Chivalry 2: Best Weapons for Each Class

To win on the battlefields of Chivalry 2, you need the best weapons. These are the ones to pick for each class.

To win on the battlefields of Chivalry 2, you need the best weapons. These are the ones to pick for each class.

Chivalry 2 has crashed onto the scene like a 500lb boulder fired from a catapult. In this medieval PvP hack-and-slasher, you choose from one of four classes (and three subclasses each) with unlockable weapons and tools to earn. But which are the best? 

Finding the right mix of weapon and warrior can be the difference between winning the day and being broken on the battlefield. Here are the best Chivalry 2 weapons for each class. 

Best Weapons for Each Class in Chivalry 2


Agathian archer aiming at Mason soldiers on a beach with ships in the background.

The Archer may be the most straightforward class. This encompasses the long-range combatants of Chivalry 2.

Characters of this class will have small one-handed melee weapons, but they aren’t really effective unless they are able to sit back and pick off enemies from afar.

The Longbow 

  • Subclass: Longbowman
    • Faster windup, release, and recovery
    • Strong against distant targets
    • Weak against all melee classes

The damage from the longbow, usable only by the Longbowman subclass, is moderate, assuming you take the time to draw it all the way.

Arrows can be nocked while moving, a significant advantage over the crossbow, which requires you to be stationary while reloading.

The rate of fire and mobility allow you to chip away rapidly at enemies, turning the tide for your allies in many skirmishes.  

The Javelin 

  • Subclass: Skirmisher
    • Fast windup, boosted stab damage, and bonus shield damage
    • Strong against shielded enemies
    • Weak against Knights

Javelins are where the circles of melee and ranged weapons meet. They are effective in direct combat, but can also be thrown for excellent damage.

Somehow you have pockets full of javelins and can throw five of them before needing to resupply. A shield in your off-hand lends an added layer of protection, resulting in the one true hybrid class of Chivalry 2 


Agathian Vanguard attacking a Mason soldier with a Messer in tournament grounds.

The Vanguard has naturally greater speed and less health than other melee classes.

As a result, Vanguards have the ability to dictate the range of battles, darting in and out of reach to land attacks and escape reprisal, with the best Vanguard weapons taking advantage of this.


  • Subclass: Devastator
    • High damage with slow animation
    • Strong against Knights, Footmen
    • Weak against Archers

The Maul is an extreme damage weapon, and can often crush enemies in a single blow. This weapon is unique to the Devastator subclass and doesn’t unlock until your vanguard reaches Level 15.

The speed is slow, and the range is good, but not great. This is a weapon all about power.

Skillful use requires players to keep enemies in the middle ground, close enough to land blows, but not close enough for fast, short-range weapons to make contact.

That isn’t always easy, but doing so rewards players with substantial knockout power. 


  • Subclass: Raider
    • Increased speed and damage for slash attacks
    • Strong against groups of enemies
    • Weak against shielded enemies

If there is a “meta” weapon in Chivalry 2, it is the Messer. This two-handed sword has one of the better ranges in the game, surprising speed, and damage buff for horizontal slice attacks.

The result is one of the few weapons in the game that can effectively keep entire groups of enemies at bay, and skilled users can rack up impressive kill counts.

It also has a leaping strike that covers a significant distance, and it hits with devastating power. It is, without a doubt, one of the best weapons in the game.


Agathian footman in a field attacking Mason soldiers with a spear.

The Footman represents the rank-and-file personnel of the medieval army. They are balanced characters with moderate stats and can be used in any situation.

Intelligent players create opportunities for advantageous situations and matchups. Good Footmen will outspeed heavy attackers, and overpower light enemies, provided they use the right tools for the job.


  • Subclass: Poleman
    • Increased speed and damage for thrust attacks
    • Strong against Knights and Vanguard
    • Weak against Archers

The spear, used by the Poleman subclass, has the longest range in the game, and a damage boost for thrusting attacks. Using a spear allows Footmen to strike at enemies from a safe distance.

The weapon excels when used behind allies, where accurate players can pick apart the opposition while avoiding hitting allies by using the pinpoint accuracy of the spear’s thrust.  


  • Subclass: Field Engineer
    • Lower damage with boosted speed and recovery
    • Strong against Knights and Footmen
    • Weak against Vanguard

Yes, that says shovel. The Field Engineer subclass has some unique weapons, and the shovel is the best of them all.

The blade of the shovel does mediocre damage, but the attacks are much faster than any landscaping implement has any business being.

The shovel is a tool of ferocity, pressing into the action to overwhelm the enemy. Perfect for burying the competition.   


Agathain knight holding a war axe high whil attacking Mason soldiers in tournament grounds.

Knights are the classic image of feudal European warriors. Their armor grants them the greatest amount of health and the slowest movement speed.

They are best used in the thick of the action, where skilled blocking and riposting allow them to shrug incoming blows and return significant damage.

War Ax 

  • Subclass: Officer
    • Boosted combo speed and damage for overhead attacks
    • Strong against Knights and Footmen
    • Weak against Vanguard

The war ax, used by the Officer subclass, does its best work with vertical swings, making it a great weapon for dealing damage in groups without harming allies. It has good damage output and reach.

The swing speed is boosted, giving it a good shot to successfully land blows immediately following a block of another heavy weapon.

The quickness of combos is increased, making this an extremely effective weapon against groups or in one-on-one duels.    

One-Handed Spear 

  • Subclass: Guardian
    • Fast release with boosted stab damage
    • Strong against Footmen
    • Weak against Vanguard

Knights of the Guardian subclass can summon their inner Leonidas with this short spear and shield combination.

The shield allows them to press close to enemies but remain relatively safe from harm.

Up close, the spear can be aimed around the blocks of enemies, finding areas gaps in the defense. This combination can be extremely frustrating for players on the other side, as they take damage when they think they should be safe.  

Great warriors know how to use the best weapons for their class. Still, it requires skill to use them in battle, and you may need to experiment with these or other weapons to find what best suits your playstyle. For more feudal warfare, be sure to check out our Chivalry 2 game hub

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