in Braavos after Arya's test.

Now all that's left is for Arya to pull the briefcase down and claim her spot as a true servant of the many-faced god.

Arya has grown into a full-fledged assassin, surpassing even The Waif, but Jaqen H'ghar remains unconvinced that Arya is truly nameless. His curiosity has been piqued for too long not to see this through, however. He welcomes Arya to the fold truly, and allows Arya the use of the faces in the hall.

Only time will tell what Arya plans to use them for, but just as a quick reminder for those keeping score at home, there are plenty of people left on her list.

What do you think? Do you have any predictions for episode 6 of this season of Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments! Oh, and by the way, for any of you holding a fan memorial service for the character who died on the last episode, let us know and we'll be there. Just, you know, hold the door for us.

Game Of Throne's Kristian Nairn Will Be Hearing This Prank Forever Thu, 26 May 2016 06:43:31 -0400 Justin White











Ok, is it just those of us who have been Beyond The Wall now?

Alright, so if you were devastated by the saddest moment ever on Game Of Thrones this past Sunday, then hopefully this prank on the actor who protrayed "Hodor", Irish DJ Kristian Nairn, will bring a small smile to your face. 

YouTuber Turps caught up to the gentle giant at a screening of the Warcraft feature film and politely asked him to "Hold the door"...

...*sniff sniff*...

What? I'm not crying. My eyes are just sweating.

(image source)

Game(Skinny) Of Thrones: Predicting Episode 5 With WWE 2K16 Sat, 21 May 2016 17:26:27 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

Welcome to the newest installment of Game(Skinny) Of Thrones, the only internet series that predicts with 100% accuracy* what will occur on the next episode of Game Of Thrones through the crucible of the video game WWE 2K16. Last week, we predicted that Ramsay Bolton would kill Jon Snow, and that The Mountain, Gregor Clegane would kill John Cena. Sadly, um, none of that happened.

Suffice it to say, our Game of Thrones simulations have not been extremely accurate thus far. We have been working tirelessly around the clock to debug and we have finally ensured that our software is primed and ready to simulate HBO's hit show Game Of Thrones. Now would be a good time to mention that if you aren't all the way caught up, there will be spoilers below.



Despite his overall fighter rating of 95, our WWE 2K16 Game Of Thrones simulations have not been kind to Jon Snow thus far, and in fact has not won a single match yet. Now, reunited with Sansa and with the backing of Brienne of Tarth and the Wildling army, Snow is primed to march on Winterfell and retake his home. The only one standing in his way is (yet again), Ramsay Bolton. Folks, it's the Bastard Bowl.

Fenced in by the walls of Winterfell, the two will face off in a fight to the death. Surprisingly, Ramsay will begin the fight incredibly aggressively, running full steam ahead and slamming Snow into the ground.

Enraged, he will kick Snow while he's down, refusing to let up at all, despite Sansa's cries.

Ramsay, knowing how motivated Jon Snow is, will then attempt to kill him early by breaking his neck. He knows that the longer this fight drags on, the more the fight favors Jon Snow and his superior strength.

Jon Snow escapes, however, and after being beaten by a metal folding chair that Ramsay found lying around somewhere, he is able to reverse one of Bolton's aggressive moves to gain the upper hand.

Unfortunately, Ramsay was ready for this. Recovering quickly and wanting to end the fight immediately, he summons up all of his strength for his finisher, The Pound Of Flesh. Bolton flings Snow into the air, and ensures that he lands back-first on his knees, causing his spine to snap instantly. 

Unable to walk, Snow tries to crawl back to his army, but it is too late. Ramsay easily catches up to him, and reminds him of the old Stark rule that reads "Any man that may pin a Stark to the snowy grounds of Winterfell for 3 seconds is the true Warden of the North and shall be so for all eternity, or at least until he's pinned too". As the count sounds, Bolton leaves, locking Snow in a cell as Sansa and the Wildling army retreat to try again at another time.

So for those of you keeping track at home, Jon Snow is now 0 for 3. Poor guy.


One of the biggest revelations from last week's Game Of Thrones was the plot the Lannisters hatched to retake power from The Sparrows by having Jaime's army take them all into custody (or just kill them, whatever works).

The plan, as it was laid out, seemed fairly fool-proof, but if there's one thing we've learned about the High Sparrow thus far, it's that he is cunning and ready for any turn of events.

