All Egg Types and How to Find Them in Palworld

There are multiple egg types to discover in Palworld. Here are their differences and common locations.

A Palworld character crouching next to a blue Damp Egg.
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Among the various materials to find in Palworld, you’ll discover big eggs to hatch Pals from. If you’re trying to hatch something specific, it’ll help to recognize the differences and common spawn locations. Here’s what you need to know about all egg types and how to find them in Palworld.

Every Egg Type in Palworld and How to Find Them

There are nine different Pal Egg types to discover and each one is tied to one of the nine element types. They come in three sizes, with rare Pals more likely to hatch from Large and Huge Eggs. Additionally, they all sport a unique design and have specific names to help them stand apart.

Aside from breeding, you can find them everywhere out in the world. Egg locations are pre-determined, but I’ve found a generally good place to find one is at a high peak or near cliffs/cliff walls. Although their type can be random, certain biomes are more likely to have particular types. I’ll be going over each type below, as well as any potential biomes to farm eggs.

Common Eggs

A character looking at a pink and white striped Common Egg.
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It’s likely that Common Eggs, which hatch Normal Pals, will be the first type you come across. They’re pretty abundant in the starting areas in my experience, and they’re arguably one of the easiest to see with their white and pink striped design. I’ve found these everywhere in my time playing Palworld.

Damp Eggs

A character looking down at a blue Damp Egg on the shore.
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If you’re looking for Water Pals, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for Damp Eggs. These are commonly found near water, so I recommend scouring beaches and rivers. Their design is a dark blue with water droplet patterns. Since they’re not directly in any water and will only spawn near it, they’re usually easy to spot among the terrain.

Dark Eggs

High on a mountain peak, a Palworld player looks at a large Dark Egg.
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Next are Dark Eggs, which carry Pals of the same type. These don’t seem to have an associated biome, but I have found them in higher elevations more often than not. They’re dark purple with a red swirl design that’s similar to the icon that represents them. Keep a close eye out for them at night since they blend in more. 

Dragon Eggs

A Palworld player next to a Huge Dragon Egg, with a purple and black design.
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What seems to be the most rare in Palworld are Dragon Eggs, which naturally hatch Dragon-type Pals. The only consistent areas I’ve found these are in really high areas, such as Mount Obsidian. These usually have very strong pals in the area, so don’t be surprised if you don’t come across these for a while. You’ll know if you found one if the design is bright purple with a wavy black tail pattern.

Electric Eggs

Player sitting next to a sparkling yellow and black Electric Egg.
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What feels like second in rarity are Electric Eggs with the same type of Pals within. Similar to two others on this list, the best place to find these is out in a desert biome. Dessicated Desert can spawn them since there are a few areas with plentiful Electric Pals roaming around. Their yellow and black zigzag can sometimes blend in with some sandy areas, but stand out in the hotter parts.

Frozen Eggs

A player standing next to a blue and white Huge Frozen Egg at night.
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A Frozen Egg will provide you with an Ice Pal. These are more commonly found in snowy and cold areas such as the Frostbound Mountains or Astral Mountains. That being said, I’ve seen them plenty in most other biomes, too. Their bright blue and white snowflake design stands out even in the snow, so you don’t need to worry about missing these.

Rocky Eggs

Palworld player looking down at a Rocky Egg in the Desert.
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If you see something brown with a pattern of black pentagons, this means you’ve come across a Rocky Egg, which will hatch Ground Pals. I’ve typically found these in Desert areas such as Twilight Dunes or the Dessicated Desert. Anywhere with spiky cliffs can have them. Since the desert biomes have quite a few potential spawns, it might take a bit of luck to come across them. These can also blend in well with the desert terrain, so I recommend checking anything that looks remotely like them.

Scorching Eggs

Palworld player standing next to a Huge Scorching Egg.
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A Scorching Egg with a red and orange flame design will hatch Fire Pals. The best biome to find these are in Desert areas or Mount Obsidian. If you’re in an area where the temperature gets dangerously hot, you have a good chance to come across one. They stick out like a sore thumb no matter where they spawn though, so they should be easy to find.

Verdant Eggs

Palworld character standing next to a Huge Verdant Egg near a tree.
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Last but certainly not least are the Verdant Eggs, which yield Grass-type Pals. I’ve seen these just as much as Common Eggs all throughout the map. If you’re aiming for one in particular, I recommend forest areas such as Bamboo Groves or the appropriately named Verdant Brook. Just be careful, as their green color can really blend in with the terrain at times.

Hopefully, you’re much more confident about all the egg types and how to find them in Palworld. If you want to speed up the process of finding them, it’ll help to use the fastest mount. Any other tips you need are available at our Palworld guides hub.

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