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BitLife: How to Complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge

How to complete this week's live challenge in BitLife: Tell-Tale Heart!

The next live challenge is active, and this week puts you in the middle of life and death. Here’s how to complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge in BitLife.

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How do You Complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge in BitLife?

While you don’t need any extra packs for this challenge, the Mafia Job Pack grants you the Crime talent, which could make a few tasks easier.

As always, you have a set of five tasks to fulfill to mark this challenge complete.

  • Be born a male in Tennessee.
  • Become a nurse.
  • Murder someone 60+ years old.
  • Overcome an alcohol addiction.
  • Plead guilty to a murder you committed.

Be Born a Male in Tennessee

Here, you’ll want to start with a custom life. Choose Male as your Gender. Then, the United States as your Country. And finally, put Nashville as your birthplace. If you have the Crime Special Talent available, go ahead and select that as well. It’ll help with the murdering that you need to do later.

Become a Nurse

Since you need to become a nurse, you need to keep your Smarts high through your childhood. To do this, Study Hard under School and in the Activities > Mind & Body section, perform tasks like reading books, going to Space Camp, and going to the Public Library. After you graduate from high school, go to university and choose Nursing as your major. If it doesn’t show up, choose the Never Mind option. Then, go to Job > Education > University and bring it up again to see if Nursing appears in the new options. You might have to do this a few times due to RNG.

After you get a Nursing Degree, you need to continue to Nursing School. You’ll find this in Jobs > Education > Nursing School. Unlike University, Nursing School is only two years, and you still get the option to apply for a scholarship to pay for it. After you graduate, you can get a job as a Nurse through Jobs.

Murder Someone 60+ Years Old

For the murder, you’ll want to choose somebody you know so that you can make sure their age is over 60. Go to Relationships and pick your target. Then, go to Activities > Crime > Murder and select them. If the name doesn’t come up as an option, then exit the Murder window and bring it up again. The target list should’ve changed. You can choose any method you want, but more aggressive ones like Drive-By have a higher chance of working. I waited to do this after becoming a Nurse and overcoming an alcohol addiction because you can grab the plea guilty task at the same time.

Overcome an Alcohol Addiction

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Before you overcome an addiction, you need to develop one. Go to Activities > Nightlife and go clubbing. When you get a prompt to drink, agree to it. You won’t get addicted right away each time. So, repeat this step until you get the prompt that you’re addicted to alcohol. Then, go to Activities > Rehab and choose one of the options. I try to use Luxury Rehab if I have the money because it works almost every time. If your option doesn’t work, you’ll have to keep trying Rehabs and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings until you overcome the addiction.

Plead Guilty to a Murder You Committed

Finally, you need to plead guilty to a murder. It’s best to do this task with the murder task listed above. After committing the murder, you have a chance of being arrested. Cooperate with the police, choose your legal representative, and then accept the guilty plea that’s offered. If you aren’t caught after the murder, you’ll need to commit more murders until you are. At least for those, you don’t need specific targets. But after you choose to take the guilty plea, the challenge will be finished.

And that’s how to complete the Tell-Tale Heart Challenge in BitLife. If you want, you can get through your prison sentence and try to take back this life. Or you can call it good and move on to the next one. But from here, check out our BitLife guides hub for topics like how to buy a house or how to become a Social Media Star after your prison stint.

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