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All Post-Game Content in Super Mario RPG

Get ready for more fun after beating the story in Super Mario RPG. Here's how to unlock all post-game content.

Even though you’ve concluded the story, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more adventures to be had by Mario and company. Indeed, you’ll have plenty to do, including boss rematches. Here, I’ll discuss all post-game content in Super Mario RPG.

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How to Unlock Post-Game Content in Super Mario RPG

To unlock all of the post-game content in Super Mario RPG, simply finish the campaign by beating Smithy in Weapon World. You can check our Smithy boss guide to know more about the encounter.

Once the final boss has been defeated, a cutscene shows what happened to the other characters. After watching the end credits in full, you’ll get a notification: “Save your cleared data? Once you do, post-game fun will be available.”

Choose to make a campaign clear save file, then load it from the main menu. Once you do, Mario will wake up in his home. Toad will remark that he’s probably dreaming the he already defeated Smithy, and he’ll also give you a Stay Voucher.

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Sound Player, Play Report, and Monster List Updates

Of the post-game content in Super Mario RPG, three additions are available from the get-go. You can find all of these options in the Journal tab of your menu:

  • Sound Player: This has 61 tracks that you can listen to, all while Toadofsky, the NPC from the Melody Bay puzzles, conducts an orchestra.
  • Play Report: The Play Report panel shows you a record of how you progressed throughout the campaign. These stats include your campaign clear time, your most active party member, your most used Triple Move, the minigames you’ve played, how many Hidden Treasures you’ve found, and so on.
  • Monster List: Once you’ve beaten the campaign, the Monster List will be updated. It will show all the enemies in the game, including those that you didn’t encounter the first time around.

How to Unlock Boss Rematches Using the Stay Voucher

The most notable post-game content in Super Mario RPG is the Boss Rematch feature. This allows you to face certain beefed-up, more powerful versions of bosses you’ve already defeated. I like this feature quite a bit because it provides more of a challenge than the base game versions. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the Marrymore Inn and use the Stay Voucher. An attendant will take you to the third-floor suite.
  • Interact with the mushroom lamp to sleep. At night, Mario will see Geno looking out the window. Geno will remark the next day that he saw something in Star Hill.
  • Go to Star Hill and tag the flowers to enter the next screens. Geno will say that new stars have appeared and that the Frog Sage might know more.

Travel to Tadpole Pond and talk to the Frog Sage. He claims that a certain foe might be stronger than Mario. This begins the Super Mario RPG Boss Rematch activity. Basically, the Frog Sage will mention a particular opponent, which you’ll then have to battle. Once you’re done with the fight, the Frog Sage will mention another foe.

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All Available Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG

There are seven Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG. I should warn you that these are buffed versions of the enemies that you’ve faced. As such, they’re significantly tougher. I suggest obtaining powerful items, such as the Ghost Medal, Super Suit, and Quartz Charm, before facing them. I personally had these gear pieces equipped on characters to max out their capabilities.

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In any case, here are the available bosses and their locations:

  • Jinx: Monstro Town
  • Belome: Land’s End (Belome’s Temple)
  • Punchinello: Moleville Mines
  • Booster: Booster Tower
  • Bundt Cake: Marrymore
  • Johnny: Sunken Ship
  • Culex 3D: Monstro Town — Yes, the secret boss that drops the Quartz Charm also has a significantly more difficult variant.

That’s everything you need to know about all the post-game content in Super Mario RPG. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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