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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Reach the Sewers in Act 3

There are many passageways that take you to the Lower City Sewers in Baldur's Gate 3.

Though there are many entrances, knowing how to reach the Sewers in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Many of the objectives in the game’s third act take place in the dank tunnels and canals beneath the Lower City. Moreover, the paths lead to a boss fight, as well as a new companion. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Reach the Sewers in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3

The Sewers in the Lower City can be reached via several entrance points in Baldur’s Gate 3. I’ve categorized them based on the general location:

  • Main section: We can think of this as the starting area of the Lower City Sewers. There are three paths that lead to it, and one that acts as an exit, which takes you to the rest of the zone.
  • Canals section: The western portion of the sewers is covered in gunk, and there are also icky slime creatures and mephits.
  • Abandoned Cistern section: There’s another entrance here, though, technically, it’s also inaccessible at the start.

Main Section Sewer Entrances

  • Basilisk Gate manhole: The closest and the one you’re most likely to discover early on is the manhole next to the Basilisk Gate waypoint.
  • Emperor’s Old Hideout: Once you’ve explored the Emperor’s Old Hideout underneath Elfsong Tavern, you might notice a ladder. Climb down and it’ll lead you to the Lower City Sewers.
  • Guild Hall: There’s also another entrance to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Sewers located in the Guild Hall, the base operations of Nine-Fingers Keene and her gang. Unfortunately, it has a red icon, implying that interacting it would be seen as a crime. Instead of banging on that door, you’re better off using either of the two entrances mentioned above. Then, follow the underground path that leads to it. You do need to pass a DC20 Sleight of Hand check if you want to successfully unlock the door.

Canal Section Sewer Entrances

  • Facemaker’s Boutique manhole: There’s a hard-to-spot manhole in the alley just southeast of Facemaker’s Boutique.
  • Flymm’s Cargo basement: If you’re inside the Flymm’s Cargo building, you can move the wooden crates to reveal a hatch that takes you to the basement. Take a look at the partially damaged wall, which has a path that leads to the sewers. Note that you’ll also visit the Flymm’s Cargo building while doing other quests, such as Retrieve Omeluum and Avenge the Drowned.

Abandoned Cistern Sewer Entrance

Garden with “Keep Out” sign – Finally, in the northwestern part of the Lower City, you’ll find a garden that has a “Keep Out” sign. This is also an entrance, though, again, I wouldn’t advise you to bother with it. That’s because you can only access it by completing Jaheira’s quest. Later on, you’ll meet her old buddy and fellow returning character, Minsc. You can then unlock this passageway via the underground hideout in the Abandoned Cistern.

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That’s all you need to know about how to reach the Lower City Sewers in Baldur’s Gate 3. Soon, you’ll make your way to the Undercity Ruins, where you’ll have to battle Orin the Red. For more tips and tactics, you can visit our BG3 guides hub.

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