can ellyka be hired as a bg3 companion
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Can You Hire Ellyka as a BG3 Companion?

So is Ellyka a BG3 Companion and what does she do?

After you meet Ellyka for the first time in front of a bridge on the Risen Road, you might wonder whether she’s a hireable companion, especially because there’s a scouting party of Githyanki just below the bridge. So, can you hire Ellyka as a Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion?

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Is Ellyka a Possible BG3 Companion?

Ellyka isn’t a possible companion in BG3. She simply serves as a warning to you that a Githyanki scouting party is ahead. She’ll be neutral toward you unless you choose some hostile dialogue options or are a Githyanki and choose “They may be my kin…” where she turns hostile. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend fighting her since you’ll need all the HP and resources you can get for the Githyanki encounter up ahead if it turns into a combat one. After you finish a dialogue scene with her, she’ll move on toward Rosymorn Monastery.

What Does Ellyka Do in BG3?

ellyka dead in creche yllek
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Unfortunately, the next time you meet Ellyka, it’ll be in Creche Y’llek, and she’ll be dead. She was captured by the Githyanki and tortured for information about Moonrise Towers. I tried casting Speak With Dead on her, and she revealed this information along with some information about the Blood of Lathander. This is the dialogue:

  • Tav: How did you end up here?
    • Ellyka: Road to Baldur’s Gate… blocked…
    • Ellyka: Took new path… found monastery… remembered…
  • Tav: What did you remember?
    • Ellyka: Decided to… look for it…
  • Tav: How does this rhyme go?
    • Ellyka: East… west… blood is blessed…
    • Ellyka: Beneath… sun… it finds… its rest…
  • Tav: What is the Blood of Lathander?
    • Ellyka: Powerful relic… valuable… wanted to sell… start again…
  • Tav: Where can I find this Blood?
    • Ellyka: Hidden… inside… couldn’t find…

And that’s it for my guide on whether you can hire Ellyka as a BG3 Companion. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides, check out how to stop Lae’Zel from leaving the party.

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