All Kena Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chests: How to Get Curse Collector

Looking for all of the Cursed Chests in Kena Bridge of Spirits? Here are their locations.

Looking for all of the Cursed Chests in Kena Bridge of Spirits? Here are their locations.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chests can be found in each area of the game. Finding their locations and opening them up will give you Gems or — every once in a while — Hats or Rot. Finding all 13 will also give you the Curse Collector (silver) trophy. 

Cursed Chests look like the regular variety except they have red light in the center instead of blue. You can’t just open them, either. Each chest initiates a combat encounter, each with different criteria.

Some have you face off against four enemies and defeat them in a specific timeframe, for example, while others may require you to take no damage during the fight. 

Remember: You can check how many you’ve found in each area by pausing the game and highlighting a specific location on the map. The collectible tallies can be found on the right side of the screen.

Village (6)

Cursed Chest #1

With your back to the hat cart, go back toward the ruins (south on the map). Turn at the first left with the red flags hanging between the buildings. Follow the path behind the building on the right. The chest is at the far end of the building, right near a blue pot on the ground. 

Cursed Chests #2-#4

There are three Cursed Chests in the house attached to the warp stone. Use spirit mail to open the house and clear the corruption. One on the left and right. Clear the left open the right. The right opens the middle. 

Cursed Chest #5

After getting Adira’s Mask and opening the new section of the village, go there and cross the water. Go left afterward and toward the large waterwheel by the river.

Go right just after the water wheel, then take the next left. Follow the path past the docks warp stone. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs, and it’s on the left.

Cursed Chest #6

Go to Zajuro’s Shrine and take the left path. Go through the portal and follow the path around. When you enter the cave, the last of the Cursed Chests in the Village is on the right side.

Rusu Mountain (1)

Once you reach the broken bridge, follow the path right and around the Mesa. This collectible is at the end near a tree with a blue lamp hanging on it.

Forgotten Forest (2)

Cursed Chest #1

Follow the path east from the Sacred Tree warp point. You’ll eventually come to a fork where you can go left toward the fishing Shrine or right to a tree, where the oath circles around. The chest is behind the tree.

Cursed Chest #2

From the hat cart on the western side of the area (right side from the forest entrance), drop down and follow the water right to the large pool. There will be pressure plates on either side of the pool.

Stand on one and use pulse to raise three pillars in the pool. Jump to the center pillar, and shoot the blue stone on the pillar above you. Leap over to the cliff for the last of the Cursed Chests in this area.

Fields (2)

Cursed Chest #1

This one is northwest of the Forge, directly to the right of the hat cart, on a small cliff.

Cursed Chest #2

Go to the Fields Warp Stone. You’ll see a house to your right, directly across from the Warp Stone. Destroy the rocks at the entrance. The chest is on the right.

Village Heart (2)

Cursed Chest #1

This collectible can be found at the Grove where the main objective for Adira’s Regret is (northwest of the Forge and Hat Cart). Go past the tree in the center to the bridge over the waterfall. The chest will be in the middle of it.

Cursed Chest #2

Enter the Village Heart subterranean area and slide to the bottom. Follow the path until you reach the stones in the water. These are the ones you must use to make a bridge (and there will be a tether point to the right).

Climb out of the water and up on the stones, then head up the ledge on the left. Follow it left for the chest in the back right corner.

Here are some other collectible guides and hints: 

Those are the locations for all of the Cursed Chests in Kena Bridge of Spirits. You’ve now got a handful of new Rot and Hats, plus the Curse Collector trophy — whoot! For more, consider heading over to our Kena guides hub for other tips articles, such as solving the Fishing Shrine puzzle.

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