CoD MW3 Zombies: How to Get Electric Damage Kills

Find out how to get Electric Damage kills in MWZ here.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies isn’t as straightforward as we’d all like it to be. For the daily challenges, you’ll need electric weapons to cause damage. It’s one of the many abilities not really explained in Uzbekistan. Find out how to get Electric Damage kills in MWZ here.

How to Get Electric Damage Kills in MWZ

Various quests and objectives will ask you to get Electric Damage in Uzbekistan. However, figuring out how to get a specific elemental power can be tough and leave you wondering: how do I use electric damage in Zombies? Don’t worry: I often find myself grinding for abilities in MWZ, too.

Thankfully, it’s pretty effortless once you know what you’re doing. Electric Damage comes from four items in MW3 Zombies.

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Every Way to Inflict Electric Damage in MW3 Zombies

  • Dead Wire Ammo Mod
    • The best option, the Dead Wire Ammo Mod will randomly inflict Electric Damage on a zombie you shoot. The Zombie will get stunned with an electric shock and take damage. These kills count as Electric Damage kills. Obtain the mod from Aether Caches or Reward Rifts. However, know that it’s a random drop.
  • Tesla Storm Field Upgrade
    • Field Upgrade earned by playing the Zombies mode and reaching Level 50. Once triggered, the Tesla Storm triggers a flash of lightning that connects to other players, stunning and damaging normal enemies for up to 10 seconds.
  • Elemental Pop Soda
    • Grants a perk that applies a random Ammo Mod effect, so it’s low odds overall for this one. You’ll want the Dead Wire Ammo Mod for Toxic Damage kills.
  • Equip a Shock Stick
    • An electrical device stick that sticks to surfaces. Once triggered, it will electrocute enemies, make vehicles malfunction, or damage equipment. Found in the Tactical inventory menu.

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By far the best option available on this list is the Dead Wire Ammo Mod. I’ve found that it’s the most effortless on the list because you’ll be shooting at hordes of Zombies the entire time you’re playing MWZ. Plus, the more Ammo Mod options, the better. While the mod can only shock one zombie at a time, you can use the Exfils around the map to gather a bunch of undead together to farm kills.

Another method of farming Electric Damage kills quickly is to use the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade. You’ll have to reach Level 50 to use it, but my method here is to also leverage Exfil areas, melting zombies quickly. It’s a risky way to farm these kills, but it’s OP.

That’s how to get Electric Damage Kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Check out our MW3 guides hub for tips like the best loadouts and how to level up fast.

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