The plan's success will depend on the combatants' ability to make the other submit to their will, both figuratively and literally. In Westeros, it is common knowledge that in any fight or duel over anything, if someone taps on the ground, it represents a total forfeit, and implies that their opponent has convinced them of their side of the argument.


Jaime starts off strong, as expected. He is physically overpowering, and uses that strength to hone in on the High Sparrow's weak points, which are everywhere since he is a very old man who has no business fighting this way.

Sensing a break in Jaime's concentration, however, The High Sparrow sees an opportunity. He wrestles Jaime to the ground, and delivers a personal sermon about the true meaning of sacrifice and heroism while gently cradling Jaime's head in his arms.

Jaime escapes and attempts to retort with words of his own, but something has changed and Jaime isn't fighting with the same vigor as he used to. Doubt has crept in.

Newly invigorated, The High Sparrow slams Jaime to the ground.


Finding his groove, the High Sparrow continues his story, telling of a hero on his deathbed.

The hero looked back on his life, on all the killing, the fighting, the struggling, and before passing on to the next world, realized something.

The world was no better off now than it was before he started fighting.

Though his struggles may have fulfilled him, may have given the hero a purpose in life, the hero realized in his last moments that all of it was a lie. Every evil that he thought he had vanquished by his sword rose anew. And as the hero passed into the next world, he was filled with regret that this moment of clarity came too late.

As the story ends, the High Sparrow puts Jaime in his signature hold, The Sparrow's Wing, and Jaime, full of sadness and regret, taps out. His army is forced to retreat, and Margaery's walk of shame proceeds as planned.

The High Sparrow then turns his attention to Cersei, commenting that because of this attack, she must be tried immediately. The episode will end with Cersei being put to death by way of being slammed through a table wrapped in barbed wire.

Do you have any predictions for tonight's episode? Sound off in the comments! 

Game(Skinny) Of Thrones: Predicting Episode 4 With WWE 2K16 Fri, 13 May 2016 03:30:01 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

For those of you who read last week's predictions, well, it's no secret that we may have been slightly (just slightly) off the mark. We went 0-for-2.


Okay, so Arya didn't die, and neither did Jon Snow. In fact, Snow ended up killing both Olly and Thorne. In researching why our WWE 2K16 simulation was so off-base, we found that the newest patches for the game had not yet been installed. What this means for you is from now on, all these simulations should be 100% accurate, and if they're not, you're legally allowed to send a letter to Triple H and complain.

Let's get right into it. Last week's episode of Game of Thrones teased two pivotal battles, the first of which will feature Jon Snow once again. 

He didn't really pick a great time to leave Castle Black and end his watch, because Ramsay Bolton has pretty much just decided to ride north to the wall and deal with Snow himself. It seems very likely that the two will meet on their paths, setting up an epic battle between good and evil.


Both unarmed on their travels, the two will meet alone in a clearing. Newly determined, Snow will attempt to strike first. Finding a flimsy training sword nearby, and thinking for some reason that it'd be a good idea to ambush Ramsey Bolton with it, Snow starts the fight off confidently.

But, like, this plan is terrible, and it ends pretty much exactly how you think it would.

The momentum is all Ramsay's as he mercilessly beats Jon Snow with the sword, and then just straight up kicks him in the face a few times.

Back in the clearing, Snow stumbles to his feet, regaining his strength against a nearby tree. He's in immense pain, but manages to perform his finishing move, the Bastard Bomb, on an unsuspecting Ramsay Bolton.

Ramsay is just getting started, however. Snow was not able to seal the deal with his finishing move, and Bolton finds his opening. He begins with a devastating backbreaker, focusing on wearing down and weakening specific parts of Jon Snow's body. 

Bolton does not let up. He is a master of torture, honing in on Snow's legs with his Only Child Single Leglock.

Snow, though weakened, is somehow able to keep his composure and escape the hold.

Snow knows that should the fight go on much longer, he will be worn down and slain. He decides, once again, to try an all-out assault. He howls to the sky, and runs at Ramsay with all his might.

Again, this is a terrible plan, and pretty much exactly what Ramsay Bolton wanted Snow to do. He quickly reverses Snow's hold, and slams him to the mat. I mean, uh, cold, snowy ground.

Ramsay wastes no time. He quickly calls his horse over, mounts it, then jumps off of it to deliver a Sadist's Elbow.

The fight is all but over at this point. Jon Snow is too dazed to fight back, and Ramsay Bolton is easily able to break Jon Snow's back with his Flayed Man hold.

