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Alan Wake 2: How to Solve the Door Code Puzzle in Kalevala Knights Workshop

Find the door combination to the Kalevala Knights Workshop break room in Alan Wake 2.

When you head to Coffee World, you’ll retrieve a screwdriver to open plenty of locked doors, but some still require cultist symbols to be unlocked. Here’s how to find the door code inside Kalevala Knights Workshop in Alan Wake 2.

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Where to Find the Kalevala Knights Workshop Door Combination

In Return 3: Local Girl, you’ll have to open a locked door to go under the Kalevala Knights Workshop and confront the cult members there. I avoided opening this door for a bit, as I thought it would trigger a fight, but it actually opened up into a safe Break Room. Once inside, you’ll also find the fuse needed to complete the float puzzle later on. 

Read the Computer Emails

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Instead of a numbered code, you need to find cult symbols for the combination. First, interact with the computer and read the emails. Some of them aren’t relevant, with Ilmo Koskela sending messages about “Sauna Night” and “Float Work.” The email you need is “Lock Combination,” where Jaakko Koskela writes to Ilmo about not finding the combination.

Look inside the smiley coffee cup” doesn’t help Jaakko, but it does help us. 

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Look Behind the Smiley Coffee Mug

The smiling coffee cup in question is inside the Kalevala Workshop. If you’re outside, facing the entrance, it’ll be on your left side. The place is cluttered, but you shouldn’t have trouble spotting the large white mug.

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Once you find the cup, go around the back and toggle your flashlight on. You’ll see a red symbol with two triangles, but you need to angle your flashlight so you can also see the two other symbols past the coffee cup. In total, you’ll see the following:

  • Two triangles, one pointing down and the other pointing up.
  • Two offset triangles that overlap at the corner.
  • Two triangles that make a diamond shape with their flat bases touching. 

Go back to the door lock and input the combination. The diamond shape triangles go first, with the offset triangles in the middle, and the coffee cup’s symbol at the bottom. 

Once the door opened, the first thing I did was brace for an enemy or a cutscene. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the bright Break Room greeted me. From here, you can go down to the basement and confront the cultists, or you can grab the fuse and head to Espresso Express. Either way, be sure to save first and unload your inventory space if it’s overflowing. 

That covers how to find the door code to the locked room in Kalevala Knights Workshop in Alan Wake 2. For more on how to find more charms and how to get more flashlight charges, check out our growing AW2 guides hub

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