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Alan Wake 2: Only Striped Cups Cult Stash Puzzle Solution

The Striped Cups puzzle answer in Alan Wake 2 is closer than you'd think.

There are a lot of puzzles around Bright Falls and its neighboring cities, each providing its own level of difficulty. This guide will go over the solution to the Only Striped Cups Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

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Only Striped Cups Cult Stash Puzzle Solution in Alan Wake 2

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The answer to opening this container is to look at the Slow Roaster ferris wheel in front of you. Like everything else at the Coffee World amusement park in Watery, this ride is based on coffee. The phrase “Only Striped Cups” refers to the cup-shaped passenger cars, three of which have blue and white stripes on them. You’ll use the numbers listed on them as the code to open the lock.

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When it comes to the order of these numbers, your hint is on the top of the Cult Stash itself. The ferris wheel moves in a counter-clockwise direction, but the arrow drawn on the piece of paper goes in a clockwise direction. This would seemingly imply that they need to go in numerical order like a clock. The code to open it is 147.

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What is Inside the Only Striped Cups Cult Stash?

Inside of this cult stash you’ll find a box of handgun bullets and a box of shotgun shells. It’s not as packed as others are, likely due to the solution to the puzzle being right in front of you. That being said, every little bit of ammo helps when you’re fighting the Taken.

That’s everything there is to know about the Only Striped Cups Cult Stash Puzzle Solution in Alan Wake 2. For other Watery-based tips, such as how to open another Coffee World Cult Stash or how to solve the Parade Float Puzzle, check out our AW2 guide hub.

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