What happened next in the simulation, um, is not appropriate for a family website like GameSkinny. I'll show you this screenshot I took before the horror began, but just trust that given our simulation, by the time Ramsay finally kills Jon Snow this coming Sunday night, it'll be a relief.

Once again, Jon Snow is killed, and with him dies the chance of keeping the North out of the nefarious clutches of Ramsay Bolton

ROUND 2: Gregor Clegane & Jaime Lannister vs. The High Sparrow & ????

Last week's episode saw Cersei's plot to escape further persecution from the Sparrows take full form. She plans to demand a trial by combat, using the zombified Gregor Clegane as her champion.

But let's be honest. We all know Jaime is going to get involved too.

Also he has his hand back for some reason, but don't pay any attention to that.

The big question on fans' minds is who the High Sparrow will choose as his champion. Lancel Lannister is the prevailing theory, but inside sources at HBO have confirmed to GameSkinny that somebody much more surprising will be meeting The Mountain in combat.


As the trial by combat begins, things are already proving troublesome for Cersei's champions. The Mountain has begun attacking the High Sparrow, who deftly dodges his blows and begins pummeling Clegane with a ladder, while Cena instantly zeroes in on Jaime Lannister, suplexing him to the ground multiple times over.

While the surprisingly spry High Sparrow is preoccupied with The Mountain, however, Jaime Lannister has taken one of the spectators' chairs and begun beating the crap out of Cena with it.

Soon, both Jaime and Clegane have the upper hand on their opponents, Jaime showing surprising strength in lifting John Cena over his own head, and Clegane finally using his massive size to overpower the High Sparrow.

House Cena's mantra of "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect", however, means that Cena will be hard to keep down. While The Mountain is preoccupied with chokeslamming a frail old man, John Cena has retaken the upper hand against Jaime, and looks to use this shift in momentum against his true opponent after dealing with the matter at hand.

Cena is able to throw The Mountain into the corner. While Clegane is strong, he is slow, and is visibly tired from beating up a 97 year old man.

Cena is able to use his immense strength to fling The Mountain into Jaime, stunning them both long enough for the High Sparrow to escape from his advance.

Cena and the High Sparrow share a moment, confident that the trial by combat is all but won, and that Cena, as he always does, has managed to overcome the odds and triumph.

But suddenly, from the downed body of The Mountain, Gregor Clegane, come four chilling words.





With agility that should be impossible for a man of his size, The Mountain springs to his feet, clutching John Cena's skull.

He wrestles Cena to the ground, driving his thumbs into his eyes. Cena's screams ring out as he is blinded, his eyes popping like grapes against the raw power of The Mountain.

In time, the convulsions and twitches of Cena's dying body subside, and the match is over. The High Sparrow runs off to parts unknown, Cersei's innocence is proven in the eyes of the old gods and the new, Jaime Lannister is given rule over Cenation, and all of King's Landing now knows the true horror of The Mountain, Gregor Clegane. Well, at least everyone who didn't see him do pretty much the exact same thing to The Viper, Oberyn Martell. Now the people that missed that are all up to speed.

What do you think? Have you organized any simulations for this week's Game of Thrones, or do you have any thoughts or suggestions on our predictions? Be sure to sound off in the comments if you do, or if you just want to share your predictions for next episode. We'll see you next week for another installment of Game(Skinny) of Thrones!

Game(Skinny) Of Thrones: Predicting Tomorrow's Episode With WWE 2k16 [SPOILERS] Sat, 07 May 2016 12:58:13 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

It should be no surprise that most of us here at GameSkinny are big fans of HBO's Game of Thrones, given the fact that we're all pretty much gigantic nerds. That said, it's often very frustrating to have to wait a entire week to find out what will happen to our favorite characters. 

So we took a page out of the book of professional sports, and will be starting a series where we use video games to predict the outcome of upcoming events. Every week, based on the events of the previous episode, we will pit characters against each other in a battle to the death using the crucible of WWE 2k16.* 

We will report the full results here in prose, with accompanying screenshots so that you can relive the action as it happened live. Beware, spoilers lie below, so if you're not all caught up, make sure to do so before reading.

*well, okay, it's not really a battle to the death, the match ends when somebody gets pinned, but you get the idea


After last week's confrontation and the reappearance of Jaqen H'ghar, it appears as if the tensions between Arya Stark and The Waif will finally come to a head. A brawl between the two is looking very likely, especially since Arya is now back in Jaqen's care along with The Waif.

