Can You Drop Items in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded breaks the mold in many ways. Here's how to drop items instead of deleting them.

The player transferring items from inventory to chest in Enshrouded
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Dropping items is a survival game staple, but it’s not exactly obvious here. It’s not even baked into the game like I would expect it to be. Here, I’ll tell you if you can drop items in Enshrouded to make more inventory space — or if you must destroy and dismantle them.

Can You Drop Items in Enshrouded? How to Drop But Not Delete Items

We’re all used to opening our inventories, selecting an item, and choosing to drop it if we run out of space. It’s second nature and a fairly typical mechanic. Enshrouded doesn’t follow the mold. You can’t drop items like you would in other survival titles and RPGs. But you don’t have to suffer with an overstuffed inventory. There’s a solution.

Though you can’t drop items on the ground in Enshrouded, you can unload them from your inventory. You don’t want to delete your Nails, Twigs, and other materials. You just don’t want them in your inventory right now. And to deal with that, you must place them in a chest.

Putting items in storage is the only way to keep them from clogging up your inventory, without having to delete or salvage them. This is also the only way to trade with or give items to other players for now.

The Tiny Chest recipe in Enshrouded
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How to Make a Chest to Store Items

Once you have your first Flame Altar built, you can make a chest to put your items in. Build a Workbench, and then navigate to the Survival tab to find the Tiny Chest. This is the easiest storage chest to make. It only requires x3 String and x6 Twigs.

It’s not an ideal alternative to dropping items while out on the field. There, you must delete or salvage them. But it’s much better than keeping a bunch of materials in your backpack and taking up valuable space you could use for new loot. You can eventually expand your backpack space, though. Also, know that resources, enemies, and chests respawn, just adding to your load.

That’s all you need to know about whether you can drop items in Enshrouded. Check out some of our other guides on the game, such as the best skills to unlock and the best weapons to get first.

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