There are 11 police stations to find in Los Santos. Here's where they all are!

All GTA 5 Police Station Locations

There are 11 police stations to find in Los Santos. Here's where they all are!

Much of your Grand Theft Auto playtime is dedicated to avoiding the Los Santos police force. To escape and avoid them effectively, you need an extensive knowledge of the world map and know where you might expect to see the cops. But where are the police stations in GTA 5?

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There are 11 police stations in the dangerous city of Los Santos. This guide will cover the locations of all 11, as well as give brief descriptions of what they look like.

Each police station serves two purposes: house both police officers and vehicles and act as a respawn point for you whenever you are busted. If you are busted, you will respawn at the nearest police department and lose some money.

Where to Find the Police Stations in GTA V

Every one of these buildings can be found in single-player and GTA Online. Many of these stations also act as the initial spawns for online heists. A full map of the police station locations is below.

Map of Los Santos showing all of the police station locations.

Beaver Bush Ranger Station

The Beaver Bush Range Station is located at Baytree Canyon Road and Marlowe Drive, in Vinewood Hills. It’s just north of the city. The building is a light brown color with a large patio that wraps around it.

Davis Sheriff’s Station

The large, two-story brick building on the south side of Innocence Boulevard, between Davis Avenue and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, is the Davis Sheriff’s Station. It is in Los Santos, next to the auto impound, and has two large palm trees out front.

Del Perro Police Station

The Del Perro Police Station is located on the Del Perro Pier, next to the amusement park. This station is easily identified by the large yellow flag on the corner of the building, featuring the Los Santos seal. 

La Mesa Police Station

Located on Popular Street in La Mesa, the La Mesa Police Station is a single-story station with a stand-out baby blue roof. There is a massive “Police Department” sign by the sidewalk.

Mission Row Police Station

The Mission Row Police Station is the “main” station in GTA 5. It is the only accessible station in the game, meaning that players can enter and explore the interior. In single-player, it can be entered through any door or the roof. In GTA Online, it can only be entered through the back door and roof.

It is a three-story modern-style building located in Mission Row between the east ends of Vespucci Boulevard and Atlee Street

Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

The Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office has a brick County Jail attached to the building on the east side and a large car park out front. The Sheriff’s Office is located at the intersection of Route 1 and Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay.

Rockford Hills Police Station

The Rockford Hills Police Station can be found in Rockford Hills, attached to the Rockford Hills City Hall (the intersection of Eastbourne and Abe Milton Parkway on the northwest side).

Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Station

The Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Station shares a complex with the Sandy Shores Medical Center. The building is located on Alhambra Drive and is very large, but single story. 

Vespucci Beach Police Station

The Vespucci Beach Police Station is a circular complex with a glass exterior.  The station is located on Vespucci Beach, near the south side.

Vespucci Police Station

The main police station in Vespucci is the Vespucci Police Station. It borders San Andreas Avenue, South Rockford Drive, and Vespucci Boulevard.

There is a parking lot entrance on Vespucci Boulevard, with the “Obey and Survive” motto painting on the concrete wall. 

Vinewood Police Station

The Vinewood Police Station is in Downtown Vinewood, located on the corner of Elgin Avenue and Vinewood Boulevard. There is a helipad on the roof. 

Whether you’re looking to avoid the police, to exact revenge for a previous bust, or just want to steal a police maverick and fly around Los Santos, these 11 police station locations should prove invaluable to your GTA 5 adventures. For more on Grand Theft Auto 5, consider heading over to our guide hub!

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