The two will likely come to blows back in The House Of Black And White as part of a training session. Arya's frustration will get the better of her, however, and she will turn the training session into a fight to the death by knocking The Waif down, then front flipping from a table onto her downed body.

The tide of the fight will change quickly, however. The Waif knows that Arya is serious, but she is still blind. Understandably, many of Arya's attacks do not hit their mark, her strikes and grapples finding nothing but the thin air in front of her. Before long, The Waif will start baiting Arya into attacking, easily dodging her wild attacks and using her size advantage to overpower Arya and take complete control of the fight.

She will back Arya up against multiple walls in the Hall of Faces and begin mercilessly punching her in the face over and over...

and over...

and over again.

Arya is nothing if not tenacious, however. Her spirit will not be broken. She will be able to make her way back to her feet, and after taunting The Waif into a mistake by threatening her with a nearby ladder, will hit a standing suplex on The Waif right next to the fountain.

Feeling the momentum shift her way, Arya is now out for blood. Roaring, she performs her patented Knee of the North on the dazed Waif.

She then deals what she believes to be the death blow, risking her own life to slam The Waif into the ladder she placed earlier.

The ladder splinters and blood sprays everywhere. It's impossible to see who got the worst of this, but The Waif is not moving. Arya, with the last bit of her strength, attempts to force The Waif to drink from the poisoned fountain, but she has played right into The Waif's hand.

Using her superior size and strength to her advantage, The Waif carries the weakened Arya Stark back over to the Hall of Faces and proceeds to suspend Arya upside-down from one of the openings. 

Swiftly and mercilessly, The Waif will land a kick aimed straight for Arya Stark's neck, crushing her windpipe and damning her to a slow, painful death by suffocation. Jaqen H'Ghar stands, watching silently as the life of another heir to the North is snuffed out.


The most surprising moment of last week's episode was, without doubt, the revival of Jon Snow (even though we all totally freakin' called it as soon as he died). This week, we will see the ultimate confrontation between Snow and the men that organized his murder: Alliser Thorne and Olly, the worst kid ever (besides Joffrey, but he's dead, so he doesn't count). Tomorrow, these three will do battle around the grounds of Castle Black, and neither side will relent until blood is spilled.

As should be expected, the fight will begin with Jon Snow showing off his strength, easily flinging the larger Thorne around the grounds of Castle Black. Completely dominating all aspects of the fight, Snow attempts to end things quickly with a death blow. As he is about to break Thorne's neck, however, Olly distracts him and allows Thorne to get away for the time being.

The cowardly Thorne retreats into the castle, leaving Olly alone to deal with Snow. This goes about how you'd expect, and Jon Snow is able to knee OIly in his prepubescent balls at least twice.


Alliser returns to the courtyard, and Olly, spotting an opportunity, flings Jon into a nearby alcove, thinking that the two of them will have a strategic advantage confronting Jon in closer quarters, giving him less room to escape.

Olly's logic is sound, but as he's still a weak little babychild, he takes cover behind a nearby stairway as soon as the athletically superior Jon Snow regains the upper hand. Sadly, at this point it's clear that the damage has been done already. Jon Snow is visibly bloodied and tired, and after once more being distracted by Olly's shouts, Alliser is able to slam Snow into the cold ice of Castle Black.


And over.

And over again.

In a last-gasp effort to save his life and the lives of his comrades, Snow delivers a massive clothesline to Thorne and readies himself to deal the death blow against an unarmed Olly.

At the last moment, however, Olly apologizes, giving a tearful reason for his actions. This causes Snow to stay his blade.

That's all the time Olly needed to hatch his final plan.

Olly swiftly ascends the stairs and summons up all his courage, flinging himself from the landing into the flabbergasted Jon Snow. 

Olly's Shitbag Slam finds its mark, and it provides Alliser with just the chance he has been waiting for.

Laughing over the former lord commander's broken body, Alliser then proceeds to hoist it over his shoulder. He makes the long trek to the top of the wall, and then...

shatters all of our hearts by tossing Snow, head first, off of the wall. With a sickening sound of impact, Jon Snow is dead once more, and it's clear that no amount of magic will be able to bring him back this time.

Thus, the third episode of Game of Thrones ends with the death of two beloved Starks. It will prove to be a divisive and brutal episode with two fan favorites meeting untimely and surprising deaths, but hey, at least Tyrion's still around, right?

Feel free to share your own simulations and predictions in the comments below! Who do you think will kick the bucket tomorrow? We'll be back next week with another installment of Game(Skinny) of Thrones, where we examine the accuracy of this week's simulation and look ahead to predicting next week's episode. 

