Battlelands Royale Guide: Tips & Tricks on How to Win

Grab your guns, grab your armor, make it to the top of the scoreboard. Here's how to do it in the cutest battle royale shooter ever!

Grab your guns, grab your armor, make it to the top of the scoreboard. Here's how to do it in the cutest battle royale shooter ever!

Battlelands Royale is possibly the cutest iteration of a battle royale game to date. If you thought Fortnite was cartoony, you have never clapped eyes on this super fast-paced 33-man kill-fest that mixes the top-down gameplay of Alien Shooter 2 with the adorable patter patter of LEGO styled characters. 

Don’t be fooled by the stylized appearance, though, because these little cuties are primed for pint-sized murder. Games in Battlelands Royale are so quick to start and finish that you can probably complete a handful of them in the same time it’d take you to play through a full round of PUBG

However, like any battle royale game, Battlelands has its own quirks and ways to win. If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and strategies for Battlelands Royale, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know!

Dropping In: How To Do It (With Best Landing Spots)

(Note: The above is the highest-quality version of the main game map I could find but it’s missing one crucial detail – the ship! That can be found in the bottom center where it connects with the river.)

The drop-in parachute mechanic is still in here, but it’s a tad different than what you may be used to. 

In Battlelands Royale, it’s much simpler than some of the other battle royale titles out there. You drop down from a far lower height, giving you greater control over where you land and what spot you want to drop down on.

Tons of equipment, ammo, and weapons will litter the area, so picking where you drop can be important. We’ll talk about picking up weapons and loot in the next section, but here are some suggestions on where you should drop down into the map for early success:

  • You can choose your initial drop area on the main map (see above) before narrowing down the exact space on which you drop in on (e.g. on the closest piece of loot!).
  • While it’s natural to want to drop down in a space with lots of cover, it’s actually a pretty good idea to find an open area in which to drop down (e.g. the wide open spaces in the far left border). Most players avoid those like the plague when initially jumping in and they’re also completely unlikely to engage in combat right away if you do meet someone. This means extra loot just for you, and plenty of time to equip before you start racing inwards for cover (houses for dodging around or the bushes below them for sneaking around). 
  • The ship area is actually a pretty decent area to drop in on too. Most players avoid it because it has such close quarters, but you don’t need to worry about that so soon into the game. Plus, the loot drops are much closer together.

Getting Loot and When to Engage

To pick up weapons and loot, you’ll need to stand on them for a few seconds. You’ll see what looks like a green loading ring around you, letting you know that you’re in the process of getting the item. 

Concentrate on stocking up for the first minute or so after you’ve dropped into the map. Make sure you stay on the lookout for armor (the floating blue shields), which augments your health and lets you take more damage. 

If you come up on other opponents while searching for loot in the early game, do not engage them unless you’ve already picked up a weapon and are fairly well-stocked. 

However, when you do kill other players, make sure to pick up the extra loot they drop. While I normally wouldn’t suggest running straight for a corpse to grab the goodies, it’s often warranted here especially since the top-down format means that aiming is a lot easier on you. If you see something shiny, go for it! 

This tactic is further underpinned by the fact that health packs drop pretty often in Battlelands Royale. That means you are more likely to survive if someone tries to drop a few shots off on you than in other games of this type.

Keep Things Sneaky (And Other Combat Tips)

The business of killing each other in this game emphasizes speed of play. Since you have an isotropic view of the map, you don’t really need to go mucking through buildings looking for loot. They’re mostly there to break up the terrain and get in the way of flying bullets so you won’t need to look inside them for enemies or worry about closing doors after you. 

There are, however, plenty of grassy areas in the game. You don’t need to drop down and crawl into a large bush to ambush your enemies because your character is automatically invisible to other players (and vice versa) unless you start taking damage. That means you should use the grass to your advantage and sneak up on your opponents. If there’s a camp spot in Battlelands Royale, the squares of tall grass are it. 

Do note that you can also give yourself away by moving around in the grass because bits of it will fly up (this is not super obvious, but noticeable). 

Start shooting if you suspect someone else is near. Be careful running in and out of the grass though – the borders between grassy areas and open ones are the most dangerous because you don’t necessarily know if someone is lying in wait within range, plus you don’t have the ability to hide immediately once hit. 

If you see two other players already going at it, wait it out for a few seconds by hanging out in the grass to simply finish them both off without being seen!

Learn Your Weapons

All guns were not created equal, and this holds as true in Battlelands Royale as it does in real life. The game’s different gun types have been pared down to suit its quick, cartoony style, so you don’t need to fumble around trying to find the perfect grip or scope. All you have to do is grab it go! 

The difference between the different guns is largely in the amount of damage they do per shot, as well as how quickly you can shoot again.

Some are more readily available than others. For example, the Minigun and the Bazooka are only available in airdrops. On top of that, some weapons you only want to pick up if there are no other guns in sight (I’m looking at you, Peacemaker!).

Because of the top-down view and the game’s blocky assets, it can be a little tricky at first to tell each of the guns apart, but you’ll figure out what you’ve picked up super quick either way. 

Let’s take a quick look at the game’s different weapons and how they operate. 

The Different Battlelands Royale Gun Types
  • Peacemaker: This is your basic semi-auto rifle. It provides low damage and has a low rate of fire
  • Assault Rifle: This is a step up from the Peacemaker and a general, all-around, good-for-all-situations gun. It provides moderate damage and a high rate of fire
  • Sniper: This rifle isn’t a bad idea if you’re setting up shop in the grass with an open area nearby. However, landing shots isn’t easy. There’s no such thing as headshot damage. This rifles has high damage and a very low rate of fire
  • Shotgun: This is also great for when you’re running in and out of the grass. As with all shotguns, it’s great for up close and almost useless at range
  • Bazooka: Only available from airdrops, this is great for getting multiple splash hits. It has super high damage and a fair rate of fire. However, the rockets themselves are slow and other players can see them coming. Dump this weapon before the safe zone gets too small.  
  • Minigun: Whee! If you’ve ever wanted to be a 360-degree spinning turret, this is the gun for you! It has a super high rate of fire and provides decent damage. This gun also drops with enough ammo to make it worth your while! Like the Bazooka, it comes from airdrops.

Other Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Here’s a set of quickfire tips and tricks to keep you winning: 

  • You can only have one gun at a time, so make sure you pick up the right ammo for the gun you have. Picking up a different gun will switch you over to the new one but it will not drop the old one. 
  • While picking up drops (so long as you can stay in the pick up circles), you don’t need to be standing still. This means you can pick up multiple items at once and that you can still move while picking up items
  • Approach airdrops with caution. They’ll give you the best loot of the game but try and wait it out for other players to murder each other before you take out the last man standing.
  • Keep track of the damage numbers when you hit an enemy — they are color-coordinated:
    • Red: critical hit
    • Blue: damaging shields
    • White: body damage, no shields

That’s it for now! Happy hunting and stay tuned for more tips and tricks on staying the last man standing!

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