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All Kingpin Items and How to Get them in Skull and Bones

Kingpins sell special commodities and blueprints in Skull and Bones.

There are certain items you can only consistently get from the Kingpins, who import them into the region they control. Between Scurlock and Rahma, these are all Kingpin items and how to get them in Skull and Bones.

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All Kingpin Items in Skull and Bones and How to Obtain Them

Unlike other commodities you can purchase from any vendor, these items are controlled by the regional Kingpins themselves. Scurlock and Rahma will start selling items to you once you finish their related storyline. After the last cutscene, you must return to their office and select Buy and Sell. Along with the goods, you can purchase weapon blueprints or weapons named after the Kingpin.

Kingpin Admiral Rahma
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Each Kingpin charges a different price in the form of Helm goods. Like regular commodities, the price can fluctuate, but the amounts listed below are what I was given. These must be crafted in the Distillery or Laboratory so you can collect them, instead of at a Manufactory.

While battling high-level ships, you may come across some of the Kingpin commodities as loot or even find them floating in the sea. This is rare, and purchasing them is the most consistent way to obtain the goods.

All of Scurlock’s Commodities

  • Scurlock’s Chasers Blueprint: x1,000 White Skull Rum
  • Scurlock’s Long Nines: 1,000 Gold Skull Rum
  • Cannon Powder: x2 Gold Skull Gin
  • Firearms: x3 Gold Skull Gin
  • Rum: x7 White Skull Gin
Scurlock's Kingpin inventory
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All of Rahma’s Commodities

*This list is a work in progress and will be updated with item costs when discovered.

  • Jade
  • Ginseng
  • Porcelain
  • Rahma’s Legacy
  • Rahma’s Ambition

Those are all the Kingpin items and how to get them in Skull and Bones. For more on commodities, how to earn Pieces of Eight, or where to find resources, sail to our guide vault.

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