Most Adorable Baby Gaming Outfits Thu, 31 Mar 2016 08:23:22 -0400 _Glitchchic_

For all those gamer fans with little ones back home, check out these cute baby outfits -- because who says babies can't be trendsetters in micro-fashion!

Below, I have provided a series of cutesy apparel options for your younglings and links to the places you can purchase them. It's time to gamify your mini me. 

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Star Trek TNG Uniform Bodysuits

$19.99 - Thinkgeek 

Yes, there is hope that all your children will know the original Star Trek series and why you shouldn't wear the red shirt. Not that you shouldn't get the red shirt from here, because it is stinkin' adorable. This item comes in gold, blue, and red. Perfect for the next generation! 

Game of Thrones Onesie

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For newborns to 24 months. For those of you who are Game of Thrones fans, we have the perfect, John Snow sanctioned, baby onesie. It comes in 12 different colors including red, turquoise, white, black, and royal. This piece is also handmade using ring-spun combed cotton. 

Togepi Baby Bodysuit, Pokemon Baby

$14 - Etsy

Here's a friendly face from an old favorite. Your baby is Gonna Catch 'Em all with this adorable piece available at Etsy! Made for newborns up to 12 months. 

S is for Star Wars Kids' Tees

$14.99 - Thinkgeek

As I said, we must think about the younglings. What child wouldn't want to have a shirt with R2-D2 or Chewy? You can pick from the ones shown here at ThinkGeek. There is a Star Wars character to match everyone's personality and favorites!

Space Invader Inspired Baby Shoes

$17 - Etsy


Now what about the footsies! My mother always told me that the best way to warm toes is by using pixelated space aliens. At least, I think that's what she said... either way, you can get these on Etsy, too!

Do you have any other baby gamer apparel that you enjoy? If so, post the links below and show us, or tell us what you think of these! 

Game of Thrones Episode 1 is free to try; is it worth a chance? Fri, 23 Oct 2015 06:49:41 -0400 Andrea Koenig

The first episode of Telltale' Game of Thrones is free and the finale is on its way. It sounds nice, but is the game worth giving a chance? For those who are on the fence over the game based off of the popular HBO show (and book series), this is a heavy question.

Is the promise of completion and a free test run of the game enough? If you're not easily swayed by deals, then you're in luck. The consensus between fans and even the cast is that it's definitely worth a go. 

Choose your own adventure

"You as the player can determine your own fate."
-Natalie Dormer, Margaery

Even though there are no endless possibilities and some events are unavoidable, the point is that as a whole it provides a more personalized experience.

That's what makes it fun! Like in other Telltale games, you have a chance of having a completely different party of characters at the end of an episode than your friends. 

It's a web of choices in the palm of your hand. Find which decisions lead to your fate?

"There are repercussions to every decision you make, so I think it's a really great way to approaching a game."

-Iwan Rheon, Ramsay

Make alliances or don't, that's all for you to decide. Characters, new and old, will respond in kind. It's a world of politics, so it's a game and a test to see how your choices shape up. You can see if you have what it takes.

And what's better than controlling characters in Game of Thrones? No need to shout at the TV as someone makes you angry. Now you can choose to be polite or tell off that jerk.

I'm looking at you, Ramsay. 

Enhance your Westeros experience

What better way to unfold more tales of Westeros for fans than through a game? If you've ever had some questions involving the world and its lore and the characters, then this is a good way to find out more in an entertaining way.Game of Thrones is one of the shows where I've seen the most fan theories. It also encourages more interviews with George R.R. Martin for details pertaining to nearly everything. Fans from all world media want to know more.

Through the process of the game, you'll be taken to new and old places in the world of Westeros and enhancing what it means to be a citizen there. Learn about medicine, etiquette, and dive further into various social ties.

"You get to be part of the show."
-Emilia Clarke, Danaerys

There's no good way to explain the difference between being a simple viewer of Game of Thrones versus playing a character and making their choices in that world. 

Steam user Iron_Galley describes it best:

"This is the most terrifying game ever.

I have charged screaming and laughing madly into battle in a hundred other games; I've sent innumerable soldiers into a billion different deaths in dozens of RTS; I've fulfilled more legends and destroyed more world-threatening evils in more RPGs than I care to remember...

...yet nothing could prepare me for the greatest horror of them all: being a little handmaiden interrogated by Cersei, in this game."

