Can You Dual Wield Weapons in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded offers plenty of builds to play around with. Do any of them have dual wielding?

Gazing across the foggy landscape in Enshrouded
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Dual-wielding melee weapons is the go-to build option for many people in any action game, usually for fast-hitting criticals or poisons. With the game featuring both melee and ranged weaponry and so much flexibility, you might be wondering if you can dual-wield in Enshrouded.

Are You Able to Dual Wield Melee Weapons in Enshrouded?

Unfortunately, you can’t dual-wield melee weapons in Enshrouded. Typically, we see dual-wielding in games with daggers, though swords and other weapons appear in the fighting style. Enshrouded offers swords, but it doesn’t have daggers or knives.

Why Doesn’t Enshrouded Have Dual-Wielding Mechanics?

Despite having an Assassin class, as well as backstabbing bonuses, you won’t find any dual-wielding options in Enshrouded‘s skill tree. It’s somewhat an odd decision, but Enshrouded‘s proprietary engine may just not be able to manage two melee weapons at once. Or it’s a design choice.

It’s got some amazing features regarding building, along with smooth and responsive combat, but this wouldn’t be the only limitation we see on its engine, dubbed Holistic. It’s also not possible to drop items on the ground, which is also likely due to the engine.

The player hitting a goat in Enshrouded
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I’m not the sort who usually runs a dual wielding build, so this limitation isn’t quite the thorn in my side that it might be for some others. Enshrouded offers plenty of melee weapon options to pair with different builds.

Dual-wielding the swords and other weaponry we have available doesn’t seem like it would add that much. We have a full 11 melee weapon types to play with in Enshrouded, ranging from heavy hitters like war hammers and poleaxes to more lightweight swords and rapiers.

Now that you know whether you can dual-wield in Enshrouded, you know not to plan on a double-sword backstabbing build for your Assassin. A backstabbing build, sure. A dual-wielding one? You’re out of luck. Check out some more of our guides on the game, such as how to increase comfort levels, the best spots to build your base, and where to find the Alchemist.

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