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BitLife: How to Complete the Doom and Gloom Challenge

Prepare for Armageddon and start a cult in BitLife's Doom and Gloom challenge!

The new year is approaching, but that means we’re one year closer to the end of the world. That’s right, this week, we’re preparing for Armageddon so that we survive, along with about 50,000 other people at least. Here’s how to complete the Doom and Gloom challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Doom and Gloom Live Challenge in BitLife

Because you have to start a cult, you need the Cult Expansion Pack ($4.99) to do this challenge. The five tasks you need to check off this week are:

  • Start an Armageddon cult in Florida.
  • Own a compound.
  • Own 10+ SUVs.
  • Construct a fallout shelter and armory.
  • Amass a following of 50,000+ people.

Start an Armageddon Cult in Florida

The best way to do this task is to create a custom life to make sure you’re in Florida. So, choose either gender, then pick the United States as your country. For residence, you can pick from Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and Tampa to be born in Florida.

If you have any Job Packs, I’d recommend using the Actor Special Talent. Building Fame is easier as an actor compared to other Job Packs, and having Fame will give you an instant numbers boost when you start a cult.

As such, when Aging Up, I focus on both Looks and Smarts. You also want to get a Part-time Job early or do Gig work while growing up because you’ll need a lot of money for this challenge. When you hit age 18, you can go to University, but you don’t need to. Instead, I tried to get into Acting and Social Media to build up Fame and money as quickly as possible. Then, you can move onto actually starting the cult, which is done with the next task, officially.

Own a Compound

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To start a cult, you need a compound. Go to Activities > Commune and purchase one of the available options. Go higher on the Appeal bar if you can because that helps when recruiting new members.

It basically lets you know how enticing the idea of living on that compound is given its appearance, location, and accommodations. Once you buy a compound, you have the option to use cash or a mortgage, and you get to choose your philosophy. Name it anything you wish, but you must pick Armageddon as the Philosophy. This completes your first two tasks.

Own 10+ SUVs

This one is just pricey, but if you have an OnlyFans and build up a fanbase, you can put Cars on your wishlist by going into Assets > Social Media > OnlyFans > Wishlist and adjusting the options there. Otherwise, you want to go to Assets > Go Shopping and pick a car dealer. Then, buy SUVs until you have a total of at least 10. Since you have a cult now, you’ll have a steady income with cult membership fees. In combination with a job and possibly Social Media money, you should be in a decent position financially.

Construct a Fallout Shelter and Armory

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Of course, we need a Fallout Shelter and Armory to be a proper Armageddon cult. While this also costs money, you can get your followers to help pay for it. You can also start selling cult merchandise for extra cash. But when you’re ready, go to Activities > Commune > Structures and look at the dropdown list for an Armory or Fallout Shelter.

They might not be there, in which case you can try closing the window and opening it again. Or you can Age Up to the next year and check if the options are there now. Since this part is a bit reliant on RNG, it’s a matter of checking your options until you have both built.

Amass a Following of 50,000+ People

This is where Fame helps. If you’re famous, you get a bigger number of followers right when you start your cult. Aside from that, you gain followers each year. But you can increase your following by hosting activities, doing global outreach programs, interacting with your followers, and holding ceremonies.

Basically, go into Activities > Commune and use options like Recruit, Totem, and Selection. Then, go into your Compound at the top of the Commune menu and use the options there to increase both loyalty and follower numbers. It takes a while to get to 50,000, so make sure you host multiple activities, go on outreach missions, and hold recruitment events as much as you can each year until you hit your goal and complete this final task.

And that’s how to complete the Doom and Gloom challenge in BitLife. The last two tasks require a bit of luck and persistence, but money and Fame help quite a bit. From here, check our guide hub for topics like how to use the stock market or how to become a model.

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