It's in a good spot to start playing right now

There are some pretty good things happening right now in the world of Game of Thrones. If you were on the fence or waiting, then now is the time to get it! There have been some recent announcements to spice things up for everyone:

  • The first episode is free on consoles and mobile.
  • Finale episode releases November 17 titled "Ice and Dragon"
  • November 17 is the release for the TV show latest season physical copy

Not only do you get to start and test the waters for free (There's not much left to test for though because, I mean, did you read all that up there? Clearly you're going to play now), but you have a little wait time for the finale episode.

Once you finish the game, you can relive the last season. Have fun looking at Cersei the same way again after you experience her first hand.

Have other reasons you enjoy the game? Drop them in the comments. Beware of spoilers.

Quick Review: Telltale's Game of Thrones Sun, 23 Aug 2015 08:30:28 -0400 Gemanoneko

Have you read the Song of Ice and Fire series? Did you watch the Game of Thrones show based on the books? If your answer is “no”, do not play Telltale's Game of Thrones. It’s full of spoilers. Go and read the book now. Or watch the show if you’re lazy.

If you finished the book or show and are impatiently waiting for a new chapter/season to come out (only 9 months left at the moment), then stop what you're doing right now and go buy the game!

Telltale's Game of Thrones is a perfect addition to the chronicle of Westeros. It tells the story of House Forrester, sworn to House of Glover – one of the bannermen of House Stark. This tale is told in 6 episodes. I finished four of them, and I'm very excited about the rest. The story is woven into chain of events you'll recognize from the books and TV show. It features both well-known characters and faces seen only in the game. Narration begins at the Red Wedding and continues in sync with main story timeline. Just like in book, the game's point of view shifts from one character to another and the player is taken to various iconic locations: King's Landing, the Wall, Yunkai, the North. I hope we get to visit some more places in upcoming episodes.

I’m not going to spoil the story, I'll only say that it's great. And once again, I beg you not to play the game if you’re not familiar with A Song of Ice and Fire.


  • Writing: The game plot is perfectly integrated into the timeline of Westeros. Characters are interesting and well-written – I actually care about them. Some events are unpredictable and shocking – it keeps the player excited.
  • Meaningful choices: Just like other Telltale games, GoT is full of choices that will drastically influence the game story. And they are really intense. There are some tough choices in Game of Thrones – sometimes none of them feel right. And sometimes a seemingly right choice will lead to a disaster.
  • QTE mechanics: Some will say that QTEs are not a good addition to any game. In Game of Thrones, QTEs keep the player engaged and break up long narrative sections (for impatient players). The player has to actually struggle (with controller) in order to win. Be fast, switch quickly from one task to another, see what happens and react. If you don't... valar morghulis.
  • Music: It is great. Listen to Talia’s song (spoilers).
  • Multiplatform: This game is available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices – pick your poison.


  • Episodic structure: It might be just me, but I prefer to play through the full game and not have to wait a few months for the next episode. Especially after a great cliffhanger.
  • Graphics: They're a bit simple, probably because of the mobile release. But the game is so good that it doesn’t really bother me.
  • Length: The game is quite short. I fancy a second season!

Should you bother?

Definitely! Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series is one of the best narrative games that has come out lately. Set in an iconic universe, it’s another great story for every Game of Thrones fan.

Score: 8.5/10

Why we need a GOOD Game of Thrones video game Fri, 14 Aug 2015 12:12:19 -0400 Austin Widmyer

The HBO series Game of Thrones has been consistently gaining popularity since the first episode, "Winter is Coming," aired in 2011. Since then, it has been adapted into board games and video games. However, these games have felt very lackluster compared to the potential that they have.

So what could it look like? 

Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire for us book readers) contains a fantastic universe that has a unique history, complex characters, and highly detailed lore. These factors make for an excellent foundation for a video game set in a medieval/fantasy setting, especially for an RPG. With all of the different houses, there is potential for multiple factions that a player could choose to pledge their allegiance to, or perhaps they could play as a character from one of those houses.

You could play as Jaime Lannister, the greatest swordsman in Westeros, or perhaps start out as a lowly Samwell Tarly and train yourself to be a formidable fighter. If you prefer to talk your way through things, however, you could develop the silver tongue of Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, and plot your way against those who have wronged you.

Jon Snow fighting a white walker during the events of Hardhome, an event that could surely make for a fantastic scenario or level in a video game.

Aren't there already GoT games? 

