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AEW Fight Forever — How to Unlock Aubrey Edwards

Here's how to unlock badass ref Aubrey Edwards in AEW: Fight Forever.

Aubrey Edwards, one of the most prolific and well-known female referees in wrestling, is also a playable wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever. A long-time fan of the industry, Aubrey has since made her mark by officiating some of the biggest matches in the promotion’s history. Here’s how to unlock her.

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How to Unlock Aubrey Edwards in AEW: Fight Forever

Unlocking Aubrey Edwards in AEW: Fight Forever is actually quite simple. All you need to do is spend 20,000 credits in the Shop menu.

Credits are fairly easy to come by, as well, so you may find this much easier than unlocking other wrestlers. Winning exhibition matches can net you anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 cash, and you can earn more depending on the match’s rating. Moreover, there are daily, weekly, normal, and secret challenges that can be completed. These mostly require beating an opponent with a specific wrestler or winning a number of matches of a particular type. All in all, you should have enough credits in no time.

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Aubrey Edwards’ Moveset and Skills

Here are her moves and skills:

  • Signature: Superkick 5 — Strike (front).
  • Finisher: Brainbuster — Grapple (front).

Sadly, I feel that Aubrey’s stats are fairly disappointing. She does have a decent Momentum Rate, but the damage from her offensive moves is fairly low. Likewise, she doesn’t have a lot of skills, but I found that her Leverage Specialist can help her eke out a win.

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In any case, once you’ve unlocked Aubrey Edwards in AEW: Fight Forever, you can use her in a variety of exhibition matches, as well as Road to Elite (though she doesn’t gain additional stats or skills as she counts as an AEW wrestler). Similarly, if you go to Options -> Match, you can set her as a referee, which would make her officiate her own match.

Aubrey Edwards is just one of several wrestlers that you can discover as you play AEW: Fight Forever. Others include Cody Rhodes, Brodie Lee, Owen Hart, and Paul Wight. For other tips and info, you can visit our AEW: FF guides hub.

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