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BitLife: How to Complete the One Peace Challenge

Travel around the world and buy a Pirate Ship for BitLife's One Peace challenge!

This week, we pay homage to the popular — and incredibly long — One Piece series with a new set of tasks. We’ll make some international friends, explore the world, steal random packages, and even own a pirate ship. So, get ready. Here’s how to complete the One Peace live challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the One Peace Live Challenge in BitLife

This challenge offers a lot of freedom, but it’s also expensive. Here are the tasks you need to check off:

Be Born a Male in Brazil

First, you want to start a Custom Life. From here, select Male as your gender and Brazil as your Country. As far as Place goes, you can pick any place in Brazil you’d like. And if you have any Job Packs, you can choose a Special Talent. However, you don’t need one since we aren’t seeking a specific job.

While Aging Up, you want to focus on setting up your character to get a job that pays well. We’re going to be emigrating and buying a pirate ship, so you need to keep in mind that it’s going to be expensive. I got lucky with my Custom Life because my character’s parents died young and left me over seven million dollars. But my plan before that was to become a Social Media Star.

Befriend a Man from Japan

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Once you’re an adult and have some money, go to Activities > Emigrate and choose Japan from the drop-down list. If it isn’t there, close out the window and go back in until it appears. After you arrive in Japan, go to Occupation > Jobs and grab any of the options you qualify for. Finally, go to Job > Your Job > Co-Workers and tap on any male option. Then, choose Befriend. If he accepts, you check off this task.

Befriend a Woman from Norway

Here, we repeat the above task, but instead of Japan, emigrate to Norway. And once you have a job, go to Job > Your Job > Co-Workers and find a female option. Hit Befriend, and if she accepts, you check off this task. I did this one before the Japan task simply because Norway came up in the emigration options first.

Pirate 5+ Porches

This task is pretty simple, and it’s one of the crimes that has a low risk of being arrested. But to be safe, I saved this task for last in my game. When you’re ready, go to Activities > Crime > Porch Pirate. Pick any house, and you either get a message that you got an item and sold it, or that you ran away for fear of being caught. Repeat this step at least five times for the task to be marked off.

Own a Pirate Ship

This task is the most subject to RNG. It’s also the most expensive since Pirate Ships cost millions. When you’re ready, go to Activities > Shopping > Boat Dealer. Pirate ships don’t appear often, so if it isn’t there, your only choice is to Age Up and check again. I was incredibly unlucky here. It took over 40 years for the ship to appear for me, but that finally checks off the last task.

And that’s how to complete the One Peace live challenge in BitLife. The tasks aren’t overly difficult, but you have to compete with RNG and build a decent amount of wealth. From here, check out our guides hub for topics like all Job Packs ranked worst to best or how to become a Model.

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