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BitLife: How to Make a Report to HR

Quests and challenges like the Karen Challenge require you to make multiple reports to HR, here's how to do it!

You might find yourself wondering how to make a report to HR in BitLife, whether it’s for a daily quest or a challenge like the Karen challenge. I know that this can be a frustrating task because there’s an element of RNG to it. The daily quest only requires three reports, but the Karen challenge requires ten, and that might mean that you need to go through multiple lives before you complete it.

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How to Make a Report to HR in BitLife

  • You can’t report somebody to HR without a reason.
  • Reporting to HR and damaging relationships with coworkers can get you fired.

The actual reporting part is easy. You go to Jobs > Your Job > Human Resources. 

The problem is that even if you have a disagreement with a coworker, you might get a message that you don’t have anything to report when you select Human Resources.

Essentially, you need your coworkers to be mean to you. Then, you say in the pop-up window that it doesn’t bother you before heading right to HR to file a report. Your relationship with coworkers seems pretty random, just like the odds that they’ll do something to you that can be reported.

You can increase the odds that a coworker will be mean to you by lowering your relationship with them by pranking them. I got fired a few times doing this, so there’s an amount of risk to taking this route. But on the other hand, you might go through an entire career without issues with your coworkers, in which case you end up making no reports.

So while that covers how to make a report to HR in BitLife, I understand that you might be frustrated that it relies so much on RNG. If you want guides on topics you’ll have more control over, check out how to marry into royalty or how to buy a house.

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