There have been a few notable examples of Game of Thrones video game adaptations, but they all felt like they were missing something. The first attempt at a good GOT game was Game of Thrones: Genesis by Cyanide Studios, which was a real-time strategy game. The game was a clunky mess that had a few neat ideas, but they were for nothing as the game was still a clunky mess that did not fully immerse you in the world of Westeros. Al It had a largely negative reception from GOT fans and RTS fans alike.

Cyanide Studios made another, more successful attempt the following year when they released Game of Thrones: The Role-playing Game. The game featured original characters in existing factions that each had their own stories that existed in the same continuum as the first book, and it allowed the player to affect how people interacted with the characters based on the choices they made. Despite these positive steps forward, the combat was unsatisfying, the writing was too rough, and the facial animations looked like they were straight out of the original Fable. Overall, this game was simply too small. To make a truly great open-world Game of Thrones game would take a developer with the caliber of Bethesda or Obsidian Entertainment.

Tywin Lannister as depicted in Game of Thrones

Telltale Games has an ongoing video game series for Game of Thrones that has been very well-received, being noted for its story and phenomenal writing, as is the case with most Telltale Games. However, often Telltale Games feel like the player is just watching a cutscene with choices that often do not have enough of an impact on how the game unfolds.

Having a good story is one of the most vital parts to creating a great RPG, but if story is all you have, why not just read the books or watch the show? The game operates like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, and it leaves much to be desired in terms of gameplay.

 Mira Forrester and Tyrion Lannister in Telltale's Game of Thrones

The most well-made adaptations of Game of Thrones are not even proper games. Crusader Kings II has an A Song of Ice and Fire mod that allows the player to control significant and minor characters from the series as well as change the events of history. Players can plot against their enemies and do battle with them to gain more control and influence over Westeros and Essos. Another great mod is the "A Clash of Kings" mod of Mount & Blade: Warband. This mod allows the player to assume the role of a character in Westeros during the events of the second book, A Clash of Kings, otherwise known as season 2 of Game of Thrones. The mod plays almost exactly like Mount & Blade, featuring a large open world and massive battles, only in the world of Westeros. Players can build their own warband and either choose to swear allegiance to one of the many houses, or they may elect to conquer the kingdom on their own.

Don't even try to deny that you'd love to do this in a game

These mods are great and all, and you can kill a lot of time with them while you are waiting for your next Game of Thrones fix (finish the book, George, please). However, what we need to make a truly great Game of Thrones game is for a large game developer with the resources to do it to make an open-world RPG that takes combat realism into account. The possibilities are endless with a world as rich as A Song of Ice and Fire, and this is not limited to events that occurred in the show. 

Imagine playing as a Targaryen during the events of the Dance of the Dragons, crushing Blackfyre rebels beneath the might of your dragons or being one of King Stannis Baratheon's foot soldiers during the battle at Blackwater Bay. The lore is rich with history, characters, and lore that - with the right developer behind it - has the potential to serve as foundation for one of the greatest RPG's ever made. 

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is the queen of the nerds Tue, 11 Aug 2015 20:09:55 -0400 Larry Iaccio

UFC fighter and recent champion Ronda Rousey seems to be the Internet's new it girl right now. She recently hosted and AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit and further solidified her place on the throne as queen of the nerds by talking about a ton of nerdy topics.

Ronda introduced herself in a perfect way and set the tone for the rest of the AMA,

"Ronda here. My favorite Pokemon is Mew and I used to moderate a Pokemon forum. I'm an active player on WOW and a Mage named Randa on TaichiPanda – I’m on the 3rd Game Of Thrones book and will shank a bitch who tries to give shit away about the series cause you watched the show already."

Yes, Ronda's favorite Pokemon is Mew, but when asked what monster she would like to square up in the ring with she answered,

Troh - because he’s the Judo Pokémon and would challenge me the most :)

She then went on to talk about her love for Dragon Ball Z and her crush on the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta.

Whether or not you care about Ronda Rousey, there's no denying her immense popularity for the time being.

Telltale's Game of Thrones Episode 5: "A Nest of Vipers" Review Fri, 24 Jul 2015 02:30:02 -0400 Dalton White I

When we last left off with Telltale’s Game of Thrones, the story had finally seemed to pick up and, naturally, the last episode ended on a cliffhanger. Telltale released the fifth episode, "A Nest of Vipers", on Tuesday and it is quite a wild ride. But does the fifth episode begin to knock down all the factors and consequences built up over the past four episodes?

