BitLife: How to Complete the Gimme Gimme Challenge

Live a life where what you want is handed to you in BitLife's Gimme Gimme Challenge!

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This week, you’ll combine effort with connections and luck to get through life. From joining a fraternity and using your connections to land your dream job, we’re aiming for success using limited amounts of effort. As such, here’s how to complete the Gimme Gimme challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Gimme Gimme Live Challenge in BitLife

This week’s tasks are:

Be Born a Male in Washington

For this challenge, you need to create a custom life. Select male for your gender. Then, you need the United States as your country. While it might be tempting to choose Seattle for location, you actually need to scroll to the bottom of the list and pick Washington. I made a life using Seattle, and it won’t check off the task.

Use a Fraternity Connection to be Given a Job

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As you Age Up, increase your Smarts and generally be a good child. You need to get into college, so having a clean record and good academics is a must. After high school, apply to university for any major. Then, go to School > University > Fraternities and go down the list, rushing each one until you get the interview question. Answer it correctly to be in the fraternity.

After graduating, apply for jobs until the interviewer mentions being in your fraternity. They’ll hire you immediately, and that checks off this task.

Receive 5+ Drinks at the Club

This task relies on RNG, so it’s a matter of persistence. Go to Activities > Nightlife and choose a club. If you get offered a drink, accept it. Then, repeat this step until you’ve accepted a total of five drinks. Having a high Looks stat can help here, but it’s still mostly chance-based.

Receive a Promotion While Working Less Than Expected

For this task, go into Jobs and pick your job. Then, go into the hours worked and reduce your current hours by two. After that, choose the Work Harder option. Continue working harder each year, with your hours two below the standard. Once your performance bar is full, you should get a promotion and complete this task.

Receive a Happy Ending

This last task doesn’t have to be done last. But when you choose to check it off, go to Activities > Salon and Spa > Massage. Thai Massages have the highest chance of offering a happy ending, so that’s the only one you want to pick for the type. When the pop-up appears, accept the happy ending. If it doesn’t come up, then repeat these steps until it does, and you’ll complete this last task.

And that covers how to complete the Gimme Gimme challenge in BitLife. It’s much less reliant on RNG compared to other challenges and is pretty straightforward. From here, check out our BitLife guides hub for more content like how to buy a house or how to create a cult.

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