A guide to every shard in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and which monsters drop them.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – All Shards Location Guide

A guide to every shard in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and which monsters drop them.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is out now and it is full to the brim with strange abilities for you to absorb into your body via shards. Nearly every monster in the game has something to offer you, you just have to be willing to put in the time to farm them, either that or be incredibly lucky.

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In order to help you figure out which ones you are missing, we’ve put together this list of the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Shard locations just for you. A couple of these repeat, but that’s because they can be dropped by different monsters. 

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Shard Locations 

Shard Name Monster Location
Cerulean Splash Seama Galleon Minerva
Flame Cannon Cannon Morte Galleon Minerva, Arvantille, Entrance
Gale Crawler Aello Galleon Minerva. Arvantille, Entrance
Summon Ghost Ghost  Galleon Minerva, Entrance 
Head Flair Dullahammer Galleon Minerva 
Summon Rat Giant Rat  Arvantille 
Bone Toss Bone Morte  Arvantille, Entrance 
Summon Bat Bat Arvantille, Entrance, Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Summon Gieremund Gieremund  Entrance, Dian Cécht Cathedral 
Heretical Grinder Blood Grinder Knight  Entrance, Garden of Silence 
Sword Expertise Sabnock Entrance 
Fly Trap Moco Weed  Garden of Silence 
Release Toad Toad  Garden of Silence, Forbidden Underground Waterway
Summon Plume Parma Plume Parma  Garden of Silence 
True Arrow Barbatos  Entrance, Garden of Silence 
Familiar: Carabosse Carabosse Garden of Silence 
Summon Simian Simian  Garden of Silence, Dian Cécht Cathedral 
Alchemic Bounty Zagan  Garden of Silence 
Welcome Party Poltergeist  Galleon Minerva, Dian Cécht Cathedra, Towers of Twin Dragons, Livre Ex Machina 
Acid Jet Ordog  Garden of Silence, Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Petra Ray Gargoyle  Garden of Silence, Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Dagger Expertise Killer Barber  Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Augment INT Demon  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Livre Ex Machina, Forbidden Underground Waterway
Summon Buer Buer  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Bridge of Evil, Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Riga Stroaema Nyabon  Entrance, Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Summon Insect Scythe Mite Towers of Twin Dragons 
Familiar: Dullahammer Head Dullahammer Head  Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Summon Buer Buer Armor Garden of Silence, Towers of Twin Dragons, Forbidden Waterway 
Beast Guardian Wolfman  Towers of Twin Dragons 
Resist Thunder Thunder Elemental Livre Ex Machina 
Firearm Expertise Carriage Morte Livre Ex Machina, Bridge of Evil 
Familiar: Dantalion Dantalion  Livre Ex Machina 
Sacred Shade Rul’sha  Livre Ex Machina 
Circular Ripper Decarabia  Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Summon Shovel Armor Shover Armor  Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Resist Petrification Malediction  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Livre Ex Machina
Teps Oceus Celaeno Towers of Twin Dragons, Bridge of Evil 
Directed Shield Shield Outsider Dian Cécht Cathedral, Towers of Twin Dragons
Resist Strike Puppy  Bridge of Evil, Underground Sorcery Lab 
Bunnymorphosis Lili  Bridge of Evil 
Flying Dagger Assassin  Bridge of Evil 
Draconic Rage Dragon  Livre Ex Machina 
Resist Curse Kunekune  ??? 
Resist Poison Poison Toad  Towers of Twin Dragons, Underground Sorcery Lab, Forbidden Underground Waterway, Hidden Desert 
Healing Sidhe  Underground Sorcery Lab 
Bolide Blast Bomber Morte  Underground Sorcery Lab 
Money is Power Mimic  Livre Ex Machina, Underground Sorcery Lab 
Resist Light Light Elemental  Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Optimizer Ocypete  Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Death Cry Cyhyraeth  Entrance, Garden of Silence, Dian Cécht Cathedral  