!Warning: There will be spoiler for the previous episode “Sons of Winter”!

Something that struck me as the most interesting component of this episode was that each storyline had a defining feature or component that made it memorable. Whether it was gameplay or the people one of the Forrester POVs interacted with, there was something that made all parts of this episode seem fluent and interesting all the way through.

Starting off where the last episode left off...

The last episode ended with Rodrick and this episode started off with him., so I might as well do the same. At the end of “Sons of Winter”, our favorite psychopath Ramsey Bolton had returned for another visit. As always, any time spent with Ramsey is filled with gruesome sights and unpleasant news. Still, the problem with sections devoted to Ramsey is that, as far as the book and show go Ramsey is alive and kicking. So Rodrick swearing vengeance or blatantly defying him is basically pointless.

Ramsey taunting you

Ramsey, don't taunt me. You are still in the show and in the books!!

Any attempt at fighting him can only end in one way, as the Forresters are barely mentioned in the main series. Rodrick also finds out that the rumors of a spy in Ironrath are more than just rumors. It had a bit of good shock value, as it seems that the traitor depends on Rodrick’s past decisions but the reaction of the spy, once caught seems very irrational and random. Still in the end, hard choices had to be made and Rodrick has to take action, something that is always welcome.

Meanwhile, even furthur north

Going even further north, Gared has met up with Sylvie, Cotter’s sister. Not much progress is made toward finding the North Grove, but Telltale doesn’t leave us totally out in the cold. We get a sympathetic backstory for Cotter and Sylvie, a nice lengthy action scene and even a hunting scene. The hunting scene was a bit of fun, but the bow controls were a bit messed up and I reloaded my game in order to be able to nab some prey for our party to eat.

Going from tundras to deserts, Asher adds some intense fighting to the episode

As always Asher’s part of the story contains a decent amount of action and fighting, but this time it was balanced out with a lot of backstory and the additio of a colorful band of pit fighters from Breska's past.

Asher always good at making friends

Asher "making friends" with a new charecters known as The Beast.

One complaint some have had is about Danerys’ attitude and decisions toward Asher. Some reviewers have called her portrayal as too cold and that it was completely contradicting how she acts in the TV show and the book. I do agree that there is some contradiction, but not in the fact that she is cold and withdrawn toward Asher. In Telltale’s game, Danerys acts like the politicians in King’s Landing, very calculating and cool which is rather unusual for Dany as she is rather inexperienced in politics and is very naïve. Additionally her decisions, which I won’t get into for spoilers sake, are mandated by the book and TV series, an unfortunate side effect for the game’ setting occurring during the timeline of the show. In the end Asher gets himself into a few scuffles, possibly finds some new allies and a bit more of Beska’s past is revealed, a good formula that has worked for Asher since he first appeared in "The Lost Lords".

Some amazing events at King’s Landing

Similar to “Sons of Winter” this episode focused more on Asher, Rodrick and Gared. However despite having less “screen time” Mira made up for it in spades as she had decent lengthy scenes with both Cersei and Tyrion.  The entire time Mira was talking with Cersei I was on the tip of my toes since the last time I talked to Cersei in "Iron from Ice" it felt that anything I said was displeasing to her.

Cersei v. Mira

Having a one-on-one converstation with Cersei, you have to be careful.

The actions I had to take while interacting with the imprisoned Tyrion made me doubt if I had done the right thing. Things, as usual for Mira, ended on an unsure note and no doubt there might be huge consequences for what I did, or failed to do.

The Ending, Oh my god the ending!

All previous chapters of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series have taken after the TV show by always delivering endings with intense cliffhangers. This episode puts all of the previous endings in the series, the game series that is, to shame. You have to make a descision, one heart breaking decision that will definetly have huge, game-changing effects on the finale. This decision was so big and had me so conflicted that I am very glad I have two files saved for the game.

As the fifth episode comes to a close, it is clear that for this game there were no restrictions. The player has to make some huge decisions, a few of which are life and death, Each choice felt like it had a lot of weight attached to it and the events in “A Nest of Vipers” has set up a lot for the next, and final, episode to cover. If Telltale can play its cards right the final episode, titled “The Ice Dragon”, will be a game full of action and battles that might hinge on the descisons made by all of the members of the Forrester house. As a whole “A Nest of Vipers” featured some of the best fighting sequences in the series, some big decisions and an ending really worth of the Game of Thrones title. “A Nest of Vipers” is not perfect, but its probably the best episode Telltale has released so far.