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BitLife: How to Complete the Haus of Whacks Challenge

Here's how to complete the Haus of Whacks, this week's live challenge in BitLife!

The latest live challenge is up for BitLife, and that means five new tasks required to complete it. This week, you’ll need the Black Market Expansion Pack to participate since one task centers around having a museum. Here’s how to complete the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Haus of Whacks Challenge in BitLife

These are the five tasks you need to complete for the House of Whacks challenge:

  • Be a male born in New York.
  • Become a Fashion Designer.
  • Open a Museum.
  • Murder six or more people.
  • Fill an entire museum wing with taxidermied bodies.

Be a Male Born in New York

Being a male born in New York is easier than with other states because the city used for New York is New York. So, create a custom life, choose male as the gender, and select New York in the United States as your birthplace. If you have the Special Job Packs, particularly the Mafia one, then it helps to put Crime as your special talent.

Become a Fashion Designer

Next, you want to become a Fashion Designer. Age up and keep your Smarts at a decent level. When you’re 18, choose to go to college and select Graphic Design as your major. If it isn’t available, you can take a year off, pick up a job, and try enrolling again next year. The majors listed change from year to year, meaning there’s an element of RNG here.

After you graduate, look for Jr. Fashion Designer in the full-time job list and apply. Like with college majors, there’s an element of RNG. This job might not appear the first year. In that case, take what you can to earn money and check again after aging up. You don’t need to stay a designer to complete the other tasks.

Open a Museum

Opening a museum breaks your bank. Go under Assets > Museum and you receive a pop-up to buy a museum, which costs $5,000,000. The easiest way to get that money is through inheritance or the lottery, but how you get it doesn’t matter. You just need to have it before you can check off this task.

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Murder Six or More People

Now the murdering begins. The trick is killing people you will be responsible in planning the funeral for. This lets you select Taxidermy as an option for the body. If you don’t have family or loved ones to part with, you could use Activities > Love and order brides to kill or find somebody, rush the marriage, and kill them. When you get the option, make sure you select Taxidermy. However, be aware that this costs a decent chunk of money to choose.

Fill a Museum Wing with Taxidermied Bodies

Finally, fill your museum. The main wing of your museum has enough slots for this challenge. So, place the bodies of your victims that you’ve been saving in the museum to be put on display. Once all six are added, the challenge will be marked complete.

And that’s how to complete the Haus of Whacks challenge in BitLife. You might be able to make a profit off your museum, but all you really need to do is own one and make a human exhibit. From here, check our guide hub for more topics like how to become an actor or how to become a social media star.

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