Summon Chair Chair Mimic  Livre Ex Machina, Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Chaser Arrow Leraje  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Livre Ex Machina 
Familiar: Bloodbringer Bloodbringer  Entrance, Dian Cécht Cathedral, Hall of Termination 
Spear Expertise Lance Armor  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Livre Ex Machina 
Upbeat Heat Tamako-Death  Livre Ex Machina 
Familiar: Buer Triwheel Buer  Livre Ex Machina, Hall of Termination 
Kick Expertise Gamigin  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Hall of Termination 
Augment MND Titania  Livre Ex Machina, Hall of Termination 
Throwing Axe Axe Outsider  Livre Ex Machina, Hall of Termination 
Resist Slash Scylla  Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Va Ischa Forneus  Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Aqua Stream  Deeseama Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Summon Water Leaper Water Leaper  Forbidden Underground Waterway, Hidden Desert 
Amphibian Speed Glashtyn Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Detective’s Eye Seeker  Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Words of Wisdom Archdemon  Dian Cécht Cathedral, Forbidden Underground Cathedral 
Lethargy Amy  Hidden Desert 
Augment CON Allocer  Hidden Desert 
Tis Raiff Vul’sha  Hidden Desert 
Resist Thrust Living Fossil  Hidden Desert 
Resist Strike Rocky  Hidden Desert 
Resist Dark Dark Elemental  Secret Sorcery Lab
Whip Expertise Lamashtu  Secret Sorcery Lab 
Toxic Storm Macaron  Underground Sorcery Lab, Secret Sorcery Lab, Forbidden Underground Waterway 
Red Remembrance Blood Bug  Inferno Cave 
Resist Fire Fire Elemental  Inferno Cave 
Flamethrower Volcano Morte  Inferno Cave 
Summon Hellhound Hellhound Inferno Cave 
Throw Spear Zepar  Hidden Desert, Inferno Cave 
Augment LCK Deathtrap  Inferno Cave, Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Pick Pocket Gusion  Livre Ex Machina, Underground Sorcery Lab, Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Augment STR Gaap  Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Petra Breath Haagenti  Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Tornado Slicer Kamikaze  Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Shuriken Ninja  Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Fly Trap Giant Moco  Den of Behemoths 
Summon Bat Giant Bat  Den of Behemoths 
Release Toad Giant Toad  Den of Behemoths 
Flame Cannon Giant Cannon  Den of Behemoths 
Familiar: Buer Giant Buer  Den of Behemoths 
Firearm Expertise Chariot Buer  Den of Behemoths 
Drain Marbas  Den of Behemoths 
Feral Claws Silver Wolfman  Den of Behemoths 
Void Ray Abyssal Guardian  Livre Ex Machina, Den of Behemoths 
Accelerator Harrier  Den of Behemoths 
Resist Ice Ice Elemental  Glacial Tomb 
Summon Tracer Tracer  Glacial Tomb 
Firearm Expertise Gusion Cannon  Glacial Tomb 
Ace Strike G Axe Outsider  Glacial Tomb 
Fald Ciu Demon Lord  Glacial Tomb 
Summon 8-Bit Zombie Eight Bit Zombie   8-Bit Nightmare 
Summon 8-Bit Ghost Eight Bit Ghost 8-Bit Nightmare  
8-Bit Fireball Eight Bit Skull 8-Bit Nightmare  
8-Bit Flame Eight Bit Overlord  8-Bit Nightmare  
Chisel Barrage  Master Carpenter   Oriental Sorcery Lab 
Ruinous Rood Revenant  Garden of Silence 
Jackpot Millionaire’s Bane  Hall of Termination 
Thrashing Tentacle  Vepar  Galleon Minerva 
Craftwork Craftwork  Dian Cécht Cathedral
Double Jump Andrealphus  Livre Ex Machina 
Inferno Breath Valac  Towers of Twin Dragons 
Hammer Knuckle Glutton Train  Bridge of Evil 
Reflector Ray Bathin  Underground Sorcery Lab 
Blood Steal  Bloodless Dian Cécht Cathedral 
Shadow Tracer Doppelganger  Secret Sorcery Lab 
Invert Orabas  Inferno Cave 
Gold Bullet Valefar  Den of Behemoths 
Dimension Shift Gremory Glacial Tomb 
Standstill Orlok Dracule  Glacial Tomb 


That’s every shard you can get from the incredibly varied monsters in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

If you’re struggling to get one of these to drop, it’s worth upping your luck stat and pushing through. Good luck on your adventure, and if you need more help check out our other Bloodstained guides here on GameSkinny. 

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