All Fallout 76 Flower and Blossom Locations: Fern, Tato, Gourd

All of the locations for the flowers and blossoms in Fallout 76, complete with maps.

All of the locations for the flowers and blossoms in Fallout 76, complete with maps.

Flowers and blossoms are some of the most important crafting components in Fallout 76. In this guide we show you the map locations for all of the flower and blossom components in the game. Not only are these items useful for concoctions to heal you directly, but they also can be used to make consumables to remove rads and cure various diseases you might contract during your exploits. Some of these species are easy to find, but several are so rare that you will only find them in a specific location.

Ash Rose

This flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Disease cure (Ash Heap)
  • Formula P
  • Healing salve (Ash Heap)
  • simple ash rose tea
  • Smoked mirelurk fillets
  • Steeped ash rose tea

Ash Rose is a rarer flower found in Ash Heap, though they can often be found between Welch and Big Bend Tunnel West, as well as north of The Sludge Works. A picked flower can be taken off a bench at Sunnytop Station. Specific locations include:

  • Abandoned Mine Shaft 1
  • Silva Homestead
  • Billings Homestead
  • Lewisburg rooftop greenhouses

Ash Rose mutates to Rad Rose when hit by a blast zone. It drops Raw Yellowcake Flux when picked.


Bloodleaf is used in the following consumables:

  • Bloodbug pepper steak
  • Disease cure (The Forest)
  • Disease cure (Toxic Valley)
  • Fermentable New River Red Ale
  • Formula P
  • Frog Jar
  • Healing salve (The Forest)
  • Healing salve (Toxic Valley)
  • Infused bloodleaf tea
  • Mirelurk cake with bloodleaf aioli
  • Simple bloodleaf tea
  • Skeeto spit
  • Sweetwater special blend

Bloodleaf can be found pretty much anywhere there’s a large body of water. These areas are:

  • Near Ohio River Adventures
  • Spruce Knob Lake
  • Spruce Knob Channels
  • Site Alpha
  • Alpine River Cabins
  • Flatwoods

You can also find them in rivers or smaller ponds throughout Appalachia while you’re exploring. When included in a blast zone, it mutates to Quantum Leaf which provides Raw Cobalt Flux when harvested.

Carrot Flower

This flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Carrot flower nectar
  • Cranberry jam
  • Steeped carrot flower tea
  • Steeped tato flower tea
  • Mentats

Carrot flower can be found in the Savage Divide region near the Palace of the Winding Path. Go to the central courtyard and eastern garden for small patches of carrot flower. You can also find carrot flower growing in window boxes at the Whitespring Resort.

Two plants are found at the Overseer’s Home. One is found on the northern side of Morgantown Station. There are more planters at the Wayward.

When a blast zone hits any location with carrot flowers, they’ll turn into Irradiroot which gives Raw Yellowcake Flux when harvested.


Corpse Flower

The corpse flower is found in the Forest Region, but it only blooms during the Death Blossoms event. During the event, you can harvest Corpse Seeds and Corpse Flower Stamen.

Corpse Flower Stamen is used in the following consumables:

  • Stimpak Super

Corpse Seeds are used in the following consumables:

  • Corpse seed juice

Kaleidopore Flower

This flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Formula P

The Kaleidopore flower is only found in Arktos Pharma. Since it’s only location is inside a building, it does not have a radiated version.

Mutated Fern Flower

This flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Simple fern flower tea
  • Steeped aster tea
  • Steeped fern flower tea
  • Steeped melon blossom chai

This species is more widespread than the Carrot flower. You can find it in the Hunter’s Shack in the Mire region.

Mutated Fern Flower can also be found:

  • Southhampton Estate
  • Highland Marsh
  • Thunder Mountain substation TM-01
  • West of Woods Estate
  • Along the stream west of Dolly Sods Wilderness

It can be found while wandering throughout Toxic Valley, as well as the Mire and Cranberry Bog regions. When these areas have a blast zone, Mutated Fern Flower turns into Flash Fern and gives Raw Violet Flux when picked.

