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BitLife: How to Complete the Raving Lunar-tic Challenge

Balance an addiction and life as an astronaut in BitLife with the Raving Lunar-tic Challenge!

Time to leave Earth; we’re going to the moon this week! However, we might not be model astronauts because we also need to balance an alcohol addiction without the intention to seek help for it. Here’s everything you need to know to complete the Raving Lunar-tic challenge in BitLife.

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All Tasks to Complete the Raving Lunar-tic Live Challenge in BitLife

You need the Astronaut Job Pack ($1.99) to complete this challenge. And your five objectives this week are:

Be Born in Oregon

To start off, you’ll want to make a Custom Life. Pick any gender you want, but you need to have the United States set as your Country and select Portland as the Place. Astronauts don’t have a Special Talent associated with their Job Pack, so you can go ahead and start this new life after choosing the right location. While Aging Up, focus on your grades and Smarts Stat because you need both of those to be high to become an astronaut later. I kept going to Activities > Mind & Body > Space Camp to boost my Smarts while growing up.

Become an Astronaut

The first step to becoming an astronaut is graduating high school and going to university for a STEM Degree. This means you can choose any major that falls under Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. Make sure you pick up a part-time job or do gig work while studying to make a bit of money. Once you graduate, head to Activities > Licenses > Flight School. You’ll be prompted to complete 40 flight school hours before getting your license, and 10 hours costs $1650. Repeat this step until you have all 40 hours, then go to Activities > Licenses > Pilot’s License. Just like with other licenses, you’ll have to answer a question correctly to pass the test.

Next, go to Jobs > Special Careers > Astronaut > Space Academy and hit apply. Once you’re accepted, you need to go into School > Space Academy and keep selecting Fitness, Flight, and Technical Training options to improve your performance. Once your performance bar is green, you can Age Up and graduate. Then, you’re prompted to apply to NASA.

BitLife Space Academy Options
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Once you’re officially part of NASA, you want to go to Jobs > Astronaut and keep completing Fitness Training, Flight Simulations, Scans, and Transmissions to earn promotions. Your end goal is to become a Major, so that will take several years of work.

Drink at the Club 5+ Times and Maintain an Alcohol Addiction

This is probably the easiest task this week. Go to Activities > Nightlife and select a club. If you get a prompt for drinking, agree to it. Repeat this until you drink at the club at least five times and have an addiction to alcohol. Just make sure you read the pop-up and avoid other drugs that you might end up addicted to since going to the club can lead to offers for substance use, too. I didn’t and ended up with an extra addiction, and you’re unable to go to rehab while working for NASA to remove it.

Retrieve 2+ Lunar Artifacts While Addicted to Alcohol

BitLife Lunar Mission Info
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After you’re addicted to alcohol and reach the rank of Major, go to Job > Astronaut > Missions > Lunar Exploration. While on the mission, you might receive a pop-up that gives you the option to pick up something unusual you spotted on the moon. Choose to take the object, and you’ll have gathered a Lunar Artifact. Repeat this process once more to get your second artifact, and that checks off your final task.

And that covers how to complete the Raving Lunar-tic challenge in BitLife. This is one of the more complex challenges we’ve had in a while, and there’s a bit of RNG that you need to contend with as well. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like our list of expansions and job packs we’d love to see.

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