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romancing gale in baldur's gate 3
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Baldurs’ Gate 3: Best Origin Character Romance Pairings Ranked

Looking for love stories? Here are the best origin character romance pairings in Baldur's Gate 3.

There are various origin romance options in BG3. Each character can develop a relationship with everyone else. Match-making based on personal narrative preference is what makes the game so beautifully complex and socially interactive. Here are my personal origin character romance pairings ranked in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What are the Best Origin Characters to Ship in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Astarion and Gale

A power couple centered around ambition and seeking power, this is one of the best romance parings in BG3. Some would argue that’s a recipe for a self-destructive relationship. But I would argue that these two can learn a lot from each other. Both end up better for it.

Gale is power-hungry, sure. But his good-hearted and peaceful nature can comfort an Astarion dealing with abuse trauma. Gale can ultimately aid in his conflict with Cazador. There are plenty of Gale options where you can let Astarion know you’ll have his back. You can help him in the final struggle against the Vampire Lord, while also sharing gentle moments along the way.

romancing astarion in baldur's gate 3
Screenshot by GameSkinny

On the other hand, Astarion’s pompous and snarky nature fits well with Gale’s autonomy. They’re both gentleman of charm and wit. They share many similarities and ambitions. More importantly, they can both help each other develop as people. They’ll stray from the one-dimensional quest for power trop and become better people than when they met.

Dark Urge and Minthara

While Minthara isn’t an origin character, we can still ship this relationship. She has a developed line of social interactions, and her ambitions and nature go well with the more violent sides of the Durge. Minthara’s approval is tailored to the more destructive and chaotic path of the Dark Urge.

The relationship blossoms if you choose to side with the Absolute and destroy Druid’s Grove. Minthara will join your quest and become your partner in devious brutality. Indeed, this relationship isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s quite fitting. Of course, those who want to experience a story in which the Durge overcomes their nature might want to choose other romance options.

Karlach and Lae’Zel

Mighty, honest, and honorable are traits I would use for both Karlach and Lae’Zel. These powerhouses are arguably made for each other. Not only in pure attraction, either. Lae’Zel even comments on her respect and admiration for Karlach during their first meeting.

Further, they both live under the yoke of a higher oppressor. Zariel for Karlach and the blind faith in Vlaakith for Lae’Zel. Through their romance, they can help each other with their struggles.

romancing karlach in baldur's gate 3
Screenshot by GameSkinny

They both respect strength, too, both in character and in battle. They display it to each other during the story and are, in general, a great fit for each other. That said, you’ll need the second Infernal Heart upgrade for cooling if you want to pursue a more exclusive relationship with Karlach. She’s scorching to the touch before that.

Lae’Zel and Shadowheart

Frenemies turned lovers. It can’t get more poetic than that. Still, this relationship turns away from cliches and into a legitimate Origin character romance. Lae’Zel and Shadowheart are two sides of the same coin. They’re both characters raised with blind obedience to their faith.

Even their Act I progression mirrors their character conflict. Deciding whether to pursue Vlaakith’s path and the Githyanki Monastery or Shar’s path and the Underdark exploration reflects that. They’re made to be opposites, but they can actually help each other overcome the systems that chain them.

Through this Origin romance, they can both help each other realize their own independent potential. And they can overcome the brainwashing tactics employed by their respective cults. Lae’Zel learns to be a kinder and gentler person (to an extent), while Shadowheart becomes more open and cheerful.

I found it quite beautiful to watch when I managed to pair them during the Tiefling party despite not actually playing as either of them. (As a side note, you can do this by switching from your Tav to either of them manually and talking to the other).

romancing shadowheart in baldur's gate 3
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Wyll and Karlach

If Baldur’s Gate 3 was a TV show or movie, then I would argue Wyll and Karlach should be the main characters. Larian’s early ideas had Lae’Zel as the protagonist. But Karlach and Wyll’s story of fighting against demonic oppressors and finding love is top-tier main couple narrative.

It all begins with Wyll realizing Karlach is just an innocent Tiefling. He refuses to kill her and defies his pact with Mizora. He gets “punished,” but he makes a lifelong ally and potential partner in the process.

Karlach needs someone who understands what she’s been through. She needs someone who’s able to provide her with the gentleness and physical affection she deserves. Wyll needs someone who sees him as more than his Pact and title. He needs someone who cares about him as a person.

Furthermore, they both need each other to fight back against Zariel and Mizora for a happily ever after. Overall, this is my favorite ship, both in terms of the story and the fact that Wyll’s ranged Fiend Warlock playstyle perfectly supports Karlach’s melee vanguard build.

That’s it for my best origin character romance pairings in Baldur’s Gate 3. Which ones do you prefer? There are plenty of options, each with unique storylines well worth exploring. For more BG3 guides, check out how to romance every character or best the NPCs to cast Speak With Dead on.

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