AEW: Fight Forever — How to Unlock Paul Wight (Big Show)

Here's how to unlock the legendary Paul Wight (aka Big Show) in AEW: Fight Forever.

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Paul Wight, formerly known as The Giant and The Big Show, is a playable wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever. This mountain of a man can shrug off most blows before punishing his foes mercilessly. However, getting him on your roster and in the ring isn’t as straightforward as doing so for some other wrestlers. Here’s how to unlock him via the Who’s Ribbing Me storyline in Road to Elite.

How to Unlock Big Show Paul Wight in AEW: Fight Forever

To unlock Paul Wight in AEW: Fight Forever, you’ll need to play Road to Elite and lose every match until the fourth segment (Road to Double or Nothing). The goal is to get Block 4C: Who’s Ribbing Me, where you’ll need to defeat Paul Wight within three minutes. This will let you purchase him from the Shop menu for 30,000 credits. The steps I outline below are the confirmed way to add him to your roster.

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Start Road to Elite and Choose Malakai Black

To get the AEW: Fight Forever Who’s Ribbing Me storyline, you’ll want to start Road to Elite with Malakai Black. This is the sure-fire way to reach that particular segment.

To be clear, I tried other wrestlers, such as Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page, and even a create-a-wrestler (CAW). In spite of losing all matches, I kept getting a different branch. With that in mind, I can definitively say that choosing Malakai is the best wrestler to choose for this task.

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Lose Every Match Until Road to Double or Nothing

Yes, you heard that right: you need to lose every match from the Casino Battle Royale prologue all the way to the Revolution PPV. Your choices for storylines or partners don’t matter for unlocking Big Show. To speed up this process, simply ignore all other actions and prompts so you can head straight to the Dynamite or PPV show. Once your match begins, pause the game and quit.

Reach Who’s Ribbing Me and Prepare for Paul Wight

If you do everything correctly (by losing, of course), you should reach Block 4C: Who’s Ribbing Me. Now, you’re in the homestretch. There are a couple of things to take note of while attempting to unlock this hidden wrestler:

  • The surprise match against Paul Wight takes place during Week 3 of this section. The match for Week 4 during the PPV isn’t important.
  • The idea is to prepare a bit. As such, during Week 1 and Week 2, you’ll want to use your turns for the Dining, Sightseeing, and Promotion actions. These will keep you in top physical condition for the battle ahead.
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How to Defeat Paul Wight in Three Minutes

Here comes the biggest challenge if you want to unlock Paul Wight in AEW: Fight Forever. During Week 3, Malakai’s car will break down. He’ll rush to the arena only to realize that he has to fight Big Show. Worse, you have to secure the win in three minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Malakai won’t be able to lift Paul Wight due to weight detection. Worse, most of his light strikes won’t faze The Giant.
  • Your best bet is to get a countout victory. So, head outside the ring (i.e., press L2/LT while close to the ropes). Big Show should follow you outside shortly thereafter.
  • You can only try the following:
    • Grapple, followed by a kick attack.
    • Grapple, followed by a throw to the barricade.
  • Paul Wight tends to recover rather quickly. As such, you’ll want to wait until the referee has counted up to 9. At that point, throw him to the corner barricade or the ringpost. Then, immediately run back inside the ring.

If you’re quick enough, you’ll win via countout. From there, you can go back to the Shop menu. You’ll see that Paul Wight can be unlocked for 30,000 credits.

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Have Backups If You Can’t Beat the Clock

If you can’t beat the clock, you won’t be able to unlock Paul Wight. Likewise, due to the autosave system, you’ll have no choice but to replay Road to Elite. However, there are a couple of methods to avoid potential hassles:

  • If the timer is winding down and you don’t think you can win via countdown, immediately close/exit the game (don’t just quit the match). When you relaunch it, you should be at the point where you’re about to start the match.
  • If you’re on PC, you can create a backup save before you start the match. Simply go to C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\AEWFightForever\Saved. Look for “CareerMode.sav” and make a backup copy of that. In case you might not succeed with the objective, just quit the match and go back to the title screen (not the main menu), then use your backup when necessary. This is mostly so you don’t need to force quit and restart the game each time.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about unlocking Paul Wight in AEW: Fight Forever. You can use him in a variety of exhibition matches and Road to Elite, though he won’t be able to gain additional skills or stats. Remember that he’s just one of several wrestlers that you can discover as you play the game. Others include Cody Rhodes, Aubrey Edwards, Owen Hart, and Brodie Lee. For other tips and info, you can visit our AEW: FF guides hub.

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