Batman: Arkham Origins Chapel Bug, My Alibi Glitch, Copperhead Bugs, and Other Common Bug Fixes

WB has made some fixes for the Chapel bug, but if you're running into any of these other problems, here are some new fixes.
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If you cannot find the issue covered here or want to check out more Batman: Arkham Origins walkthroughs and common bug fixes, check out the Master List.

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Steam has just closed its doors on the 2013 Winter Sale, where the price of Batman: Arkham Origins dropped 50% down to $24.99 (or $20 on Green Man Gaming), and the Season Pass to $9.99. If you were wondering whether Arkham Origins measures up to the last two, you might be a little disappointed to find out that there are still quite a few bugs. There have been patches (the most recent one was about 32.1 MB) so some have been fixed, but not all. Here are some of the things you can try.

Please note, most of these errors relate to problems experienced on the PC Steam version of the game. 

Infinite Fall Glitch

I have mentioned this one briefly in an earlier article, and noted that there hasn’t been a fix found for it yet. A patch was released earlier that should have taken care of most instances of the Infinite Fall glitch, however this appears to be for games that have not yet experienced this problem.

If you run into this and or have been stuck for a while, email WB your save game. It remains the only way to fix this particular problem. 

My Alibi Glitch

This appears to be a glitch that affects only the PC Steam version. After defeating Bird in the My Alibi nightclub, if you proceed into the back room (where a Data Pack is indicated on the map, unfortunately), the screen goes black. If you return to the main room, the stairway, all of them go black. Restarting from last checkpoint will cause you to be stuck on Batman in that blackness unable to do anything else. 

There is no fix for this yet. DO NOT GO INTO THIS ROOM.

It is a side quest, so you will still be able to continue the story without it. I know, it’s annoying. But WB has yet to come out with a patch fix for it.

EDIT: Thanks to user liker_5548 for find a fix on the Steam forums!

By now there is a Fix for the my alibi glitch, and that one might even work for other problems which occur once you enter a building. Found it in the steam forums and it works like a charm:

1. Find file BmInput.ini in your Batman Arkham Origins folder (eg: C:SteamSteamAppscommonBatman Atkham OriginsSinglePlayerBMGameConfigBmInput.ini)
2. Do copy of this file for safety and keep somewhere
3. Open this file
4. Find the last line in [Engine.PlayerInput]
5. Paste at the last: 
Bindings=(Name=”F1″, Command=”start batentry?Area=OpenWorld?Players=Playable_Batman?unlockall”)
6. FileSave
7. Start the game
8. Choose your story
9. Press F1
10. Your Batman is free 😉
This can be usefull for another bugs and glitches. I hope that helped

What it actually does is teleporting you out of the building once you hit f1 😉

Chapel Bug

This took me a little while to find the fix for. This happens in a later fight with the Joker inside the Chapel where he’s holding two shards of glass, where prompts don’t actually appear until you die. If you are experiencing this bug, these are some of the fixes:

  • lower your resolution (note: not graphics!)
  • open your map and then close it
  • turn off detective mode

Other players have suggested that the prompts don’t work on the Beatdown stage of the fight. If this is the case, if you are able to, try plugging in a controller. This should allow you to play through this fight completely. The latest Steam patch should have taken care of this issue however.

[Updated 01-03 6:20pm EST]

Joker fight progression blocker

[UPDATE: A new patch has just gone live for PC that fixes the progression blocker where the final Joker fight cutscene couldn’t be completed with Keyboard and Mouse]

Deathstroke Disappearing

When fighting Deathstroke on Penguin’s ship, Final Offer. He may disappear. This is a little different from the Flickering Croc glitch which doesn’t actually interfere too badly with your ability to complete the fight. 

If this is happening to you, trying turning off PhysX. If this doesn’t work or apply, try updating video card drivers and deleting the bmengine.ini file.

Copperhead Infinite Fall Glitch

If you respawn after the Copperhead fight, you might find yourself stuck in an infinite fall loop. With this one, a few players have reported that this possible fix might help:

  • glide immediately after loading into the game
  • enter detective mode to see the three “lands”
  • land, dive, and release so you can change your flying angle towards them



Copperhead Elevator Crash Bug

In this bug, after being poisoned by Copperhead and on your way up in the elevator, the game crashes. This happens just after a save so any time you load the game, it will crash again. 

To fix this, try these steps:

  • open the file “BmEngine” with Notepad which can be find in Batman Arkham OriginsSinglePlayerBMGameConfig
  • locate “AllowD3D11=True” and change it to False
  • locate  “Allow D3D1o=False” and change it to True

This should allow your game to continue on.

Game Install Stuck At 98%

For later installs of Arkham Origins, Steam may remain stuck at 98% and stop downloading. For some, turning off Steam, restarting your PC, and restarting Steam and the download will solve the issue.

Some users have reported this has not fixed the issue for them. 

One user on the Steam forums offers this fix:

  • stop the download
  • copy the download file in C:Steamsteamapps (or wherever you save it to)
  • go into the downloading folder
  • cut and paste the 209000 folder and all patches into another temporary folder
  • while pasting, there will be an error saying that a texture file cannot be transferred, this is fine, skip it and continue
  • after this, go back into steam and right-click on Batman: Arkham Origins in your Library, delete all the local content and restart the download
  • check the downloading folder in C:Steamsteamapps to check if the 209000 folder and all patches are installing again
  • pause the download in Steam, then paste the contents of your temporary folder into the downloading folder in C:Steamsteamapps
  • continue downloading the game in Steam
  • after the installation is done, right click Arkham Origins > properties > local files > verify integrity of game cache
  • this should locate a few errors and download the missing files

That’s all for today! I will try to find and report any more issues that I find. Thank you so much to users who have commented with some of the issues they needed fixing (and fixes for them too!). I couldn’t have done it without you! Many thanks to users on the Steam and WB forums.

If you cannot find the issue covered here, I have written several articles on other common issues and their fixes:

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  • Issue Fixes #2 (covers getting stuck in GCPD tunnels, Mad Hatter issues, etc.)
  • Issue Fixes #3 (covers post-Steam patch final Bane fight black screen, Steam issues, etc.)

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