Rhododendron Flower

Rhododendron is used in the following consumables:

  • Sweet labrador tea
  • Steeped strangler pod tea

Rhododendron is the most common flower in Fallout 76, but it mostly grows in the Forest region of Appalachia. If you’re looking for a specific location, the Whitespring Resort has dozens of flowers on the grounds.

When doused with radiation, Rhododendron turns into Raydodendron. It provides Raw Fluorescent Flux.

Soot Flower

Soot flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Disease cure (Ash Heap)
  • Granny’s tea
  • Healing salve (Ash Heap)
  • Healing salve (The Forest)
  • Infused soot flower tea
  • Simple soot flower tea
  • Soot flower herb paste
  • Steeped fever blossom tea
  • Steeped gourd blossom tea
  • Steeped strangler bloom tea
  • Steeped melon bloom tea
  • Soot flower herb paste

Soot flower is extremely common throughout the Forest and Mire regions. Specifically, it can be found in the Overseer’s Camp. But you can also find a few flowers at the entrance of Vault 76 and in the Wayward.

It turns into Geiger Blossom when in a blast zone and provides Raw Yellowcake Flux.

Tato Flower

Tato flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Steeped tato flower tea

There are a few places where you can find small patches of Tato flower. The largest amounts are found Vault 94 in the Savage Divide region, and the Silva homestead fields. Some plants can be found at Wade Airport and the Morgantown Airport garden.

Wild tato blossom plants transform into Afterwind Vines which gives Raw Violet Flux when harvested.


This flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Disease cure (Toxic Valley)
  • Fermentable Oak Holler Lager
  • Fried Deerskins
  • Healing salve (Toxic Valley)
  • Steeped thistle tea
  • Tato salad surprise

Thistle is a rarer flower, primarily found at Willard Corporate Housing, though you can find a few plants at Wavy Willard’s Water Park. Other locations where you may find it:

  • South of Graninger Farm
  • Pioneer Scout Camp parking lot
  • Grafton mini mart

When harvesting it, take care as it’s a volatile plant. If you hear it rattling, you want to leave the area as it’ll release toxic smoke that deals 30 radiation damage.

When in a blast zone, Thistle will turn into Irradiated Thistle, which gives you Raw Fluorescent Flux.

Toxic Soot Flower

Toxic Soot flower is used in the following consumables:

  • Disease cure (Toxic Valley)
  • Psycho
  • Soot flower herb paste

This toxic flower can be found throughout the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia. Specific locations it grows include:

  • Toxic Dried Lakebed
  • Wavy Willard’s Water Park
  • Crater
  • Whitespring Presidential Cottage and Museum
  • West of Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

These flowers are already mutated from their original form, and are not effected by high levels of radiation.

Fever Blossom

This blossom is used in the following consumables:

  • Steeped fever blossom tea

This rare blossom can be found growing behind the graveyard near the Point Pleasant location of the Forest region. The rest of the plants can be found in The Deep, which is west of Whitespring Resort, and inside Vault 94 atrium.

It mutates into Volatile Fever Blossom when it’s in a blast zone. When harvested, it gives Raw Crimson Flux.

Gourd Blossom

This blossom is used in the following consumables:

  • Steeped ash rose tea
  • Steeped gourd blossom tea

The best place to find Gourd blossom is in front of the Sugarmaple mansion in the Forest.

However, there are several other locations to search:

  • Sunday Brothers’ Cabin
  • Cobbleton Farm
  • Ammo Dump
  • Abbie’s Bunker

It becomes a Boom Bloom when radiated in a blast zone, giving you Raw Crimson Flux when picked.

Melon Blossom

This blossom is used in the following consumables:

  • Steeped melon blossom chai

Melon blossom is a plant scattered here and there in the wasteland. If you need more than one blossom, you want to head to these locations:

  • Vault 94
  • The General’s Steakhouse
  • Aaronholt Homestead
  • Wixon Homestead
  • Becker Farm

Raw Yellowcake Flux is what you’ll obtain when harvesting the mutated Megaton Melon Blossom.


That’s it for all the flower and blossom locations in Fallout 76. For more tips and tricks, including other locations articles, head over to our Fallout 76 guides hub.

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