BitLife: How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife.

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Another week, another set of tasks to complete. If you’re here, you’re wondering how to complete the Snowbird challenge in BitLife. While the first steps are relatively straightforward, there can be some roadblocks to avoid along the way. You’ll need at least the Landlord Expansion Pack ($4.99) to do everything in this challenge, and even then, you should prepare yourself for some RNG.

BitLife: How to Complete the Snowbird Challenge

Here’s how to complete the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife at a glance:

  • Be born in Canada
  • Emigrate to Aruba
  • Purchase a houseboat in Aruba
  • Purchase and fully upgrade a villa in Aruba
  • Rent out 5+ fully upgraded properties in Aruba

How to be Born in Canada in BitLife

The first task you’ll need to do to complete the Snowbird Challenge is the easiest. All you have to do is start a New Custom Life and choose to be born in Canada. I chose Calgary, but the specific location doesn’t matter, so any city that’s in Canada will check off this box.

How to Emigrate to Aruba

Once you’re an adult, you can emigrate to Aruba. Before you do so, I suggest earning money either through a part-time job or side gigs while you’re in school, or grabbing a full-time job for a year or two after graduating school since it costs money to move. To emigrate, go to Activities > Emigrate and check if Aruba is listed. If not, you’ll have to either close the window and reopen it, or age up and try again the next year. It took me about 10 years before it showed up as an option.

How to Purchase a Houseboat

Like emigrating, purchasing a houseboat in Aruba is also subject to RNG. You’ll either have to go to Assets or Activities, then Go Shopping and check each Real Estate Dealer for a houseboat. I found one during my first year, but that might not be the case for you. If you can’t find one, age up and try again the following year.

How to Purchase and Fully Upgrade a Villa

Purchasing a villa follows the same process as getting a houseboat, but it’s much more expensive; I’ve seen them cost at least $8 million but upwards of a whopping $20 million. I usually save this task for last, and I’d suggest you do the same for the Snowbird challenge to save up money.

When you have the villa, you can upgrade it by going to Assets > Properties > Villa > Upgrade. This will give you an option to add an amenity. The pop-up will tell you how many open spaces are left for amenities, and the property is considered fully upgraded when there’s no room to add more.

How to Rent Out 5+ Fully Upgraded Properties

Renting out properties might end up being your main income in Aruba, so you’ll be going to Assets or Activities > Go Shopping and looking at Real Estate Dealers quite often. I started off with the cheapest properties because they tend to have only two or three slots for amenities, making them cheaper to fully upgrade. You only need to fully upgrade and rent out five properties, but you can rent out as many as you want for more income.

That’s how to complete the Snowbird Challenge in BitLife. For more topics, check out our guides page for pieces like how to enlist in the Marines and how to increase your Health Stat.

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