AEW: Fight Forever — How to Unlock Brodie Lee

Here's how to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW: Fight Forever.

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The Exalted One, Brodie Lee, is a playable wrestler in AEW: Fight Forever. As the leader of the Dark Order, he brought unparalleled intensity to his matches. And, even though he tragically passed in 2020, his memory lives on. Here’s how to unlock him via the Join the Dark Order block in Road to Elite.

How to Unlock Brodie Lee in AEW: Fight Forever

To unlock Brodie Lee in AEW: Fight Forever, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Play Road to Elite and reach Block 2B: Join the Dark Order.
  • Complete matches and defeat Brodie Lee during the Full Gear PPV match.
  • Unlock him in the Shop menu for 30,000 credits.
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How to Join the Dark Order in Road to Elite

I’ve played Road to Elite a few times just to be certain of the unlock methods. Below, I detail the confirmed method of getting Brodie Lee by joining the Dark Order.

Prologue: Win the Casino Battle Royale

This is your first match in Road to Elite, and it’s also one of the most important. Since you start the battle royale, you’ll have to outlast 21 other competitors. Here are some tips:

  • Choose an AEW wrestler with a high Momentum Rate and front grapple signatures (i.e., Jon Moxley).
  • The idea is to beat up your opponents until your signature is ready. Then, continue to spam it until your foes’ Momentum gauges are green or blue.
  • Then, grapple them and press R2/RT to throw them to the ropes. If their Momentum gauge is green, you’ll need to punch them until they fall out of the ring. If it’s blue, they’ll likely get thrown out automatically.
  • I unlocked Brodie Lee while playing as “Hangman” Adam Page, but I thought this was mostly for kayfabe/storyline purposes. Hangman’s signature move, the Pop-Up Powerbomb, is not ideal for the Casino Battle Royale.
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All Out: Lose the AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Your victory in the Casino Battle Royale leads to Block 1B: Crowning the First AEW Champion. Here’s the kicker: you can lose all preliminary matches here by pausing the game and quitting. In fact, you must lose the championship match against Chris Jericho at All Out.

Road to Full Gear: Join the Dark Order Branch

When I lost the All Out match against Chris Jericho, that led to the AEW: Fight Forever Join the Dark Order storyline. At this stage, I was in the clear. Still, there’s an option here to choose whether you’d join the faction or not. I can confirm that your decision here doesn’t matter.

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Preparations: Defeat John Silver and the Creepers (Optional)

At the end of week 3, there’s a short scene where John Silver kidnaps your character. Brodie Lee is having none of that, so he lets you challenge Silver during Dynamite, as well as two Creepers (i.e., jobbers) during Dark. He also gives you a shot at the TNT Title at Full Gear. This is an optional step.

Full Gear: Defeat Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship

Once you reach the Full Gear PPV, you’ll have a 1-on-1 bout against Brodie Lee. John Silver is in his corner, though he’d hardly cause a distraction. Simply continue with your offense until you get your signature. Spam it a few times, then pin him when his meter/gauge goes blue.

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With the above steps completed, you’ll become the TNT Champion, though it’s hardly referenced throughout the rest of the mode. The important thing, however, is that you’ve finally unlocked Brodie Lee in AEW: Fight Forever. All that’s left is to go to the Shop menu and purchase him for 30,000 credits.

Once you’ve unlocked Brodie Lee in AEW: Fight Forever, you can use him in a variety of exhibition matches and Road to Elite (though he won’t be able to gain additional skills or stats). Remember that he’s just one of several wrestlers that you can discover as you play the game. Others include Cody Rhodes, Aubrey Edwards, Owen Hart, and Paul Wight. For other tips and info, you can visit our AEW: FF guides hub.

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