CoD MW3: Best AMR9 Loadout Build

Here's our take on the best AMR9 loadout build in CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

Player with white sleevs holding two AMR9 guns, shooting.
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Due to its high rate of fire, the TTK (time-to-kill) of the AMR9 SMG is one of the best in the game, making it a solid choice for close- to mid-range combat weapon. Our guide will provide you with the best AMR9 loadout build in CoD: Modern Warfare 3.

Best AMR9 Loadout Build in CoD MW3

How to Get the AMR9

The AMR9 is a late-game weapon that can be unlocked only once you achieve Player Level 55, which is the current maximum. You don’t need to complete any additional challenges to unlock it, but I highly recommend utilizing various XP boosters, such as Double XP Tokens, that appear during special events to get to that level sooner rather than later.

Black short-barrel AMR 9 SMG from side view with long magazine.
Image via Activision

Best Class Setup for AMR9

  • Secondary Weapon: Renetti.
  • Vest: Infantry Vest.
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves.
  • Boots: Lightweight Boots.
  • Best Perks: Sleight of Hand, Quickdraw, Stalker.
  • Equipment: Breacher Drone, Semtex Grenade.

Any SMG build, especially one as light as the AMR9, requires light gear to preserve maximum mobility. That’s why it’s imperative that you equip Infantry Vest and Lightweight Boots that increase your speed of movement.

Although the AMR9 SMG provides a huge rate of fire, it’s possible that your attempt at quickly defeating a target may fail. That’s why I strongly recommend equipping Quick-Grip Gloves that allow you to quickly switch to your secondary weapon, which in this case is the Renetti, arguably the best handgun in the game, and finish the job with a single quick shot to the head.

You’ve probably already guessed that this is a very aggressive class setup, which needs to be supported by the corresponding perks. Sleight of Hand and Quickdraw will further assist you in quick weapon swapping between your SMG and handgun, as well as faster aiming, and Stalker will increase your speed of movement.

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Best Attachments for AMR9

  • Barrel: Tectonic Micro Integral Suppressor.
  • Underbarrel: FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip.
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip.
  • Stock: Hellhound Carbine Stock.
  • Optic: MK.3 Reflector.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag.

The AMR9 isn’t as loud as assault rifles or sniper rifles, but it has a very bright muzzle flash when firing. That’s why I highly recommend equipping the Tectonic Micro Integral Suppressor to dim the flash and also reduce the sound of the shots.

Most weapons have an issue with the vertical recoil, but the AMR9 is mostly vulnerable to the horizontal recoil, which can spoil things for you. But if you equip the FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip, then you’ll be able to reduce the horizontal recoil by 12%.

You may also find yourself shooting from the hip rather often, which may result in lower stability. If you wish to remove this problem, then Sakin ZX Grip will provide much better control of both vertical and horizontal recoil when firing from the hip.

Lastly, this build demands that you constantly move around the area, but that’s where maintaining shot precision is especially hard. So be sure to put on the Hellhound Carbine Stock, which will preserve accuracy while moving during gunfights and provide the necessary gun-kick control.

That’s it for our best AMR9 loadout build in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Stay tuned for more CoD MW3 tips and tricks articles right here.

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